How to meet john krasinski

What John Krasinski and Emily Blunt's marriage is like

how to meet john krasinski

She's half of one of a ridiculously good-looking celebrity couple with John Krasinski, but there's a lot more to her than that. Let's take a look. The Cutest Things Emily Blunt and John Krasinski Have Ever Said About .. “ Meeting John really changed my life,” she told InStyle in John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are one of Hollywood's most lovable couples, and based on what they've shared about their early days together.

The bride reportedly stunned in a cream Marchesa sweetheart gown.

John Krasinski Jets To Atlanta to Meet Up with Wife Emily Blunt

Famous guests included George Clooney. He shared this adorable shot to Instagram captioning it, "So proud of this nominee! COM Private Pair Although the couple frequently discusses their strong relationship in interviews, they still try to keep their family life private. They are rarely spotted out by paparazzi and make sure that their daughters can have a normal childhood by keeping them out of the press.

In fact he told E! News that he's watched one of her films, The Devil Wears Prada "like, 75" times. When asked how it is to be a Mrs. It's just great, and I'm so happy. Emily was born and raised in England, while John grew up in Boston. Both stars, however, showed interest in the arts from a young age. There's someone behind you on your good days, and someone in front of you on your bad days.

It's one of those things, I'm having more fun now than the day I met her, and it's pretty wild," John told People. Krasinski got his stamp and the go-ahead to carry on his way, but he said the agent basically slammed the stamp and rushed him through.

How Did Emily Blunt and John Krasinski Meet?

But that wasn't their first brush with a huge Marvel franchise. Both actors previously turned down huge roles as iconic Avengers superheroes. Blunt revealed that she had been forced to turn down not one, but two roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Interestingly enough, had Blunt agreed to the role of Carter, she may have starred with her husband a lot sooner.

Neither actor regrets their decision to turn down the chance to join the MCU.

how to meet john krasinski

Krasinski even joked that he is always first in line to see each new Captain America film, as he actually considers Chris Evans to be a good friend of his. That sounds nuts, but the home is actually huge and well, to put it frankly, it's super beautiful inside. But they did make half a million more than they paid for it inso all's well that ends well.

how to meet john krasinski

The home was well worth the money, too. With heated floors, skylights in the bathroom, and an impressive seven bedrooms. The townhouse is four stories tall and is located in the swanky Park Slope Historic District in Brooklyn. The house was actually built inBlunt and Krasinski held onto a lot of its original woodworking.

Meeting Obama Made John Krasinski & Emily Blunt Lose Their Minds - CONAN on TBS

The couple spent a lot of time renovating the gorgeous townhome, but they ultimately felt like they didn't spend very much time in the house. Krasinski said the house was special and that a family with time to spend inside of it should be the ones to actually own it. They thought the stress of collaborating together would put a strain on the couple's relationship and joked that the movie would cause them to divorce.

Blunt claimed that they had actually grown closer together because of the film Blunt said the two were actually quite good at collaborating because they are constantly open and honest with each other.

She did admit that they were sort of nervous about working with each other at first. They didn't know how intense the other one could get on set, and all those warnings probably didn't help matters much either. But, Blunt said their honesty and their level of communication really helped things to click into place while filming the groundbreaking horror movie. Krasinski definitely agrees with his wife's opinion, saying that their time working together was literally the opposite of "challenging.

He helped to co-write the film and he starred in it alongside his wife, Emily Blunt.

how to meet john krasinski

He was the director for the movie, which meant there were obviously times when, as a director, he would have had to tell his wife what to do. Or at least, one would think. But according to Krasinski, it never actually came down to all that. He may have had the fancy director title, but he deferred to his wife on all the big decisions. He even refers to his time directing the film as Blunt "letting" him direct and then going right back to being the boss when they got back home.

Krasinski and Blunt were warned away from working together before they started filming the movie, but it sounds like he had a plan from the very beginning. Emily Blunt put an end to Krasinski's cringe-worthy attempts to swoon over her talent and the rest is history. Krasinski claims that his wife transcends the room when she starts acting.

He was basically in awe when she gave her emotional performance in their horror film.

how to meet john krasinski

For a longtime fan of work, this was basically a dream come true for Krasinski. The actor said for a little while there he completely forgot that he was married to this talented woman, he just got so swept up in her amazing abilities.

Who is Emily Blunt? Meet John Krasinski's Real Wife

He described the experience as being front row for her performance. Krasinski also said he was incredibly lucky to be able to act for a living, but he pretty much believes his wife is a far more capable performer than he is. They did it with two very young children at home.

The couple says they owe that success to their nanny, Connie Simpson, nanny to the stars.

how to meet john krasinski

Simpson has helped rear babies for many stars over the years, including Justin Timberlake, and she's just now starting to come into limelight for her work. Simpson wrote a book detailing her tips and hints for raising a baby. If Blunt and Krasinski's glowing recommendation is anything to go by, the book is a must-read. The couple commended Simpson for helping them through their first-time parent jitters.

The nanny taught them to roll with the punches and not get too down on themselves when they made mistakes.

How Did Emily Blunt and John Krasinski Meet?

Her philosophy is that, as long as you learn from those mistakes, you're doing great as a parent. Krasinski and Blunt really took that to heart and felt empowered by the message. Emily Blunt was very happy with her time working with her husband as a director, too. But she did learn a few things about herself. Like, for example, that despite her incredible acting abilities, she has serious resting angry face.

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  • Who is Emily Blunt? Meet John Krasinski’s Real Wife
  • Who is Emily Blunt? Meet John Krasinski’s Real Wife

But it's not her fault, she really had no idea about that at all. This mostly presented itself when her husband tried to get her opinion on things, which was very important to him as a director and as her husband. According to the actress, she thought she was expressive and collaborative. She honestly thought she was a supportive person and good to lend an ear.