Contest to meet beyonce 2013

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contest to meet beyonce 2013

Winners of Pepsi's 'Dance for a Chance' competition show Beyoncé their moves. 'Dance for a Chance' competition show Beyonce; their moves. 8/16/ Pepsi whipped up an exclusive music video, in which some of Beyonce's fans are shown meeting the By Sean Fitz-Gerald UTC Pepsi's " Dance for a Chance" contest started July 4 and instructed fans. Beyonce fans and BFFs Augusto and Catarina had the time of their life, as one of the Fans Recount Winning Contest & Show Off Their Mean Dancing Skills. 7. Jun. on May 28th to see “The Mrs. Carter Show” and MEET BEYONCÉ!.

In the photo, Bey gives one of her signature powerhouse stares as her hair blows wildly around her. The overall golden theme matches the sleek bottle. And her sultry smoky eye and nude lip combo is worth trying at home. Want to win a signed bottle?

contest to meet beyonce 2013

Tweet us a link to a photo of your favorite Bey outfit from People. Read the full rules here. The millionth sale came around The RIAA has yet to certify the album platinum, though that's expected to happen soon. In related news, Beyonce will attend a special screening of her visual album at a secret location in Manhattan on Saturday, December Go here to find out how you can get a ticket. Jackson picked Grant to be a backup dancer on his ultimately ill-fated "This Is It" tour Jackson died before the shows began.

I just pretended I was back in the room at my mom's house, I tuned everyone else out and I just gave it my all.

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Sure enough, he was able to see that. So by the time he linked up with Beyonce, the contemporary performer who some have identified as coming closest to Jackson's combination of vocal ability and dance acumen, it's safe to say he had some confidence. The way it all ties together is just very important," Grant said of working with Beyonce.

Win tickets to see Beyoncé perform live AND meet her in person!

In the following weeks and months it would be augmented by a tsunami of viral fan stunts: And all of this was achieved without resorting to the traditional marketing machine: But there was something else, too.

We really just tried to trust our instincts, embrace the moment, and keep it fun. But Adele was still building her career when she released 21, and had less to lose.

contest to meet beyonce 2013

Instead, with the aid of her stealth team, she pulled off a career high. Your new album is also your most sexually liberated project. The confidence and maturity and the fantasy speak to women almost as if in code. How do you create this conversation? There is unbelievable power in ownership, and women should own their sexuality. There is a double standard when it comes to sexuality that still persists. Men are free and women are not.

contest to meet beyonce 2013

The old lessons of submissiveness and fragility made us victims. Women are so much more than that. You can be a businesswoman, a mother, an artist, and a feminist—whatever you want to be—and still be a sexual being.

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Carter Show, it is only the second night of her dramatically revamped lineup. A few nights earlier she pulled an all-nighter to rehearse her new material before dashing to London for a last-minute appearance at the Brit Awards, only to dash back—still in her ball gown—to finish choreographing the show. This was no minor tweak—10 new songs were added to the lineup; others were abbreviated or turned into medleys to make room.

Catarina Pereira & Augusto Gonçalves - Beyoncé Medley (Superbowl)

Most artists would spend months working out the kinks. Now he was DJing his first concert tour. Was it a conscious decision to be less polished? I recorded it in a few minutes just as a demo and decided to keep the vocals. I lived with most of the songs for a year and never rerecorded the demo vocals.

contest to meet beyonce 2013

I really loved the imperfections, so I kept the original demos. There were days I spent solely on getting the perfect mix of sounds for the snare alone. The similarity in their names is no coincidence: A big Chanel purse sits next to her desk; she wears bright orange nail polish with lipstick to match.

When I ask what shade of orange it is, she shakes her head playfully. The first day I did that they were a dollar short. That, too, is power.