Contra costa county swim meet program

contra costa county swim meet program

We are a community-based, competitive, recreational swim program with the 55th Annual Contra Costa County Championship Meet in The 58th Annual Contra Costa County Championship Swim Meet will be held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 10th, 11th, & 12th at Acalanes High. We proudly host the Contra Costa County Championship Meet -- and have for over 57 years. Our established program continues to grow year over year with.

The meets are attended as a team are as follows: Battle of the Ages: Battle of the Ages takes place on June 26 and June 27, Swimmers swim against others of their own age rather than in age groups.

City Meet is often the highlight of the summer.

contra costa county swim meet program

The meet is held at Acalanes High School over a two-day period in mid July. Swimmers may choose to enter up to three events. Relay entries will be selected by coaches and paid for by team. Parents must also sign up for a work shift during this meet.

contra costa county swim meet program

InCity Meet is on July 10thth. There will be four 4 heats per event.

Las Trampas Pool - Meet Program

Coaches will enter swimmers. Each swimmer may swim a maximum of two strokes and two relays. Six swimmers are chosen and entered for each relay - two are alternates and they need to attend the meet. LTST pays all entry fees. Parent must also sign up for a work shift during this meet.

contra costa county swim meet program

Inthe league meet is on July 31st. All rules and entry times are set by LMYA. A swimmer must meet the LMYA qualifications in order to swim in the meet. Qualifying times are available here TBD. Further information will be given to parents of qualifiers before the meet. Each team is allowed to bring 4 swimmers from each age group, totalling 48 swimmers from each team competing. The swimmers are chosen based on a cumulative total of their best times in each of 5 events or in the case of 6 and unders, 4 events.

About a week before the entries are due, the 4 swimmers in each age group with the collective lowest times up to that date are asked by the Las Trampas coaches to participate. The final results of the meet are based on the total times in the 5 or 4 events for each swimmer in each age group.

contra costa county swim meet program

Inthe Springbrook Pentathlon will take place on July 25th. Meet Sign-Out Book If you are going to be on vacation or do not wish your swimmer to swim in a particular meet you MUST sign your swimmer out in the sign-out book kept in the swim team folder box.

For dual meets, sign-out is required one week in advance. For Invitationals, sign-out is required three weeks in advance because entries are sent in at least two weeks prior to meet. Last-minute changes will not be accepted. Please do not assume that your swimmer will not be swimming in a particular meet; if you cannot go to the meet, sign out.

contra costa county swim meet program

Last-minute changes at the meet are difficult at best and sometimes not possible. If a swimmer must cancel due to a last minute emergency, please call the pool and leave a message as soon as you know you will not make the meet. Coaches will check messages prior to the start of the meet. Phone number at Las Trampas pool is Failure to follow this policy may result in your swimmer being excluded from future meets. Please help us and the team by being responsible.

Coaches need to know who will be there and who will not for all Meets. However, please do not email the Head Coach or Directors, even at the last minute, to sign out of a meet.

Please use the Sign-out book, and please use it as soon as you know your child will miss a meet.

Incentive Program - Sycamore Stingrays

Thank you for your patience. Popped Times Recognition Swimmers will receive a "popped time" prize for each individual best time they achieve in a meet. Relay times are not included. Incentive Times Specially selected Stingray ribbons are awarded when swimmers improve their swim time and achieve a new standard level for the first time in each individual event.

Incentive Times by Age Group. Swimmers who qualify in an individual event for the first time each year receive a Sycamore County Cap, and will be automatically entered into the prestigious County Meet, unless signed out in the system. Ruby Times are achieved by swimmers who are very close to County Times, and should be proud of the accomplishment, while continuing to strive for improvement.

Occasionally, ruby-level swimmers will be part of a relay that qualifies for County, and will also receive a County Cap just before the County Meet. Meet Ribbons insert text - placement and participant ribbon info Individual and Relay Records Special Record Breaker Ribbons are awarded to any swimmer or relay team who achieves the fastest time ever achieved by a Sycamore Swimmer in an event.

Young visual learners are encouraged to find the record holders that are still on the team and emulate their strokes.