Fiona and cake meet finn jake youtube southpaw

fiona and cake meet finn jake youtube southpaw

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What role do connection, relationships and love play in the wellness equation? And how important is purpose? In truth, attention to all such factors is crucial. Because they are indeed connected. And absolutely necessary to live your best life. An early advocate and practitioner of preventive medicine long before it was trendy, Dr. Highly trained and experienced in lifestyle medicine, yoga therapy, mobile applications and web design, Anne Ornish is extraordinary in her own right.

Of course we cover nutrition, including the scientific, peer reviewed research supporting the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle and how it measures up against other popular diet and nutrition protocols. But this exchange is also about the myriad of other crucial and often overlooked or under-appreciated factors imperative to consider in our personal health, wellness and longevity equation. We discuss the destructive role of stress and anxiety on the immune system.

We go deep into mental health, our epidemic of depression and the curative impact of mindfulness and meditation. We explore the role of connection, meaningful relationships, intimacy and love on disease prevention.

And we stress the importance of finding purpose as crucial to living truly well. But more than anything, this is a conversation not just about how to live well and long, http: He loves running as much as she does. Over the course of her storied career she has competed in over ultramarathons and is the first American woman to run over miles or more on more than occasions to date.

Oh yeah, she also ran trail miles around Lake Tahoe in 43 hours on just 50 minutes of sleep. But most impressive are the obstacles she has faced and overcome to become the shining example of humanity and athleticism she is today.

Twenty-four years ago, Catra was lost in a hopeless spiral of meth addiction, disordered eating, and sexual and emotional abuse. Ultimately busted for peddling crystal, she hits rock bottom in a jail cell that scares her straight. Upon release she commits to getting sober, moves back home with her mother, abandons her lower companions, her boyfriend, and the dark lifestyle that she came to depend on.

fiona and cake meet finn jake youtube southpaw

Her only clean friend pushes her to train for a 10K with him, and surprisingly, she likes it — and decides to run her first marathon after that. Sobriety saved her life. Running gave her a new one altogether. My Journey from Addiction to Ultramarathons. I sat down with Catra to learn the how and why behind her incredible journey from meth-addicted cosmetologist to world class, vegan ultrarunning phenom.

And we talk about how and why she does it all vegan. I love this woman, her positive attitude and her infectious zest for life — a hero of sober possibility and the pow And yet there is hope. Because heroes walk among us. Look closely and you will find no shortage of unsung angels diligently working anonymously behind the scenes to solve our collective crises.

And literal superheroes who remind us that the human spirit knows no boundaries. James Lawrence who completed 50 ironmans in 50 states in 50 days. And yet this just the latest feat for Ross, a UK-based strongman and adventure athlete of otherworldly grit and determination whose insane feats of strength and endurance include: I have both followed and admired Ross for many years. The Universe finally conspired to bring us together.

And this conversation is everything I hoped it would be. We explore the importance of purpose. We talk about what it means to build work capacity. How to make peace with pain.

And why strength and endurance need not be mutually exclusive pursuits. We were evacuated from my home and studio on the interview date thus we were not able to capture this conversation on video.

Special thanks to my friends Matthew Wilder and Tamara Dunn for allowing us use of their studio in Venice. I love this guy. So please enjoy the wisdom, http: A graduate of Princeton University hailing from New York City, Chai is an award-winning film director and producer with Hungarian, Chinese, and Brazilian roots who cut her filmmaking teeth under the legendary Mike Nichols.

Over the past 20 years, he has led or participated in cutting-edge climbing and ski mountaineering expeditions to all seven continents and made the first and only American ski descent from the summit of Mount Everest. We challenge the limits of human potential. And we explore the power of the mind to unlock superhuman capabilities. Understanding the far-fetched nature of his claims, Wim put his contentions to the test. Among his twenty world-record setting feats of otherworldly insanity, Wim has: We discuss our current crisis of awareness.

The importance of challenging long-held, status quo beliefs. This journey begins with the breath. It extends to service, compassion, and gratitude. And it culminates in love. The breathing methods discussed may have a profound effect and should be practiced exactly as explained and always in a safe environment.

Wim strongly advises you to gradually build up your exposure to the cold. Always train without force and listen to your body carefully. If not practiced responsibly, you risk hypothermia or worse. And finally, always consult your doctor first before beginning any exercise program.

Today I explore this question and so much more with a woman who truly needs no introduction. One of the few world-class, four-event ski racers, Lindsey is a 4-time Olympian, a 3-time Olympic medalist, the only American woman to win downhill gold, and the only American woman with 4 World Cup titles. All told, she has 82 World Cup wins in her career, the most of any female skier in history. Eclipsing this once thought untouchable achievement is the final goal propelling Lindsey into her final professional season.

Off the slopes, Lindsey is a media mogul. Lindsey sank a hole-in-one during one of her very first full 18 holes of golf. Less appreciated are the countless obstacles she has faced and overcome over the course of her legendary career. In point of fact, she has tenaciously fought for all everything she has achieved — falling and failing often. When you fall, get right back up. And never, ever quit. So what drives this champion? And what can we learn from her mindset, process and experience?

Listen, learn and enjoy. Plus 7-day and day programs for both beginner and advanced users. Get a great workout at home, anytime you want. A founding board member of The Innocence Project as well as a board member of several advocacy organizations devoted to drug reform, prison education and ant-recidivism, Jason is a leading civilian expert on clemency with a talent for procuring exonerations for those wrongfully convicted.

A means of exposing what ails our current justice system and prison industrial complex, his goal is to promote alternatives to mass incarceration and offer ideas on how to reduce the indecencies of wrongful convictions.

I knew immediately I wanted to share his story and work with all of you. Today is that day. This is a compelling exchange about what ails our criminal justice system and how to fix it. But mostly, this is a conversation about how misaligned incentives often produce unjust results and why Jason is so committed to giving a voice to those wrongfully incarcerated.

Stories from the frontlines, he recounts how he discovered Lorde, the current state of rock and roll, and his new venture, aptly titled, The Church of Rock and Roll.

My hope is that this conversation will provoke a deeper sense of empathy for those that suffer. Motivate you to investigate these issues more thoroughly. And inspire you to get involved in forging solutions.

He overcame tremendous obstacles to restore and maintain his health. You might have seen Josh on The Today Show. Perhaps you caught him on Good Morning America. Good things happen to good people who do good for others. Despite being recruited to play college football, college life left him so disillusioned, he dropped out, returning home aimless and unmoored. He found work in the family construction business, but like so many, started living for the weekend: Outwardly he seemed fine with it.

But deep down he was dying — his despair, embarrassment and shame escalating in lockstep with his declining self-esteem and overall well being. It seems a small thing. But to Josh it was everything. Forever altering his perception of what is possible, he began to question the limits he imposed upon himself.

A chain reaction of events ensued that set Josh on a path that literally changed everything. He resumed a long, slow return to fitness. He committed to a top-to-bottom mindset shift. Bythat number will escalate to 9. How can we possibly feed 11 billion people sustainably?

Olympics live

To answer that question we must turn our gaze to the industrialization of animal agriculture. On the surface, what we commonly call factory farming appears incredibly efficient, creating massive economies of scale to feed the maximum number of people possible. But in actuality, this industry is inexcusably inefficient and unsustainable long-term. It requires untold amounts of land, water and feed. It contributes more greenhouse gas emissions that the entire transportation combined.

We desperately need a better way. Bust mostly, this is about current advances designed to improve food systems in the interest of human, animal and planetary well-being. But Bruce casts an optimistic forecast — how technology, urgency and popular demand are rapidly converging to create healthy, sustainable and compassionate solutions to help solve our current food, health and environmental dilemmas. Chock-a-block with incredible information, this exchange will leave you not only better informed on the aforementioned subjects, but inspired to invest more deeply in where your food comes from, how it impacts the precious world we share and how together we can forge the future of food for ourselves and generations to come.

Incredibly intelligent, considerate and measured, it was an honor to sit down with Bruce. I sincerely hope you enjoy the conversation. The problem is your system. Evolving from stuck and unsatisfied into the person you wish to become is equal parts art and science. Science helps explain the root causes of our behaviors and how to modify them. But the application of said principles into practice is very much an art. Hundreds of thousands subscribe to his popular e-mail newsletter.

A comprehensive primer on what actually works when it comes to behavior change, it zeroes in on the transformative power of making small changes. This is a highly practical conversation that explores the psychology and neuroscience behind behavior change.

Specific topics include the problem with goals. James explains why establishing systems are critical; and why focus should be placed on practice over performance. Or, as I like to say, mood follows action.

We discuss the challenges of raising a generation required to face problems created preceding generations. We pit the perils of social media against the importance of digital fluency. We explore the importance of cultivating a healthy sense of self amidst the chaos of family life; how to reframe failure as opportunity; and the importance of balancing discipline while encouraging daydreaming.

Communication is paramount, so we dissect strategies for keeping it open and honest. None of us parent perfectly. But the way forward is to better master ourselves, our actions and reactions.

The Rich Roll Podcast Podcast Episodes

My hope is that this exchange will empower you with some tools to do just that. Like my conversation with KJ, there is plenty of wisdom here for everyone, irrespective of your child rearing status. Let the master class resume.

Thank you for all the lovely messages everyone, was determined to bounce back tonight and show some fighting spirit! Very tight in the 10,m final. Three Africans are way out ahead now, jostling for the medal positions. Brits Pavey and Blesdale back in seventh and eight. And there's the bell. You wouldn't mess with gold medal-winner Tomasz Majewski.

He's a Hagrid of a man. A season's best throw of Would you believe it! With ten seconds to play GB had two free shots and scored the first of them to make it Then with about 0. One of the best games these Great Britain players will ever play and, although it's their fourth defeat of these Olympics, they have earned themselves respect against some top teams.

Nine laps to go. Jo Pavey's team-mate Julia Bleasdale is keeping her company. Two Brits tucked in behind the Africans. Halfway point in the women's 10,m final and the pace gradually being cranked up. The field are stringing out as the pressure is applied by the Kenyans and Ethiopians but GB's Jo Pavey is hanging on in there in 10th position. Dramatic scenes require a dramatic photo. In the women's basketball extra time it's to Britain with under two minutes to play against France.

Not only have the two Brits reached the final of the long jump but we'll definitely be seeing a new Olympic champion after gold medallist Irving Saladino received a red flag on all three of his attempts. Sad way to lose your crown.

We go to an extra five minute period as it ends Great Britain France in the women's basketball. Tom Maher, GB's coach, led Australia to bronze in Atlanta and it's pretty clear that the team are hanging on his every word as they prepare for the biggest moment of their lives. Andrew Selby goes through to the last eight, winning 19 points to He points to his GB badge and raises one finger to an appreciative ExCel crowd.

He joins Freddie Evans belowwho beat a Lithuanian opponent earlier this afternoon in front of the ExCel snappers. With the score at to GB, France have just scored a three-pointer. Timeout with five seconds to play. A meaningless in terms of progression but truly epic encounter at the Basketball Arena. Good left hand from Andrew Selby to finish the fight there.

High-tempo contest and he should've got home by a point or two. Now we wait for the verdict Selby still in the lead by my reckoning but starting to tire. Mustn't make any more sloppy mistakes. The world silver medallist and number two seed Selby can't get cocky here, as the strong Kazakhstani is still capable of catching him with shots Oh, Andrew Selby gets a warning from the referee there.

The two-point penalty will bring Selby's opponent right back into this. Timeout called by France with 25 seconds to play. It's to Great Britain in a thrilling women's basketball game. End of the second round and the skilful Selby clearly in the lead. The 10,strong ExCel Arena crowd are getting well behind the boy in blue. Tasty little right this one, with both boxers getting stuck in now we're into the second round.

Selby cheekily switching between southpaw and orthodox to befuddle his opponent. The Welshman's ring craft and class is starting to show now. This is a pretty awesome match. With just under 3 minutes on the clock it's Great Britain's women 56, France Next up on the track, it's the women's 10,m final, with Team GB representation in the form of veteran distance runner Jo Pavey.

After the brilliant performances by Great Britain's women's football team in the group stages, they have been knocked out at the quarter-final stage. It seems England and Great Britain are pretty similar after all.

Brilliance from captain Christine Sinclair made it and from then on Canada were in complete control despite no second-half goals. Jessica Ennis leads the field on points overnight, points ahead of her nearest rival. Big cheers in the Olympic Stadium when the board flashed up on the big screens and they saw she'd reclaimed the top spot.

Long jump, javelin and m tomorrow. Great run from Jessica Ennis who streaked round in She kept up with Schippers of the Netherlands, who's a specialist m runner, and registered a personal best. That will see her back on top of the scoreboard overnight, after four events. Great effort and very promising for tomorrow. Also a PB for Johnson-Thompson with And they're taking their blocks. The two Brits are in lanes seven and nine.

And now for Jessica Ennis in the night's last metre heat. She'll want to fly round the half-lap here and be restored to the top of the leaderboard overnight. In the same heat will be her team-mate Katarina Johnson-Thompson, the talented Liverpudlian teenager who's the heir to Ennis' all-round throne. Come on, you two. There's been a really disappointing loss for Great Britain's male table tennis team who've been beaten in their matches against Portugal.

Drinkhall pictured had a great run in the singles but it's the end for the men's team now. GB are in with a great chance of a women's basketball win as it's to Britain at the Arena. Heading towards the end of the third quarter, the match is unfolding into a real cracker and it would be a historic win for GB, who lost their first three matches in the preliminary stage.

Greg Rutherford and Chris Tomlinson both safely through to tomorrow's long jump final. Plenty of time to shake the sand out of their shorts. Adrian Zielinski of Poland lifted kg in the snatch and kg in the clean and jerk to secure gold in the men's 85kg weightlifting. Aukhadov of Russia took silver with an identical total - it was agonisingly close - and Iran's Kianoush Rostami won bronze. Meanwhile in the long jump pit, there isn't a dog poo like there always seemed to be in my school one.

However, there are two Brits doing rather well: Greg Rutherford and Chris Tomlinson, who are currently third and fourth in the standings as they bid to reach Saturday's final. And let's enjoy the wise if slightly unintelligible at times words of Chad's dad, Bert Le Clos.

The Brits are the best. They are the best supporters. I've been around the world and never seen supporters like this. Even the people who talk to you in the streets. A woman asked to have a photo with me and I said the 'baby is gonna cry at my big fat face.

Rebecca Adlington should have taken a boat into the pool. We're unbeatable at rowing. Or maybe a bicycle. Michael Deacon There's two British women's teams in action right now and they should both be doing better than they are. The football team are down to Canada in their quarter-final at Coventry with 67 minutes played. In the third quarter at the Basketball Arena, France are ahead but it's definitely winnable for GB, who are putting up a brilliant display.

Emotional scenes on the podium as Rebecca Adlington accepts her bronze medal in tears. As your team-mate Fran Halsall says: I'd give my right arm to win a bronze medal. Our Becky now has gold, silver and bronze medals. I'm pretty sure, however, that she doesn't possess a tattoo.

Adventure Time - Adventure Time With Fionna and Cake (Preview) Clip 4

Hoarse voice, broad Afrikaaner accent, over-excited gabbling and a cry of, "Go GB! We love Bert and Balding clearly does too. And he's using the word "unbelievable" rather a lot again. Team GB's Fran Halsall has qualified for the final of the women's 50m freestyle but team-mate Amy Smith just missed out.

Florent Manaudou has sprung a surprise from lane seven and landed the men's 50m freestyle swimming against American Cullen Jones, who got silver 0. Brazil's Cesar Cielo took the bronze. The tears flow again for Murray on Centre Court. Take a bow, lad. Expect the massive pt swing to be reversed in the final first day event, the m, because Ennis is over two seconds faster in the half-lap event. Perhaps more significant is that reigning champ Nataliya Dobrynska is now pts adrift of the Briton and world champ Tatyana Chernova is now in big trouble pts behind Ennis.

One good m run could see Ennis in a pretty dominant position overnight. He's won his fifth match of the tournament and now plays world number one Roger Federer in Sunday's gold medal final Andy Murray has gone through to the final in the men's singles, where he'll face his Wimbledon heart-breaker Roger Federer.

Murray beat Novak Djokovicin the semi-final. Over a Wimbledon for the tennis, could Andy Murray be on the verge of famous victory in his semi-final against Novak Djovokic? He leads in trhe second set, Djokovic saving to stay in the match. It is half time at the women's football - Canada lead GB Elsewhere, our men's table tennis team is taking on Portugal in the first round and, sadly, after a great start, it's Great Britain France in the basketball.

Meanwhile, Lizzie Simmonds - who came fourth in the m backstroke - was in less measured mood on Twitter Thank you so so much to everyone there tonight, you were incredible Never experienced anything like it! Some reaction in from our female swimmers tonight, first bronze-winner Becky Adlington I knew not to write anybody off for this race. But I think maybe the pressure got to me. I'm normally pretty strong on the back 50, but I didn't have anything left. I gave it absolutely everything. Everyone expected me to win tonight.

I've had to take myself off Twitter the past day because it's so hard with all the pressure. But I hope I've not disappointed anyone. In the second heat of the men's m, Team GB's Andy Baddeley has qualified safely - although only just, in sixth place - so both our runners go through. Moroccan m runner Amiine Laalou has left the Games after testing positive for a banned diuretic. He tested positive for furosemide, a diuretic used to hide the presence of performance-enhancing drugs.

Terrific start from Great Britain's women in the basketball. They are beating France and what a great thing that is. It's a couple minutes into the second quarter. Keep it up ladies. In the men's heats, GB's Ross Murray had a bit of a scare but came back powerfully over the last lap to come through in fourth and progress to the semi-final.

After a slightly disappointing high jump and shot put, Jessica Ennis has slipped to second in the heptathlon standings after two events. We need a good metres from her now. She goes off in that at around 9. The men's team sabre fencing gold medal has gone to South Korea in the ExCel.

They defeated Romania in the final. Italy beat Russia to claim bronze. Sense of deflation there. Perhaps we've been spoilt by the goldrush of the last two days. Two bronzes is still a very respectable haul for the mighty Mansfield heroine. Team GB women's football hopes are fading quickly. Canada have gone up in the first 30 minutes. The second was a terrific free-kick from captain Christine Sinclair, which added to the opening goal from Jonelle Filigno.

Somehow, the ladies need to get back from this setback and provide the Coventry crowd with a comeback to cheer. Quite the upset there. All the pre-swim hype was about Adlington vs Friis. They didn't finish in the first two. America continue to rule the pool. Fifteen-year-old Katie Ledwecky nearly breaks world record as she sets pace and storms to victory in m freestyle. Belmonte Garcia steals silver from home favourite.

Great Britain's Rebecca Adlington wins second bronze of the Games. At the end of the shot put, three events have been now and Jess Ennis is in second behind Austra Skujyte. Katarina Johnson-Thompson is a credible 20th and Louise Hazel is further behind.

It's looking like a second bronze for Adlington. Can she hang onto silver, let alone make a bid for gold? This is an incredible swim from Ledecky, on world record place. Belmonte Garcia has overtaken Friis in third. We're three-quarters of the way through the race. Still Ledecky with a 3m lead, being hunted down by Adlington and Friis.

Adlington makes a move, reeling in Ledecky and moving ahead of Lotte Friis. It's cat-and-mouse out there. If cats and mice could swim. Ledecky leads, Friis and Adlington behind. Those nails are quite beautiful, that smile is quite beautiful, and that gold is pretty good-looking as well. Friis leads after m. Adlington tucked in behind her. She can't keep this up Can Adlington make Olympic history?

She pulled out of the relay to concentrate on this event. Feeling her way into her rhythm at the moment. It's time for Rebecca Adlington, going for gold in her favourite event - the m freestyle. She qualified quickest but will have her eye on her main rival Lotte Friis of Denmark.

Olympics live - Telegraph

Michael Phelps finishes strongly to steal m butterfly, his 21st Olympic medal, 17th gold anfd the third time he's won this crown. It's Phelps last ever individual race in the Games.

Hope Powell's GB women's football team are 13 minutes into their crucial clash with Canada at the City of Coventry Stadium and it's to the Canadians already. Win this and they reach the semi-final. And here comes Phelps Great start from Tyler McGill off the blocks, Cavic pulling him in.

Phelps back in the field but is a strong finisher. But the giant Serb Cavic could have something to say about that Now it's the men's m butterfly final. Big boys coming out now, goggles and game faces on. Michael Phelps gets the big roar. American teen star Missy Franklin gets gold in m backstroke, knocking three-quarters of a second off the world record. Missy Franklin well ahead of world record pace out inbn front.

Dig deep Simmonds - she's in the bronze position at the moment. Missy Franklin turning it on now. Simmonds slipping back but hanging onto sexcond place.

Lizzie Simmonds starts the strongest in lane one. First race in the Aquatic Centre is the women's m backstroke final. The Centre Court crowd are going insane as Andy Murray pulls out a ripping forehand pass to take the first set over Novak Djokovic. It has been superb tennis all the way in this second men's semi-final. One more set and Murray will be guaranteed an Olympic medal.

Meanwhile, Victoria Pendelton receives her gold medal, rosy cheeked with delight. Set point to Andy Murray in the tennis semi-final And Murray takes the first set He's never played Novak Djokovic on grass and it's looking good so far.

That's a LOT of teeth. Anyika Onuora has just finished fifth in the women's m heats, needing her time to be fastest enough to qualify as a fastest loser. Abiodun Oyepitan is next in that event. We get underway at 7. That concludes another special evening in the Velodrome and attention now turns to the Aquatic Centre for another evening of swimming, plus the Olympic Stadium for the athletics.

Two-time gold medallist Pendleton, of course, still has the sprint to go. Could she make it Victoria Treblewin? I really will stop now. She was Victoria Medalton. I'll stop this now. Jessica Ennis has begun her evening shift in the heptathlon with this This isn't her strongest of the seven events, but every one counts. Reaction from Bradley Wiggins, who knows a thing or two about winning bike races Vicky rises to the occasion.

She pulls it out when she needs to. To pull out a performance like that in what isn't her strongest event is phenomenal. Pendleton had to go the long way round on the outside there but that was phenomenal. She won by half a wheel and arch rival Anna Mears was blasted away. Pendleton storms through on the last lap and Mears hits the front. Pendleton needs to respond. And we're off in the women's keirin final. Usual sedate start behind the pacing bike, which has the delightful air of a Parisian wartime boneshaker.

That would be stereotypical. They got better as they went on but defeat for Great Britain in the final set has handed the Dominican Republic victory in their volleyball group game at Earls Court. It has been a breakthrough Games for GB in this event and, particularly after their win at midnight in the week, they can keep their heads high. Meanwhile in the Olympic Stadium, Jessica Ennis and the other heptahletes are warming up for the shot put.

Big few minutes for our golden girls coming up. Shot of Pendelton preparing to ride.

fiona and cake meet finn jake youtube southpaw

She's wearing Union Jack headphones, quite possibly listening to Bicycle by Queen. Or Victoria by The Kinks. Hopefully it'll soon be Gold by Spandau Ballet. You can download this playlist at Don't worry, you can't. Svetlana Podobedova from Kazakhstan has a new Olympic record and gold medal in the 75kg women's weightlifting.

Credit must also go to Natalya Zabolotnaya, a Russian who also broke ORs and got an identical total to the Kazakh but gets silver. Poster girl Victoria Pendleton has her work cut out here. It's not her favourite event and she's up against her arch nemesis, Anna Mears of Australia them again.

However, Pendleton had the legs on her in qualifying. She's been looking imperious and determined to make up for last night's disappointment.

It's running behind schedule but next up, it's Victoria Pendleton in the final of women's keirin. Not to be confused with women's Kirin, which is a Japanese lager in a half-pint glass.

Shot of Kobe Bryant in the crowd there. Wouldn't want to be in the seat behind him. A couple of them look slightly awkward holding the traditional bouqets of flowers. Get in touch with your feminine side, boys. And Team GB's quartet, foreheads still beaded with sweat and helmet-hair hastily rearranged, step up to a massive ovation inside the Velodrome. Medal ceremony for the men's team pursuit in progress now. New Zealand get bronze. There's a lot of Lycra up on that podium.

Nobody strike a match. Kobe Bryant looked well impressed at the effort some athletes put in for reward somewhat south of his own That was incredible, the noise in here was the most incredible thing I have ever heard. The lads looked on fire. Looks like the GB volleyball team will have to console themselves with the triumphs over the velodrome.

They are two sets down against the Dominican Republic, and it's looking like an uphill struggle for them over at Earl's Court. But here's Lynne Beattie, demonstrating that, whatever the score, an Olympics is worth revelling in. Great Britain's women are in water polo action right now and are losing to Italy in the very early stages of the second period of their group game in the Olympic Park. Victoria Pendleton up next in the Velodrome. Can she keep the place rocking? Great Britain's pursuit quartet win in 3.

Aussies down to three men. Australia are pegging is back now. Team GB are half a second ahead at the 1km mark and bang on world record pace. A race of m and Team GB have made a blistering start, being roared round the track. Bradley Wiggins here in the crowd, sporting a natty Fred Perry cardigan and polo shirt.

Anyone would think they were paying him Very lively in there tonight. World records have been tumbling. But the Australians are tough opponentrs and will want to avenge us wining the world championships in their backyard of Melbourne Big moment for Andy Murray here.

If he wins this he'll face Roger Federer in the final at Wimbledon 'Oh no, not again! Both players are wearing blue - Murray in the Stella McCartney kit.

Novak Djokovic is in his more usual blue with white shorts. Dominican Republic, who lost to Japan a couple days ago are definitely beatable for the GB women's volleyball team but they'll have to improve from this start. Michael Hogan here taking over the liveblog for the evening shift. And what a cracker of a night it promises to be - on land, in the water and on bikes.

Watch along with me and let me know your thoughts as Olympo-excitement goes zoink, off the scale Serena Williams has beaten Victoria Azarenka on centre court at Wimbledon. The American will meet Maria Sharapova in the final. The archery now joins canoe slalom and judo as being over for the Olympics.

He beat Takaharu Furukawa of Japan. Bronze went to China. The British cyclist did not look tested, comfortably making her way to the front of the field. Clearly didn't want to be outdone by Mears, her arch-rival of more than a decade. They are set up for a clash in the final in about half an hour Cycling: Victoria Pendleton's second round qualifier is under way. She just needs to ease into the first three to play a part in the final. Hours before his m heat, it's been reported that Amine Laalou of Morocco has tested positive for furosemide, a banned masking agent.

In the first semi of the keirin, Anna Mears of Australia dominates, and goes through. Victoria Pendleton has her work cut out And it isn't even the final. The British women's team are the quickest qualifiers, and have absolutely smashed it in 3minutes 15, almost 4 seconds ahead of anyone else. Is the gold a foregone conclusion? It would take something spectacular for anyone to beat the Brits. And the British girls are off.

In a single lap, they are half a second up. The velodrome is the place to be tonight. Prince Edward in the stands, Tony Blair has already taken his place. This would appear to be a hot ticket. Pendleton looking pensive at trackside at the velodrome. The next round of the keirin goes at 6.