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Oceanside · News · Donate · Wishlist · Volunteer · Supporters · Events · Contact When I found out about StandUp, I thought it was the best place ever. on to harder drugs and eventually ended up on meth and in a very abusive relationship. things in life, I only cared about hanging out with my friends and getting faded. Haada opened door and saw Keshav standing silently holding out the garment. the deep bonds of affinity born of this subtle a relationship based on pure love and care. 'Keshav Bhatt on the other hand said, “Please permit me to fade out. But what happens if those feelings fade and you're left wondering if you still really want to be in a relationship? Here are five signs that you.

Willy had been on the floor for who knows how long as she had pooped and peed herself and could no longer walk without assistance.

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We had gotten my mother into Menorah just in time since the week before her fall, she was spotted on the roof of her apartment building and had to be taken down to her apartment by security. Willy Jump could have had an ironic fall to her death. She also claimed she would jump off her terrace if she was to lose her mind. So much of your life could change in one day. As world events rapidly unfold we witness tragedies of single lives being unravelled by violence or unmitigated circumstances.

The beheading of a long-captive journalist by Islamic militants. The loss of a son to unwarranted police actions in Ferguson Missouri. The disappearance and subsequent destruction of Malaysian passenger planes.

The disinterment of your parents after over forty years of undisturbed rest. The relinquishing of a long-kept and valued domicile. All of these events have gone by unnoticed — not due to callous disregard or indifference but due to a neurodegenerative disease.

She no longer watches television and has no reference point as to what day it is or what is occurring locally or abroad. Frustrated, Willy was sure the headstone was laying down and I knew from online images that the stone stood upright. We walked in circles. We talked in circles. A young rooster nearby also traced a circular path. The door had a mirror reflecting the illusion of passing time in the outside world.

I could hear familiar music coming from within. It sounded like a Burt Bacharach song. We entered the oversized shack and the only light illuminating the darkness was from a projected moving image of dancers on a screen and a circling disco ball. We inspected all corners of the room and after silently accessing we were alone with these ghostly dancers, I turned to my mother and lifted my arms and we danced cheek to cheek while being serenaded by the late Ms.

She married Harold Jump and became Willy Jump. So here we were in the early Dutch spring, dancing together in the flickering light of ghostly dancers in an art installation in the middle of a cemetery. In the video installation Tonight from the Brazilian artist Valeska Soares, people dance in an empty dancehall with an invisible partner.

It is a poetic, melancholic film that explores the loneliness one experiences following the loss of a loved one. They dance with the invisible partner, which is present in the memory.

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A memory that makes one happy. Tonight is filmed in the ballroom of the famous complex Pampulha in Belo Horizonte designed by Oscar Niemeyer in We made a right turn, walked fifty feet towards plot number There they rested together- liefe Oma en Opa. At his home in Oceanside with Auwae, Seau suddenly called for a private jet.

Jay Michael Auwae middle still struggles with the loss of his "Buddee", and how the friendship triggered his own descent. Boom, next thing you know we're sitting in Las Vegas in a suite. Auwae says he never saw Seau put down any money, assuming the casino comped the room for a high roller like Junior. Then there was a knock at the door. At the time I'm like, dude, this guy's crazy. What's wrong with him?

Why would he do that? But Seau had confided in him that his massive debts were mounting, and this trip was the first time Auwae truly understood that Junior was gambling away millions that didn't exist. And he couldn't watch anymore.

Auwae says Junior had already called Bette Hoffman, the trustee of Seau's estate, to wire more money to the casino. But Hoffman called Auwae, he says, and told him: You've got to stop him.

This ain't our world,'" Auwae says. Buddee, I've got this.

the oceanside fading out of a relationship

Morning comes, the money comes and the gentlemen come back up to grab him. He goes back down. Instead of continuing on with Junior to Tyler's football game, Auwae says he returned to California. Despite the disagreement, the two men remained close and did occasionally go to the casinos again. Auwae says he often made attempts to dissuade Seau from playing such high stakes, but Junior ignored the advice, telling Auwae: Former teammates say he surely had multiple concussions, based on the way he hit and was hit.

But they say he never admitted to being hurt or impaired when he was between the lines.

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It was that way outside them as well. The man who played with no fear was afraid of showing weakness, especially in his private life. Yet friends and family say that looking back at his actions -- not just gambling but womanizing and partying and sleepless nights -- Junior was exhibiting symptoms of both depression and CTE, a progressive degenerative disease associated with multiple concussions and other forms of head injury. At the time, they were noticed only in pieces, never being linked together.

No one completed the puzzle -- until it was too late. Unlike most of Seau's closest friends, Auwae never knew Junior the pro football star. While he had recognized Seau surfing several times in Oceanside, the two didn't grow close until Februarya month after Seau retired from the NFL for good.

They were at a reggae concert that Auwae was promoting with a friend in San Diego, and he got Junior backstage. By many accounts from numerous people in Oceanside, including Junior's parents, the two men became nearly inseparable after that.

the oceanside fading out of a relationship

Of course, I'm proud of him. And I'm Polynesian, too. We connected on a lot of levels. Junior's sister called him "mini-me. Just about every morning before Auwae went to his shift on base, they went through their routine: If the waves were right, then they'd head out with longboards.

If they weren't, then it was to Swami's Cafe for breakfast or to Jitters, a coffee joint, where they'd strum ukuleles with "Pops," the owner, and cousin Dale.

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Seau's charm drew countless new friends into his circle after retirement, each one feeling as though he or she had known Junior forever. Auwae knew he was referred to by some of Seau's friends as a hanger-on, but in reality, he says, he wanted nothing more than to be Seau's buddy.

That was also the case with the many women Seau had relationships with after divorcing his wife in One of his more serious girlfriends was Mary Nolan, whom he met in when she was only According to Auwae and others, it was Nolan who was by Junior's side most often during his ups and downs in Vegas.

But less than two months before Seau's impulsive gambling trip with Auwae, that relationship came to a traumatic end and may have been the first major clue that Seau's mental state was deteriorating.

Following an arrest for a domestic dispute, Seau ran his SUV off of a cliff early on the morning of Oct. Friends and family say it may have been his first attempt at suicide. Seau claimed that he never put a hand on Nolan, who immediately left Oceanside without filing a complaint.

After posting bail, Junior ran his car off a cliff in what many of his friends now are convinced was a first suicide attempt, though Seau always insisted he simply fell asleep at the wheel and the police agreed. His ex-wife Gina and their three children, Sydney, Jake and Hunter, and Junior's oldest son, Tyler, picked Seau up from the hospital and brought him to their house for a few days to heal. When he had trouble sleeping and Gina didn't have Ambien, Junior called Auwae, who says he came to pick up his friend and drive him home.

The media attention surrounding the arrest and crash was enormous, and Auwae, who had left Hawaii after hearing the news, says he stayed with Junior inside his home for several weeks, ordering in food and watching football. Seau, bandaged and bruised, refused to discuss the cause or reason for the crash, yet Auwae didn't push. He was accustomed to comforting injured servicemen through his work with Wounded Warriors. Players around the NFL confirm that Junior was a heavy drinker, but Auwae says it was about that time Seau's drinking worsened and he was taking Ambien along with it to sleep.

Auwae was as well. His own marriage was struggling and he, too, was in a raw emotional state. Initially, Auwae says, he was swept up in what appeared to be Seau's zeal for life, the jetsetting, the drinking, the gambling and the women. But running with Seau put a growing strain on Auwae's relationship with his wife and their three children.

By Septemberhe even contemplated suicide; Junior convinced him otherwise. If Seau had suicidal thoughts, he never expressed them. Meanwhile, Auwae and others say that they noticed his memory beginning to fade, unable to remember simple things, like his daughter Sydney's volleyball game, or plans for lunch, to even the most mundane things like the day of the week. It was almost common for me to see that. But I'm not thinking that way. Nobody's thinking that way. Post-retirement therapy is often advised for professional athletes to cope with the loss of such an intense and integral part of their lives.

But Seau never reached out for help, just like he always chose to play through pain. Following retirement, he hosted a reality sports series on Versus that was canceled after just one season, and he failed to secure an NFL broadcasting job even at the regional level.

Instead, he watched his former peers on TV, still part of the game he gravely missed. Hoffman, a year-old professional fundraiser and the trustee of Seau's estate, discussed Seau in an Outside the Lines interview for a different story. She said that Junior always believed he had to take care of the people around him.

His family was massive and continually would go to his restaurant, Seau's, expecting to eat and drink for free. I would notice some of the expenses from restaurants and I'd say, 'Oh my God, Junior.

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How could you have spent this much money? Yet even a week and a half before Seau died, there was nothing to indicate, according to Auwae and other friends, that Junior was thinking about ending his life.

Auwae and Junior had driven to a charity golf tournament in Fontana, Calif. He had a trip to Hawaii tentatively scheduled with his kids. Mother's Day was coming up. He also had recently become a grandfather, when his thenyear-old son Tyler and Tyler's girlfriend had a daughter. Former teammate Mark Walczak was coming to stay the last weekend of April with Junior to celebrate Walczak's 50th birthday.

The two men had been roommates when Junior moved to San Diego for his rookie year in Walczak told Outside the Lines that Junior seemed in good spirits at the thought of a weekend with old friends, and they spent Friday night, April 27,with Chargers team doctor David Chao and a few friends in Del Mar, about 20 miles from Oceanside.

When they returned to Junior's house, there was an electrical outage in the neighborhood. They lit candles and talked long into the night. Auwae joined Junior and Walczak and they spent much of the next day on Seau's porch overlooking the ocean, playing music and grilling barbecue.