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meet the robinsons wilburs dad bod

Wilbur pushed Lewis under again saying, "It's my dad's motto." Wilbur sighed and gave his plate to Carl, who threw it into his body, instantly. It was exhausting being him, for even when his body slept, his mind Wilbur chortled, amused how he referred to his dad in the first person. When Wilbur is kidnapped, Cornelius realizes how much he really loves Disclaimer: I do NOT own Meet the Robinsons or anything that appears in the movie. Cornelius' fingers frequently moved all over his son's body.

He hadn't always felt that way, the situation was understandably very confusing, but his Dad had helped him realise.

Wilbur had come to know Lewis, so calling him Cornelius didn't seem right. Calling him Lewis helped his mind sever any connection to thoughts of his father, and wether that was a good thing or not remained to be seen.

Even so, Lewis…Lewis was beautiful, the way he was looking up at him like that, his expression so unsure. Like he knew something incriminating. Well, two could play at that game now couldn't they.

This thing he knew happened today. Maybe, he didn't want to deprive you of this memory, because he knows how much it means to both of us.

Oh, the things I want to do with you, Lewis…" He let out a soft groan as he inhaled the scent of the boy pinned beneath him. His feelings for this boy went far beyond physical attraction, but it was funny what hormones did to you. Lewis' whole body shook as a tremor of desire shot up his spine. He was trying to resist, he really was. Many a time he'd calculated the catastrophic consequences that could happen should they really pursue their relationship, but the spot on his neck tingled and Wilbur's hips shifted and let heard himself give a sharp intake of breath and he could literally hear his resolve crumble into dust.

With that, Wilbur clamped down tenderly, sucking greedily at the sensitive spot he remembered and had dreamed about more times than he could count.

The blonde sputtered with surprise as his hips gave a violent jolt upwards, ass leaving the bed as his hips collided with Wilbur's.

Both uttered noises of surprise when they found harness in each other there — it was so different from the first time and not just because they could feel how much each had REALLY grownthat fateful night spent in the rumpus dome when they were both so young.

Wilbur shuddered with want, writhing against his Lewis, who clawed wantonly at his slightly muscled back in return, almost ripping his t-shirt as he attempted to force his brain to spurt logic into the situation.

He managed to turn his head away as a small defiance, but all it did was expose even more neck to a very greedy mouth that seemed determined to be the end of him. The other teen replied with a desperate moan right against his ear, his voice impossibly deep yet somehow still the same. Lewis pursed his lips together and moaned almost through his nose, raising his hips again and again as the relentless motions continued to undo his resolve. Fuck, how he'd wanted this. It's not like he could deny it any more, what with the way Wilbur was now snaking his hand into the front of his boxer shorts to touch him directly.

Without any hesitation, he wrapped his hand around his cock and ran his thumb over the head once before he began to pump, at last bringing his mouth to his partner's in a passionate and soul-crushing kiss. Their tongues slipped against each other's; slick and hot and perfect, and Wilbur gasped against the other's lips when he felt a hand begin to return the favor in his own pants.

It was so amazing that his body froze, forgetting to continue to stroke his partner. Wilbur's eyes glazed over a little as their kissing and fondling continued, but he still managed to whisper his name over and over through their ministrations, his voice becoming more and more desperate as he almost reached the brink.

The blond smiled down at him, giving a particularly long, slow, teasing stroke that made Wilbur's toes curl inside his sneakers and arch his back.

He'd never been on the 'bottom' in his fantasies, but he was quickly deciding that he didn't mind it. F-fuck…been a long time…since I've been him. Wilbur was the last person who had ever called him 'Lewis', and it made sense.

Cornelius was this man that he was destined to be, but when he was with Wilbur, he didn't want to be that man anymore.

World-famous inventor, husband of Franny, everything set in stone, everything known.

meet the robinsons wilburs dad bod

This here, right now, this is who he wanted to be forever; feeling safe, loved, deliciously uncertain, right yet wrong. What he was doing with his own SON was so fucked up it made him sick to ponder upon, but who could care, when right here, right now, he was not Cornelius, father of Wilbur Robinson.

He was Lewis, an orphan boy who met his soul mate through the webbing of time, here there and back again. Because as they had both found out, once you felt something so real for someone, it was impossible to take back. Feelings were not so easily erased, and he would never forget the way his stomach had dropped when he found out they were relatives.

The brown-eyed teen stared back up at him with lust as his hands gripped the sheets, his legs parting brazenly of their own accord. Biting his lower lip, his eyes flicked downwards to his own erect member and back up again to meet mischievous blue. The blue was lost for a moment as Lewis moved down out of his line of vision, and he was about to call out when he unexpectedly saw stars.

He'd never known pleasure like this.

meet the robinsons wilburs dad bod

Not even his drunken ventings with Carl had come close, and he tried his best to push those recent memories out of his mind. That was a whole 'nother kettle of crazy that he wasn't willing to deal with for a long, long time. He hadn't failed to notice the noodle-armed husk when he'd come through the window, and even now he could swear its optics were watching him receive his very first blowjob. Carl had always liked to watch.

Lewis bobbed his head up and down, trying not to show how unconfident and inexperienced at this he really was. He wanted more than anything to make his partner feel good, but Wilbur's expressions and little moans were very distracting and driving him crazy.

With some embarrassing noises of his own, he quickly fell into a rhythm than seemed to entice out the most delicious of both with increasing frequency.

Wilbur Robinson

He'd always known Wilbur would be vocal in the sack, but damn. Hearing it for himself, knowing it was his own mouth that was doing this to him made him so full of need than he couldn't help but reach down to slowly pump his own straining erection, shuffling a little clumsily out of his own pants to get better access.

Wilbur was staring at him now with lidded eyes, his cheeks and chest pink with arousal, and he snaked his own hands across to play with his nipples as Lewis sucked him off. He rolled the tiny nubs between his fingers as he watched the blur of blonde moving between his legs, and Lewis moaned lewdly at the sight, mouth full of cock, sending vibrations to the core of the erection currently at the back of his throat which only seemed to make Wilbur more enthusiastic.

He pulled back just a fraction, sucking hard at the tip and pumping as fast as he could with his free hand, the other working his own hardness to completion. Wilbur's face contorted as a pins and needles sensation wracked his body, and he came hard, thick ropes of white plastering Lewis' open mouth as it cried out in a choked sob.

The blonde closed his eyes as he felt the fluid drip down his lips and onto the sheets, and he was about to come when all of a sudden Wilbur was there, making him stop his stroking for the moment.

Lewis opened his eyes in confusion. Wilbur looked very weak but his eyes still held that familiar mystifying sparkle, which told the other that he'd come up with an idea.

His manhood tingled with excitement at the thought. Leaning forward, Wilbur lay down on his back but quickly man-handled Lewis to be on top of him again, but this time was different. Lewis was crouched over Wilbur's chest, looking down as his straining erection came to rest at a pair of pink, quivering lips.

Two lidded, almond eyes gazed up at him from the bed, holding an expression that made the other teen uneasy…but in a good way. Lewis did nothing but stare, agape. Surely he had misheard. He was lucky to have escaped that time, but this time his dad had a firm grip on him. Cornelius just laughed too and continued to tickle his son. Wilbur was just glad that it wasn't Gaston tickling him. Gaston was the world's best tickler ever. He wouldn't stop until you were able to threaten to completely destroy his "precious" meatball cannon.

The two stayed there laughing together Cornelius because he was having fun tickling his son, Wilbur because he was being tickled. If it wasn't for Franny's dinner call the two probably would have stayed there for hours. Cornelius stopped tickling his son and continued to laugh as Wilbur wiped a tear from his eye.

His face was angry and annoyed, but he suddenly grew a grin and chuckled quietly. He loved it when he and his dad did stuff together.

meet the robinsons wilburs dad bod

Not particularly tickling but, other things. He didn't know why but he would get a warm feeling every time they did. Wilbur nodded his head in agreement, and stood up from his beanbag chair. He walked out of his room at his father's side, still smiling. Sorry the chapter's so short.

A menacing smile spreads across her face as her eyes darken. The screen flashes black and a lightning bold flits across the screen hi-lighting Wilbur's worried face as he rushes into his dad's lab in A cott is up against the wall with a small curled up body in it. The camera swiftly jerks back to Wilbur's now terrified expression.

He's My Son Chapter 1: Father Son Time, a meet the robinsons fanfic | FanFiction

One year after Lewis' escape into the future with Wilbur A destroyed red Robinson time machine is shown on the screen, thick black smoke billowing out of it as Cornelius and Wilbur rush into the lab from travel tubes. Mad cackling is heard as the screen flashes to a young Cornelius sitting at his lab table working on a small vial his eyes and nose running. His face a bright red. The screen flashes to Wilbur in a bed in the future Cornelius' lab facing the wall, his father's and his younger father's worried faces appearing out of the doorway.

Franny walks up behind them putting a hand on both their shoulders. The brown-haired woman is shown being strapped down to a seat in a green and red vehicle by a stormy looking Cornelius. He, Wilbur, and Cornelius will have to outsmart and out pace a new opponent A gasp echoes through the room as Wilbur appears in the rooms other doorway.

meet the robinsons wilburs dad bod

A heart-broken look flashes over both of their faces as Wilbur turns away to go back to his room. A new, more evil threat is targeting Cornelius' family The entrance to Joyce Williams Middle School is shown. He starts to turn to her but loses interest when Franny comes to stand beside him, giving him an update on her singing frogs. As Lewis and Franny walk off the brown-haired girl skids to a stop, a glare forming on her face as she watches them.

The screen cuts to a class science project. Lewis is presenting the project as his partner sits silently behind him hating his every move.

meet the robinsons wilburs dad bod