How did stacy peterson meet drew

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how did stacy peterson meet drew

Drew Peterson stands at the kitchen counter, making PB&J sandwiches for the kids. share bunk beds with Stacy and Drew's kids Lacy and Anthony, 5. Drew does most of the talking during PEOPLE's two-hour interview. Brown later tells Diane Sawyer of “Good Morning America” she did not - Drew Peterson, 47, meets year-old Stacy Cales, a front. Drew Peterson's stepbrother fears that he had a hand in the murder of Savio's body was exhumed and re-examined after Stacy Peterson vanished. meeting Peterson in the park, he met up with Peterson, who enlisted his.

Missing Mom's Early Romance Hid Dark Future Ahead

Four search warrants were issued and carried out on Peterson's property following Stacy's disappearance, including the seizure of his firearms and both his and Stacy's vehicles. Peterson announced his plans to retire as a Bolingbrook police sergeant effective December Mims also sold his story to tabloid newspapers for an undisclosed sum of money. Peterson's stepbrother, Thomas Morphey, who has a history of drug and alcohol addiction, attempted suicide two days after allegedly helping Peterson carry a plastic container from Peterson's Bolingbrook home to his SUVfearing he may have helped dispose of Stacy's body.

how did stacy peterson meet drew

Neighbors reported seeing Peterson and another man hauling a gallon barrel, large enough to hold a person, out of the house shortly after the disappearance. Cassandra Cales, Stacy's sister, said she wanted Peterson to take a lie detector test about his knowledge of a blue container that she saw in his garage two days before Stacy disappeared.

Joel Brodsky, Peterson's attorney, denied that any container was missing from Peterson's home. There were also reports of truckers referring to the containers, but their stories were treated as not credible after it was discovered that they had not been in the Bolingbrook area at the times they claimed.

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Brodsky suggested that Dahl host an on-air "dating game" with Peterson the following day, but WJMK managers and Dahl decided not to go through with it. Her father, Ernie Raines, had issued an ultimatum to his daughter out of concern about the way Peterson tried to control her and what he feared Peterson could do.

On July 21,it was revealed that hearsay statements indicating Peterson killed two of his wives were not reliable enough for a jury to hear at his trial.

After presiding over a lengthy hearing, Judge White issued a four-page sealed ruling in May obtained by the Daily Herald. White ruled that prosecutors proved Peterson killed both Savio and Stacy "by a preponderance of the evidence," but nearly all statements attributed to Stacy "do not provide sufficient safeguards of reliability.

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Stacy's statements were crucial to the prosecution's case, as it lacked significant direct evidence. Peterson's defense had contended that introduction of these alleged hearsay comments constituted a violation of his Sixth Amendment right to confront any witnesses testifying against him.

Passed while investigators were looking for Stacy, the legislation permits courts to consider statements from "unavailable witnesses," provided that prosecutors are able to prove that the witness was killed to prevent his or her testimony and that the hearsay statements are reliable. Analysis by the trial court under this new law led to eight out of fourteen hearsay statements being ruled inadmissible because they were insufficiently reliable.

how did stacy peterson meet drew

On appeal, however, the Court of Appeals reversed the trial court, ruling that the common law doctrine of forfeiture by wrongdoing, which is less restrictive than "Drew's Law", would allow the statements to be admitted.

March 20, — Dr. Sharon makes friends with her new next-door neighbor, Stacy. While testifying at the hearing, an Illinois State Police agent tells the jury that investigators found no reason to suspect a homicide. January — Stacy and Drew have their second child together, Lacy. Before he goes to bed, Stacy tells him she is going to visit her grandfather in the morning.

Drew tells her Stacy had left him and took clothes, money and her passport. Midnight — Drew goes to bed. Peterson, still in bed, says she will meet to paint the house later. Bychowski calls next door to see if the Peterson children want to come over to receive some candy. She asks for Stacy when one of the children answers the phone and Drew tells her his wife went to visit her grandfather. He returns in about 15 minutes.

He later calls the Bolingbrook Police Department to request the day off, according to Lt. By mid-afternoon, Bychowski and Cales have tried reaching Stacy Peterson. Cales hears shuffling and the sound of keys.

The police tell her she has to file the report in Bolingbrook. A Tom Morphey Timeline. Instead Peterson drives Morphey to the Remington Lakes park. Peterson begins to discuss Stacy with Morphey. Peterson says that Stacy is cheating on him and states he has to take care of the problem.

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He asks Morphey if he loves him enough to kill for him. Drew asks if he could live with knowing about it. Morphey says he could — that he always assumed Drew had killed Kathleen. Peterson drives him to storage facility where Morphey attempts to rent a unit, but lacks the required State ID.

Peterson drives Morphey home. Peterson says he can respect that. They get coffee at a Starbucks drive-through and then Peterson drives him to a park off Weber Road. Peterson hands Morphey a cell phone, instructing him not to answer it.

One of the times that the phone rang 9: Within an hour of the calls Peterson returns to the park and picks up Morphey. He asks Morphey to help him move something. Peterson pushes a blue container out of his bedroom. Morphey helps Peterson carry the container down the stairs, out of the house and into the Denali. At some point Peterson gives Morphey some money.

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Morphey speaks to Peterson on the phone and tells him that he wants to hang himself. Peterson tells him not to worry. That night Morphey begins drinking and calls a brother who advises him to speak to the FBI. Morphey hangs up and overdoses on prescription pills. The brother calls Morphey is taken to the Edward Hospital in Naperville. Peterson drives to the hospital and speaks with Morphey. They ask to look at both of his vehicles.

The friend, Walter Martineck, said Morphey came to his home shortly after the alleged incident and was distraught. Morphey, according to Martineck, said Drew called him over to his house Oct. Drew reports that computers and his firearms were seized. The petition also questions the blood pattern in the tub, arguing that it was not consistent with water slowly draining from the tub the way investigators in assumed it had.

Glasgow was not in office at the time of her death. Bolingbrook police also announce that they have suspended Drew without pay, pending an unrelated internal-affairs investigation. Originally, then-Bolingbrook Police Chief Ray McGury refused to accept the resignation and filed a complaint against Drew with the Fire and Police Commission, alleging serious job-related violations.

Schori had been counseling Stacy prior to her disappearance. The judge allows Peterson to regain possession of music CDs, an iPod and other items but says other property, such as two vehicles and 11 guns must remain with the state for now.