Meet the macguffin muffin

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meet the macguffin muffin

The Macguffin muffin is a generic mission item that cannot be placed in your inventory. The name "Macguffin" is a term used to describe a bland. Discover ideas about Bacon Muffins. The Macguffin Muffin by cooking comically -- Wherein I explore the ups and downs in the life of Satipo The Treacherous. that many of them are like parables, with broader implications than meet the eye.

I ventured that the endings of many of Hitchcock's films show a similar quality, citing Rear Windowa film with a wonderfully balanced tone and where Hitchcock never appears to take himself too seriously yet which has a constant aural subtext of 'life is a dream' the recurrent motif in the snatches of song and music we hear.

MacGuffin Muffins

Someone also quoted Hitchcock himself, about how one should 'always try to look at things as though you were remembering them three years later'.

This has more to do with people's actions in the world - social relations - of course. But let's come back to Hitchcock's films.

meet the macguffin muffin

I have always thought that many of them are like parables, with broader implications than meet the eye. For example, Hitchcock said of Lifeboat that it was designed to show the Allies the need to resolve their differences in order to cope with the single-minded Fascist threat represented by the Nazi U-boat commander, Willi.

You could apply that idea to several situations in the world today.

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Equally, I have always thought that The Wrong Man is not just about mistaken identity in the case of a few petty larcenies - though the effect of the police's allegations on the innocent Manny Balestreroand his family, is devastating enough - but could be extended to mistaken identity in more serious cases, like murder, where the penalty is death, and irreversible.

I'm sure that Hitchcock, in his objectivity, saw this very clearly. In recent years there have been several studies, some of book-length, published about such tragic mistakes.

meet the macguffin muffin

I thought of it this week when a news item was published about another Texas case dating fromnow shown to have been definitely one of mistaken identity. To read about it, click here: But we were talking about Hitchcock's objectivity.

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Well, I went back to take another look at the book '"I Am Innocent! Some argue that the legs are just a topper and it should be displayed right side up.

According to ancient scriptures, either orientation is acceptable and that he doesn't judge. When consumed the muffin gives enhanced abilities related to the legs, including incredible speed and agility. However it is recommended consuming this muffin alongside the inner ear muffin as the leg muffin does not offer enhanced balancing abilities to go along with the newfound speed.

The Inner Ear Muffin Edit Besides offering enhanced hearing and sometimes listening capabilities, the muffin also improves balance, both physically and in spirit. For that reason it was originally referred to as the Yin Yang Muffin in the manga adaption, however this was seen as too offensive for the anime and was briefly referred to as the Muffin of Spiritual Intelligence.

meet the macguffin muffin

However this created a confusion with the Muffin of Intelligence and was renamed permanently to the Inner Ear Muffin. Side effects of the Muffin include ear infections by small Hell-Satans, getting carpet bombed by undead Soviet Pilots, and bad music always playing just a bit too loud for your taste. This also has the negative side effect of giving the user brain tumors. It can also cause the user's brain to become hat shaped or morph into a hat. Occasionally, the muffin will cause the user to transform into a magical artifact for some unknown amount of time, this makes this muffin very surreal to onlookers.

meet the macguffin muffin

The muffin is usually found with an oversized head part and wearing a tiny top hat. Legendary Muffin Types Edit Legendary Muffins surpass the powers of the common MacGuffin Muffins and can only be consumed by a being already capable of vast powers.

Any lesser being would instantly disintegrate upon attempting to bite it. Unlike the typical McGuffin, these muffin glow and are rich with flavor. Their coloring denotes their powers. Some beings speculate that collecting the right combination of McGuffin Muffins will enable them to access the power level appropriate to consume a legendary muffin.

These muffins were the second batch of MacGuffin Muffins created by Robot Jesus and due to intergalactic baking law, the second batch is always better than the first. The Ningineer Tortoise Muffin Edit This muffin has the power to summon various reptiles named after ancient poets and artists. These reptiles are trained in several ancient arts like being a ningineer a combination of ninja and siege engineer as well as writing poetry.

It also allows the user to claim massive amounts power in the form of contrived, abstract art.

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The downside of using this muffin is that the reptiles will conspire for world domination and will likely attempt to kill the original user given enough time. Fortunately, as primarily artists they are rusty at their ningineer abilities and will probably miss any attacks they throw. Also Argentinian ghost pianos will arrive for some reason.