Meet the earl at midnight

meet the earl at midnight

When Meet the Earl at Midnight showed up, I jumped at the chance to The Beast in question is the reclusive Earl of Greenwich – known. Meet the Earl at Midnight. Gina Conkle. Sourcebooks Casablanca, $ mass market (p) ISBN Here's a “First Kiss” excerpt from Meet the Earl at Midnight. ************************ **. He tapped two fingers to the bench. “I need you here every.

In him, Lydia recognises something of a kindred spirit; she is as dedicated to her desire to paint and exhibit her work as Edward is to science, and their similarity of outlook helps to draw them together.

meet the earl at midnight

Gina Conkle writes well and has created two interesting and engaging protagonists in Edward and Lydia. There is certainly a good deal of chemistry between the leads, although the romance is under-developed and poor Edward is cock-blocked rather too often!

And this leads me on to the fact that there are a number of other inconsistencies within the book that I found distracting and which ultimately took me out of the story. For instance, Lydia is obviously an intelligent young woman and yet she allows herself to be dragged out of bed in the middle of the night and handed over to a complete stranger without question or protest.

Why does Edward insist on waiting a month before wedding and bedding Lydia? And he never asks her how long it is since she last had sex — it could have been years, in which case there is no need to wait! His reasons for wanting a hasty marriage and an equally hasty impregnation of his bride! Edward fails — or refuses — to see that marriage and the possibility of impending fatherhood require a re-evaluation of his situation. And the resolution, when it comes, is something he could have done at any time, which makes the previous conflict an unnecessary contrivance.

But what she wants is to meet the Earl and state her case again, to see if she can get out of this predicament without the hasty marriage.

meet the earl at midnight

She finds the Earl at his usual workplace, the greenhouse. Apparently, the Earl is a botany enthusiast. He was not even the heir to begin with.

Meet the Earl At Midnight

He has had the opportunity to nurture his passion too, until his elder brother died so unexpectedly, leaving the Earldom without any heir. And now, Edward is the heir, and he must beget one Edward even has his own ship so that his expedition goes smoothly.

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Now he needs to marry and SOON before he can leave for this journey. Who knows what this journey to the unknown would hold for him. He might not even return alive, so he must make sure he leaves an heir to carry on with Greenwich name. Though his mother, the Dowager, is adamant he marry one of the fresh young things out of school, very much wanting to thrust one or the other in his face, Edward wants the marriage in his own term.

meet the earl at midnight

But what he never counted upon was to be completely taken aback by one Miss Montgomery. But Lydia finds him in his hiding place aka Greenhouse all by herself.

And she seems completely unfazed by the scar on his face that he likes to hide away, thanks to another long ago expedition gone wrong, leaving him with a scarred body as well.

Meet the Earl At Midnight (Midnight Meetings, book 1) by Gina Conkle

His amorous endeavors, up till now, remained few and far between since his first, and only love, has been science. Her body language tells him that the attraction is very much mutual, which is a very good thing, even for a MOC. That is something begins to eat at Edward, though he remains very adamant about leaving for the expedition. Lydia finds the blonde, tall, muscular and very nerdy Edward attractive no doubt.

And though her welcome from the Earl is rather chilly, Lydia finds friends in the servants of the manor. She does a pretty good job of it too, and Edward has no way but to let her work with him. Now, this is what frustrated me the most. I wanted them to connect a little better and not presume things, then act on it. There were some misunderstandings that made me shake my fist in the air. Sometimes it was Edward, the other times, Lydia.

meet the earl at midnight

Oh boy, it took them quite a long time to get to that! Maybe it was me because their chemistry was great. But by now, Lydia was also falling for the elusive Earl, so she wanted to make him and his mother happy.

Meet the Earl at Midnight (Midnight Meetings, #1) by Gina Conkle

So each morning, off she went marching to her skirmishes with the venerable dowager. But Edward is as stubborn as they come. The more time he spends with Lydia, and those kisses they exchange, the more he feels that his resolve to go away is weakening. But science is his true calling, and he must sacrifice for it! I especially felt sad for her when she thought about the whole thing; about losing Edward and then rearing their child all on her own scared the living daylights out of her.

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And this, became the issue at hand, the issue for misunderstanding.