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meet the fairies cast

Premium Tickets (Row AA & Row A) include special meet & greet with The Fairies cast before the show at am. Transaction Fees Apply: Online: $ With sparkle, laughter and sing-along songs, 'The Fairies' follows the lives of two beautiful fairies, Harmony and Rhapsody who live at Series cast summary. Vera Causa Opera is excited to announce the cast members for our November production of The Fairies (Le Villi) by Giacomo Puccini.

The Lilac Fairy The strong and loving leader of the fairy realm.

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The fairies' names and attributes alter from production to production, but Lilac is the same throughout although she performed her variation to the Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy in Diaghilev's production The Sleeping Princess.

Each godmother is given a present when she arrives: Lucikly, Aurora turns out beautiful anyway. McAllister says, "I think of her as the queen of the fairies, and her movement is imperial, flowing and gracious.

meet the fairies cast

All her lines are so pure; she's the epitome of a Petipa ballerina. I think she'll be there throughout Aurora's life, watching over her and guiding her. Her gift in the McAllister Beauty is a crystal glass.

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McAllister says, "The Grace variation doesn't have the tricky technical moments of some of the others, but I think it's the hardest to do well. It requires such a regal carriage, such balance and coordination. She barely comes off pointe, and she's constantly changing her balance.

meet the fairies cast

There's no margin for error. It's like porcelain or crystal! She's known in many productions as Coulante flowingFleur de farine wheat flower or The Fairy of the Enchanted Garden, and her gift is traditionally beauty hence the name Wheat Flower - the flour made from the flowers evokes face powder.

meet the fairies cast

However, McAllister thought Joy suited the music of her variation, with its hand-clap beat. The variation just makes me smile every time I see it. Breadcrumbs are placed in a baby's cradle as a blessing. The Fairy of Generosity is also known as Miettes qui tombent scattered breadcrumbs or the Fairy of the Woodland Glades.

For McAllister, the gift she is giving in her variation is not only a good life, but the ability to share that happiness. Aurora, as a ruler, will be a benefactor. Generosity's calm, expansive movements call for breadth, and when David coaches her variation he asks for a full, open expression in attitudes and port de bras.

It's as if the fairy is strewing largesse as Tchaikovsky's plucked strings mimic the delicate fall of the breadcrumbs. Generosity receives a cornucopia overflowing with the bounty of the harvest, and her tutu is adorned with wheat sheaves and cornflowers. Originally called Canari qui chante songbird or Fairy of the Songbirds, she's most often known affectionately and informally as Canary Fairy. Suddenly, Bridget the Forest Keeper shows up and leads them to where they will take the Test.

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On the way, Sofia asks Chrysta why she's allowed in to which Chrysta explains that Bridget is a Brownie, a wingless Fairy.

When they arrive, they meet the Pixie Cup Test's Judge: The Sugar Plum Fairy. She was the same judge who failed Chrysta when she was little. The Sugar Plum Fairy tells them the Test will be divided into three stages and if they fail even one they fail the whole test.

The first phase is Dew Dabbing. At first, Chrysta dabs too fast, causing some flowers to get too much dew, until Sofia tells her to dab gently. When Flurry sneaks away, Sofia begins to suspect that she's the thief, to which Chrysta tells her not to jump to conclusions.

The Sugar Plum Fairy passes everyone. They then move on to the next stage of the test: The Tooth Pull, the stage Snoozle is part of. The fairies have to take the tooth from under Snoozle without waking him up and leave him a gift. Bridget brings the tooth to which the Sugar Plum Fairy tells her to wash her hands. Flurry takes the first turn. Sofia watches her and realizes she went first just so she can sneak away again. Sofia goes after her.

However, just when it looks like Flurry is revealing her hidden bad side, Sofia discovers she's just gathering flowers to make corsages for everyone. Flurry was innocent after all.

meet the fairies cast

Bridget comes over to tell Sofia that it's her turn. Sofia shows her kindness which surprises her because no one ever apologizes or picked up her shovel for her. The Sugar Plum Fairy passes everyone, but not Chrysta. After switching the tooth, the gift must something nice, but she made a frost dragon instead of a swan.

Sofia vouches for her because she wrangles them all the time. Surprised by the difference, the Sugar Plum Fairy passes her after all. During lunch, Flurry and Etheria give Chrysta a makeover, during which she takes her Enchantlet off, which she never did before.

Meanwhile, Bridget is eating for which the Sugar Plum Fairy tells her to stop eating and serve the food. Bridget tells Sofia she can't help herself as she loves scones. The group moves on to the final stage: Chrysta tells Sofia she loves the makeover.

Sofia notes that she also forgot about their mission and they still don't know who the thief is. Chrysta tells Sofia she'll go first to find out who it is. After Chrysta gets going, Sofia finds a tunnel with a plate next to it. The plate has a scone with Blueberry Butter on it.

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Remembering what Snoozle said earlier, Sofia instantly realizes who the thief is: A certain someone who loves scones. She then climbs into the tunnel. Meanwhile, Chrysta has completed her turn and passed the Test. Suddenly, she and the Sugar Plum Fairy get trapped in vines. Sofia climbs out of the tunnel and tells Bridget she can come out now.