The chaser drama ending relationship

A “Chaser’s” Perspective – Managing the Twin Flame Experience - Wake Up Experience

the chaser drama ending relationship

The Chaser (Hangul: 추적자; RR: Chujeokja) is a South Korean television drama series about a grieving father out for revenge against corrupt officials. Despite no hype or big stars, the thriller gave a strong performance in the ratings, ending its run at %. In Romantic Relationships, You're Either A Spark-Chaser Or A Long . If you are that person who has ended a long-term relationship over not. Twin Flames Relationship . The runner realizes the chaser has stopped chasing and the automatic Eventually we always end up coming together.

And you know, after all those efforts, I finally got her. So what is it really about?

the chaser drama ending relationship

It is when we commonly see people running as many errands as they can, in the hope of pleasing that one important person. It is never uncommon to see flowers, chocolates, videos and a whole lot of singing involved in making their courtship a success. But the main idea of the chase comes with the reciprocating person.

This phenomenon is only present with the challenged posed by that elusive trophy. In fact society brands girls as those who are either hard-to-get or those that are easy-to-get. The distinction comes from the challenge guys attain from having to run after that hard-to get girl. Having that chase gives them that thrill, the excitement of having to work their brains off to plan that foolproof surprise. Who would not want that challenge anyway? What is life without some excitements?

the chaser drama ending relationship

Fulfillment of Own Ego: During this period of chase, the most observable thing would be the effort. People put in a lot of effort in catching up in this chase that you cannot help but wonder how they manage to do what they do.

A “Chaser’s” Perspective – Managing the Twin Flame Experience

They think that they are advocates of true love, and that their expression of love just happens to be the effort that they are willing to exert to make the relationship happen. Well it is common to get satisfaction and joy upon seeing that important someone happy because of your efforts. But upon observation this happiness that they actually feel is not because the person they love is happy, but because they were successful in making that one person happy.

The difference between those two forms of happiness would be the selfish and egocentric reason behind making someone happy. With this we see how at times the drive actually is the rising ego of having the hard-to-get react in non-conventional ways.

The Feeling of Assurance: Or was it those exciting events that left them hanging every day? I remember when we started out as couples, we get teased, we responded with those poorly constructed denial statements while feeling our blood pressure rising.

the chaser drama ending relationship

So to speak, that knowledge that they are compatible drives them to get together whatever it takes, while another team of friends may even go into the lengths of betting whether or not that girl which they seem to desire is even within their league. At that point in time they put their game-faces on and swear to themselves that they would do everything to their power just to prove everyone wrong.

Now this is not about that special person of theirs, this just happens to be your ego getting ahead of you and your decisions. Couples tend to listen to them too much that they even get brainwashed into thinking similarly without examining their own thoughts and feelings. These same couples, who tend to have their reputations and egos crushed in the beginning by the lack of hope or rejection, would usually come retaliating with bigger and more extravagant blows.

Such action is just to satisfy their need for self-assurance and recognition. The Tendency of Loving the Chase Most people think that love is a feeling. They usually go for the feeling, not knowing that the love may not be towards the person but towards the challenge of courting.

the chaser drama ending relationship

But what does this adrenaline rush really do to people? And how does this affect our belief, and projection of that funky feeling we usually call love? The trick is to find out which one you are, and be that. If you are that person who has ended a long-term relationship over not feeling the magic, then you owe it to yourself and others to become a polyamorist.

The 6 Stages Of Romantic ‘Chase Theory’ | Thought Catalog

There is no in-between. American culture is dead wrong about this. If you are thirty or over and always looking for the person who will satisfy every need while making you feel like you are in love, you need to stop being in relationships.

There is also no evolutionary purpose to the in love feeling lasting longer than it takes to produce offspring. Sorry, but nature is far from romantic. They should, and they do.

They are comfortable doing so because they are rooted in where the relationship is and have the emotional depth to roll with the tide, to endure the plateaus, and to always seek the best in the other person.

In Romantic Relationships, You’re Either A Spark-Chaser Or A Long Burner | HuffPost

Are you interested in always being in and out of love? Admit that poly is best for you. Certainly, there are other reasons to end a relationship that are perfectly valid.

Figure out who you are, what you want, and be that. The only people who can have both are those few who are very, very good at polyamory. A version of this piece originally appeared on Medium.

the chaser drama ending relationship