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code hide whod like meet

The Hidden in Plain Sight trope as used in popular culture. and never wandering away from their path they would ignore the Elephant in the Living Room. Because the code that checked the value then looked like: .. There is then a second argument for hiding the pattern in a macro, but in this case again that would be . So, to better the meet the /// needs of their developers, Microsoft made the. This code will work but you have to hide the words "about me" too. Go here: http:// it's code number two.

Fortunately for them, another student spotted it on her way to go sign up for the club. Comic Books The Flash: Helplessly immobilized and placed on display in a wax museum of superheroes. He threatened to kill her at a certain time if she didn't change her mind, wiped her memory of that conversation so she couldn't warn Barry, then went as himself to a superhero-themed costume party the next night so he could get close enough to Iris to carry out his threat.

She got better, much later. In DC Comic's published edition of Barry Allen's biopic, Iris the in-universe author comments on it long after the fact. Zoom couldn't get to me From the Bullseye's greatest hits miniseries. Bullseye tells the FBI agents interrogating him that he has hidden the plutonium he stole in a local park under a big X.

They assume he's being uncooperative. Once he kills them and escapes, Bullseye goes to meet his contacts: So, where did you hide it? In a park about two miles from here, you can't miss it.

I even painted a big X on the ground. In Paperinik New Adventuresmulti-millionaire supergenius Everett Ducklair needed a place to put his gigantic, ridiculously advanced star cruiser. In the end, he made the ship transform into a slightly less sci-fi-ish shape and put it on the top of his tallest sky-scraper, overlooking all of Duckburg. Everybody thought the roof was just overly decorative. It's like bein' invisible. One Star Wars comic book had a story about Han Solo and Chewbacca constantly being searched by a certain Imperial captain who was convinced that Solo was a smuggler instead of making honest cargo deliveries like he claimed.

However, no matter how intently they searched the ship, they never uncovered any evidence of smuggling. In the end, the Imperial realizes that Han was only travelling one way away from the planet on his deliveries.

Since Han was constantly leaving the planet on ships made to look identical, he was actually smuggling the ships themselves to the Rebellion. This is based on a joke about bicycle smuggling.

Hidden in Plain Sight

Bicycles, wheelbarrows, cars, briefcases, donkeys In the Pre-Crisis comics, the key to Superman 's house is a gigantic golden arrow sitting in front of the Fortress of Solitude meant to be mistaken as an old air navigation marker which used to be a thing before modern telecommunications made them unnecessary.

Then again, Superman and Supergirl are some of the few people on Earth capable of even lifting it so that helps. Superman himself is an example of this in the Post-Crisis continuity; he doesn't wear a mask and everyone knows that he's an alien named Kal-El who lives in his Fortress of Solitude. Nobody bothers trying to figure out his Secret Identity because it never occurs to them that he might have one.

One of John Constantine's ancestors is tasked by Dream with retrieving the still-living head of Orpheus from revolutionary France. She manages to hide it before being caught- in a huge pile of guillotined heads.

When she's made to recover the head at gunpoint, she gets out of it by having Orpheus sing a song so enthralling the other heads join in and the guards are completely stunned she covered her ears and so was less affected. The acclaimed Usagi Yojimbo arc "Grasscutter" has Usagi discovering the fabled sword, whose owner can lay claim to the throne of Japan. Knowing that the possession of the sword could instigate a civil war, Usagi has to keep it safe.

In "Grasscutter II," Usagi hits upon the genius notion of traveling to a town where an exact replica of the sword is kept in a temple for visitors to see. By switching the real Grasscutter with the fake, Usagi will ensure the blade is forever safe by being totally in the public eye. SloBo's final fate is being shot into the future by Darkseid and immobilized in a hall of statues of historical heroes.

Hidden in Plain Sight - TV Tropes

No Man's Land Tim's father makes a media circus of trying to get his son back after learning that he's made his way back to Gotham. While Tim's face is plastered everywhere even inside the condemned city Robin is very openly working in Gotham.

code hide whod like meet

Said casino is shaped like a flying saucer and called Area Nobody would believe it contained actual aliens. Comic Strips This nearly happened to Dick Tracywhen he was paralyzed, lightly covered in wax and left to starve to death on display in the middle of his own wax museum exhibit. He would frequently hide in increasingly bizarre places, such as up the chimney, inside a vacuum cleaner bag, or on the roof just outside the window of his bedroom, to avoid them.

However, in one instance, he decided to hide in a spot he knew his mother would never think to look for him—inside the empty bathtub itself. They then proceed to forget that a valuable giant blue box from the Earth That Was is sitting around in storage. Also counts is the Doctor himselfas they are supposed to be looking for an alien, but they keep getting sidetracked. The Dangerverse has a textbook example of this: Rather than fleeing to America or the Continent, the Pack—which includes two of the most famous children in the British wizarding world and the only man to ever escape from Azkaban—sets up shop in London.

In Dirty SympathyDaryan never figures out that Apollo is the one that Klavier was cheating on him for. Apollo is Klavier's opponent in court, was invited to their concert and was one who accused him of killing LeTouse. The Prepared RebellionC. After all, who would expect a fugitive to hide out at a school for children of the upper classes?

In Black SkyGeorge Weasley disappears from Hogwarts after his twin's petrification, and the staff and students wonder where did he go. Immediately following his vanishing, a new student came from nowhere, but everyone knows that George Weasley is a flamboyant prankster and a staunch Gryffindor and as much would never assume the persona of Jerry Prewett, the quiet Slytherin well-accepted by the Snake Pit.

When Rose Potter vanishes into thin air right after Voldemort's demise, Dumbledore immediately concludes her godfather Sirius hid her overseas in one of the many Potter estates and spends ten years searching for her. In The Unchainedwhen the Strawhats Pirates decide to disguise themselves on Sabaody Archipelago, they opt for a traveling circus, with Luffy pretending he's impersonating Straw-Hat himself, and Keimi putting a false zipper on her fin to avoid slavers and bounty hunters.

In Neither a Bird nor a Plane, it's Deku! Because of this, he's able to blend in quite easily and his powers make his peers envious. The trope is even lampshaded by his adoptive mother, Inko, who says that people will be looking for a big, green monster man instead of a baby boy while searching for the alien whose spaceship crashed into Mt. Films — Animated In Kubo and the Two StringsKubo finds a legendary sword deep in a cavern and its corresponding legendary armor at the bottom of a lake.

Kubo spends the longest time searching for the helmet to complete the set and ultimately finds it as the bell rung every morning in the village near where he lives. Though this trope applying did slow Kubo down a lot, he would have found it sooner had the Moon King not appeared in his dreams to deliberately mislead him. The last of the engravings in The Ninth Gate is hidden in what, in hindsight, is an extremely obvious spot. Men in Black trilogy: The Galaxy was "disguised" as the charm on the cat's collar.

With the additional benefit that the uninformed assume that a galaxy would by definition be enormous, and thus don't think to look for something the size of a marble. The point is driven home with a vengeance at the end of the movie, when a pullback reveals that our galaxy is trapped inside a marble played with by a gigantic alien.

There's also a more mundane but still weird example earlier when J and K go to see an alien informant at a newspaper stand, which is run by a creepy-looking, pale-skinned man. J remarks that the man's disguise is absolutely pathetic—but then the pug sitting next him starts talking.

code hide whod like meet

It turns out that many aliens live among humans and go about their daily lives; they either wear humanoid disguises or look human enough to pass. K also confirms that the stories found in cheap supermarket tabloids are often the MIB's primary source for information on invasions—no one bothers to take them seriously because they seem obviously fake. The spaceship that the first alien refugees used to travel to Earth was hidden by being turned into a decoration at the site of the World's Fair in Queens.

It's also revealed that Michael Jackson is an alien living on Earth. In Men in Black 3we discover that aliens pretending to be eccentric humans dates back as far as the 70's, as it turns out Andy Warhol was actually an agent watching aliens from "Glamoria" — i. The title character form the film The Cat from Outer Space is an alien cat whom, you guessed it. Pretends to be a normal house cat. From the same movie: The Holy Grail is hidden amongst a collection of many other cups.

Indy correctly picks it out by looking for the only cup that's not made of gold or studded in gems - after all, the son of a carpenter turned humble teacher would never have had a jeweled golden cup. The aliens in the Alien franchise: In Alienits semi-mechanical appearance helps it blend into the background of the Nostromo. There's a scene in which the creature is hanging from a chain, completely in the open and highlighted by a beam of light, but its unusual appearance, the way it doesn't move at all, and the fact that it's bunched up make it almost unnoticeable, so it's first victim Brett and a first time viewer won't understand what they're looking at.

In Aliensthe Aliens blend in even better with the walls of their own hive. It was printed in disappearing-reappearing ink in the paper Roger used to write his love letter to Jessica.

The pirate treasure is disguised as a bronze statue of a treasure chest. In Getting Even with Dad the stolen money is hidden in a duffel bag on a mannequin at a sporting goods store. In Pan's Labyrinth the first scene where the Faun appears, he's standing face towards the wall in the bottom of a cavernous well, but remains unseen to the protagonist and all but the most attentive viewers until he starts to move, due to his skin, which resembles rotting wood.

The uncut diamonds that the ex-cons are looking for in Out of Sight turn out to be hidden among the stones at the bottom of a fish tank. Rambo in First Blood manages to hide by lying flat on the ground in a forest, and is almost completely invisible until he jumps up to ambush a cop. In TakenBrian Mills gets into a fight, and kills everyone in the room.

Unfortunately, one of the other men fired a gun, so he knows someone is going to come check it out. So he just lies down among the other bodiesand is able to catch the people coming in to look entirely offguard. Harry is standing inside of the crowd. Somehow, they don't notice that his head is still visible. That was all part of the plan. In Alaskathe search and rescue team has a lot of trouble finding a bright yellow plane the plane of the protagonists' father stuck in a snowy mountain range.

Used almost comically in The X-Files: I Want to Believe. Mulder and Scully have been on the run from the FBI for six years after a bogus murder trial, evading an execution order, and breaking out of a federal prison. So, you would think they would go into hiding. Change their names, their appearance, their Social Security numbers, even leave the country.

At the opening of "I Want to Believe", where are they? Using their real identities and appearances, and not making any attempt to deny them when approached by the FBI. This is a natural part of Transformers. But by the third film, the general public is aware of their presence so the Autobots are less careful about transforming into their robot modes to fight.

Played entirely straight with Carly's car which is actually Soundwave. Played for laughs when Sam is trying to find the film's MacGuffinwith the Autobots pestering him to hurry up. They take Sam's orders to hide a little This is my backyard, not a truck stop! Several times in the film he casually takes these items out and starts fiddling with them, with his intended victim not realising what he's actually doing until it's too late. Also, Scaramanga keeps a cardboard standee of Bond in the final room of his Death Coursewhich he makes potential assassins run while attempting to kill him.

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When he makes Bond himself run the course, Bond gets ahead of him by going Off the Rails and beats him to this room. He then hides the standee and poses like it, waiting until Scaramanga is distracted with waiting for him to enter the room the proper way to shoot him.

In The ThievesPark hides the yellow diamond inside the yellow fitting in his hotel room. In Gaslightthe precious jewels are hidden on the costume the singer wore to the opera, amidst all the fake jewelry she wore for her performance.

In PsychoMarion Crane hides the stolen money by taking it out of the envelope she carried it up to the Bates Motel in, wrapping it in a newspaper she bought earlier and just putting it down on top of the cabinet. Early in The World's Endthe cast go past a new addition to their old neighborhood: It's actually an alien robot.

Used ruthlessly in Vabankwhere they get Kramer's fingerprints on a piece of metal that disables the bank security system by fastening Natalie's necklace with the metal bit and having her ask the mark to help her get the necklace off.

This was the Rebels' plan to destroy the Death Star. Unfortunately, Darth Vader is wise to see through that plan and goes after the Y-Wings. Stated in later material as the reason that Luke Skywalker is hidden on Tatooine, despite it having been the home of his father, Anakin Skywalker, who is now Darth Vader, in a Galactic Empire of thousands upon thousands of worlds.

As it's explained, even if Anakin did think to look, he'd avoid Tatooine because he'd come to hate the dustball that had been his homeworld. Indeed, as it turns out, he doesn't even have a clue until after Luke leaves Tatooine and starts exhibiting his Force powers. Since the Orlando has already detected them, they can't just go into the Silent Running Mode. Instead, Dodge has the sub surface and the periscope raised with lights on it, while the crew is doing the opposite of "running silent" by drunkenly singing "Louie Louie".

Since the crew of the Orlando hasn't been told that their war game opponent is a diesel sub, they assume that the diesel-running target they picked up was a fishing boat. The boat's profile in the stormy night it helps that World War II -era subs looked more like ships that could dive than modern cucumber-shaped subs and the singing convince them.

Knowing that It Only Works Oncethey try other tricks later. Another variant they get away with is when they do get caught during silent running and the sonarman walks around the ship doing whale calls. Book of Secretssome of the most important clues to finding the legendary lost city of gold sought for centuries are hidden this way. Presidents and the rulers of England hide individual pieces of information inside the "resolute desks"—that is, a pair of enormous desks that are sitting in the middle of their private offices in the White House and Buckingham Palace, respectively.

But the biggest clue to the lost city, both literally and figuratively, is Mount Rushmore—as in, the gigantic monument in South Dakota that millions of people visit every year. By carefully breaking it into pieces and then each member walks right out of the museum wearing a piece as bracelets, earrings, etc. In Bank Shotthe crew hide the stolen bank by painting it pink and parking it in a mobile home park.

FBI agents walk past it several times without giving it a second glance. Dead Again in Tombstone: After searching the town for the Horn of Lucifer without success, Madame Du Vere that the Horn has been hidden in plain sight all the time: Literature In the Acacia trilogy The Song of Elenet, a spellbook containing the most powerful and dangerous spells known to humanity turns out to be an unmarked book in the royal library.

In the opening chapter of Never Say Die the 11th Alex Rider booka top-secret helicopter is stolen and disguised, by tilting it vertically and covering the fuselage with plywood, as a windmill. Agents searching the area assume the windmill is too small to hide the helicopter inside and so never look there. Ariel Jardell in Ariel invokes this as her rationale for keeping her Secret Diary in an ordinary spiral notebook with her school stuff. Black Widowers short stories "The Cross of Lorraine" hinges on discovering where a Cross of Lorraine appears in everyday life without anyone noticing.

It turns out it's part of the Exxon company logo.

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The object is roughly the size and shape of a coin, and no one thinks anything of the spy tipping the doorman as he leaves. Although not the way that they think. His science fiction short story "The Talking Stone" has the police searching for the coordinates for an uranium-rich asteroid. In the end, they find them hidden among the serial numbers of the miners' ship's and its components. The rescued Indian princess travels with the heroes in the guise of a common whore, while the bad guys scour the entire country for her.

At the time they're traveling in a caravan with the bad guys. Belisarius pulls off similar stunts throughout the series: In the first book, his wife hides the meetings of their fellow conspirators by insinuating they're guests at orgies she's supposedly having.

Belisarius conceals the fact he's got an entire unit of Kushans formerly prisoners who change sides by having them wear different uniforms but otherwise traveling with him. The characters know that it couldn't have been removed from the room, since it is the very machine whose presence maintains the Place's continued existence, but it's nowhere to be found even after they ransack the entire room.

It turns out that one of the characters had turned it inside-out, using one of the medical machines, and hid the resulting unrecognizable object among a gallery of equally abstract-looking alien art pieces. The narrator of Born Again accidentally opens an anniversary card that acknowledges that her parents had sex before marriage.

Knowing she'll get in trouble for seeing it and that her mother regularly searches her room, she hides it on her desk, under a newspaper. She says she saw MacGyver do it. In Bridge of Birdsthe main characters are searching for a lost goddess kidnapped by the Duke of Ch'in at one point and Li Kao says that the duke could have asked the Man of the Mountain to transform her into a single petal in a field full of flowers or something else of a similar Needle in a Stack of Needles nature.

Of course, it turns out to be much simpler than that: There's a John Dickson Carr story where a killer hides a glass knife by dropping it into a jug of water. This was referenced in a Three Investigators mystery where a glass statue is hidden in a swimming pool.

Jupiter Jones figures it out by remembering the Carr story. This might not work with water and glass, which have an index of refraction of 1.

Diana Wynne Jones ' Chrestomanci: In The Magicians of Capronathe true words to the hymn Angel of Caprona that will solve everything are just the old words in Latin, carved onto humongous angelic statues in plain view. That role in his story places her at the center of the Christian message, and, one has to assume, at the center of Jesus' life.

Few scholars doubt that Mary was an important follower, but there is another label that has stubbornly shadowed her through the ages -- prostitute. Was Mary Magdalene a prostitute? In no text in the New Testament is Mary Magdalene ever said to be an adulterer or a sinful woman.

Why would he do that? Many believe he simply mixed her up with another Bible figure, an unnamed prostitute who appears just before Mary is introduced in the Book of Luke. But Pope Gregory the Great identified the two and said they were the same. And from that point on, in the 6th century, it came to be thought that Mary Magdalene must have been a prostitute.

But the novel's professor, who's trying to unravel the mystery of the grail, suggests something more sinister behind the slander: The fictional professor points to some tantalizing clues, buried in the sand for almost 1, years, that help explain Mary's secret connection to the grail. They're clues that are, in fact, based on something real. In December near the Egyptian town of Nag Hammadi, a peasant smashed open an earthenware jar and pulled out more than 50 ancient texts hidden since the 4th century.

These texts have never been recognized by the church, but some scholars say they contain revealing new insights about Mary. We get these later Gospels that elaborate on these possibilities for what Jesus may have told Mary. And later tradition also sees her as someone who was a leader in the church.