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meet the patels father

Ravi Patel had tried and failed to find "The One." So he reluctantly let his parents arrange for him to meet dozens of prospects. And his sister. In Meet the Patels, Ravi, a nearly year old first generation Indian-American, agrees to let his parents help him find a wife through their traditional methods. Meet The Patels is a laugh-out-loud, real-life romantic comedy about Ravi who enters a love triangle between the woman of his dreams and his parents.

Ravi determines that he wants to marry an American-born Patel like him — the last name indicates that they were one time all from the same region of India. The camera follows him as he surveys "biodatas" from prospective brides, goes on dates arranged by his mother and even attends a "Patel Convention" — a gathering of hundreds of single people from his community. Along the way, brother and sister spend time with their parents at the family home in Charlotte, N.

Geeta's footage is interwoven with animation and vintage movie clips that seamlessly connect the story, which her father, Vasant, describes as "about love, family, culture, disagreeing, but then how to reconcile. It was really clear that Geeta was not going to sugarcoat things and that she and her family would participate fully.

meet the patels father

The parents and children display a singular and genuine warmth; everyone who comes in is embraced and fed. Like many families, they talk over one another; ask one question of them, and a response comes in four different parts, and often includes a reference to some unconnected childhood memory.

meet the patels father

Vasant has even ordered 1, lawn signs brandishing the name of the movie. The movie worked, not just as a documentary but as a narrative. They take you on a journey.

meet the patels father

Audrey is white, and Ravi's parents — Vasant and Champa Patel — expect their only son will marry a nice Indian girl, preferably from their hometown province of Gujarat. That area is filled with Patels who are all distantly related, and many of whom have married each other since time immemorial.

Soon after, he's slumped in a plane seat as his parents hector him about not being married, not presenting them with the grandchildren they long for, etc.

Meet the Patels

There Ravi was "with my parents. A Patel family selfie, with actor Ravi clockwise from leftparents Champa and Visant, and sister Geeta.

Courtesy of Alchemy hide caption toggle caption Courtesy of Alchemy A Patel family selfie, with actor Ravi clockwise from leftparents Champa and Visant, and sister Geeta. Courtesy of Alchemy Geeta, a filmmaker, had recently finished a documentary project. She had brought along a camera purely to shoot family footage on the trip. But watching the exchange Ravi was having with their parents, her filmmaker's instinct kicked in, as did the natural inclination of a big sister to torture her younger sibling.

My brother is, like, hilariously suffering right now — let's film it!

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Geeta followed Ravi around, chronicling his attempts to find a woman both he and his parents could love. After agreeing to see if his parents' way to find The One might work better than his own, Ravi began a dating odyssey. It took him cross-town, crosscountry, out of the country and even to an annual Patel matrimonial convention in Baltimore, designed to introduce young single Patels to each other in the hopes that they'll decide to date, maybe even marry. Remember, back home, Patels marry Patels, right?

Geeta, a petite woman with a quick laugh and huge eyes, admits that as a student at Duke University, she went to a few of the conventions and returned to school without ever mentioning where she'd been. For one thing, the purposefulness of the Patel conventions was so opposite the cherished Western notion that love just finds you when it's time.

Pretty in Pink, Pretty Woman, whatever.

Ravi Patel (actor)

She could just hear the judgment: Her parents, her aunts and uncles, their friends, everyone she loved had arranged marriages — and they all worked. Vasant Patel was getting a graduate degree in engineering when he returned home for a brief introduction to Champa Patel.

DP/30: Meet The Patels, Part 1

They weren't together for more than 10 minutes, but she agreed to marry him. Both fervently believe in having the people who know you best help you find your true love.