The world tarot relationship reading

The World Tarot and its Meaning for Love, Money and Happiness

the world tarot relationship reading

A detailed look at 'The World', the final card of the Major Arcana. If The World turns up What does The World tell us when it appears in a reading? Is it a 'good '. When the World appears in your tarot card reading, it signifies completion or accomplishment in some aspect of your life, just like the Nine of. THE WORLD TAROT CARD MEANING "I am in the universe the artist, charity director and tarot card reader, living in Brisbane Australia.

The World Tarot Card and its Meaning

The card lands in an area designated as representing your past, your present or your future. A card's meaning might subtly change depending on where it lands in your reading. When The World card is in the past position of your Tarot reading, the foundation of your current situation stems from having accomplished something great earlier on. Perhaps this was marriage or a job promotion. You may have served your community well to the point that everyone now takes pride in what you contributed.

Regardless of whether this peak accomplishment happened long ago in your childhood or just last week, there are two important things to take from the card landing here: The foundation upon which you currently stand is deeply rooted in this past sense of completion and … the moment of fulfillment has definitely passed and you are wise to no longer live in the past.

In the present position, this card is a powerful affirmation of a climax upon which you are treading. To dream is a natural state in all humans, but to live your dreams and see them manifest is actually not an ordinary state in which to exist.

No matter how much you are getting what you have always wanted, there could be lots of anxiety in your life because this situation is so abnormal. To always want and then to get what you want puts you in unfamiliar territory.

the world tarot relationship reading

The reassuring nature of this card in this position should underscore that you should be careful not to sabotage your recent gains out of anxiety. Stress occurs when the happiness caused by this state of contributing to the world with the best talents you have suddenly seems so new to you.

In the future position, this is the card that insists you must keep your dreams alive. You may be questioning your own ability to put all of the energy necessary into your dream.

The World tarot card meaning love – Counselling Tarot and Mindfulness Brisbane

The World card landing in the future position of your Tarot reading is a green light from the universe to race forward with confidence in the beauty and value of what you have to offer the rest of us.

Card Combinations Every Tarot reading is based on a grouping of cards. A reading is not comprised of analyzing each card individually.

the world tarot relationship reading

The presence of other cards in the reading influences the energy that a specific card has. The Tarot reader puts these subtle shifts in meaning together for you. The World, card number twenty-one in the Tarot deck, is one of three Tarot cards with the number one in it. The Magician is card number one and the Justice card is number eleven. Having either of these two cards appear in a reading with The World makes for a powerful release of energy.

the world tarot relationship reading

With The Magician, you are able to get others to buy into your vision of the way the world should be. With Justice, the way the world works manages to work out for you in a spectacular fashion.

The World tarot card meaning love

The four Aces of the Tarot deck are also considered to be a lower echo of the energy possessed in the cards of the Major Arcana bearing a one.

It may be a time when you have more than one person presenting themselves to you as a love or romantic partner. You are being tested to be honest and loyal to your heart and to remember all the lessons and to follow through with selfless emotional sincerity — a warning to leave greed and debauchery behind. To fully embrace intimacy and love with all its grace and challenges.

the world tarot relationship reading

Your reward is one of true sustainable bliss. Careers, goals and projects will be coming to a stage of completion. You have given your all and you have worked hard and long and the World card is telling you that you have completed the tasks required and are about to be celebrated and rewarded. As you moved through your tasks you have learned the necessary skills and lessons to make a wonderful master in your field.

You have given your best, you have been congruent and repaired any ills or errors along the way and now the universe is opening up the world to you to begin the work as a master not an apprentice.

You will be embraced by your community, you will given guidance and honest companionship and you will be benefiting the world at large. The fool must learn there lessons on the journey of the arcana. You may be able to heal and teach but you no longer vibrate at the level of ego and so therefore surpass the lower energy.

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You have done sincere healing, you have seen truth and you are on the right path. You will see this in your family, friends, work and life.

the world tarot relationship reading

It will be a feeling of integration — almost tangible from the joy and love radiating from you and those around you, The world card shows us that we can have all — security, love, peace, happiness and fulfillment.