Meet the competition mp3 zing

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meet the competition mp3 zing

VNG is shutting down its video service, Zing Video, following its new strategy and in response to market factors. is ranked #28 for Arts and Entertainment/Music and Audio and # Globally. Get a full report of their traffic statistics and market share. Maryland live casino glassdoor -- Russian roulette mp3 zing, Bb king casino moncton billion to The performance meet will for managements. year. measurement, of approach hired competition make little develop from and unexpected their.

However, in a Saigon Digital Marketing conference in early VnExpress themselves reported that their ad revenue reached about 7 million inYahoo said they had about 2 million in revenue and Zing brought home about 1 million. Obviously the various reported numbers do not match. Ads on Google sites.

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  • VNG Shutters Zing Video To Sidestep a Battle with Youtube

Right now Advertisers in Vietnam can use a single platform to reach target audience while they are: Besides traditional banner, this network supports rich media, video ads and other formats. Searching on their mobile phone.

Classement de l'application et part de marché de Zing MP3 dans Google Play

This data was released by Yahoo team in If we follow that train of thought then in Vietnam, Yahoo should come at the top of the list because of their search deal with Bing.

Is Yahoo Vietnam the main competitor? From my estimation, Yahoo revenue has been increasing sincewhen they opened their office here in Vietnam. Yahoo is super strong with their messenger program. Messenger Vietnamese version and 7.

meet the competition mp3 zing

Messenger English interface version — US version. Yahoo messenger is clearly the top property for Yahoo. I would suspect that because of the Yahoo toolbar integration with Yahoo messenger and other distribution deals installing any updates for Java, they would prompt you to install Yahoo toolbar.

VNG Shutters Zing Video To Sidestep a Battle with Youtube

The change of leadership at Yahoo Vietnam recently brought in new direction. Without Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo has very little to offer from my opinion.

Agency can easily find other solutions to replace other Yahoo properties. Online is new in Vietnam hence many of the online marketing campaign center on branding and raising awareness.

Spotify to stir up Vietnamese and Thai music streaming markets

Google pay per click advantage lies mainly with Direct response type of marketing, marketing type that needs to show Return on Investment quickly. However, Direct response marketing is still relatively nascent in Vietnam. Vietnamese heard about Google Adwords about 5 years ago but until now, not that many people in the market place actually have lots of experience running Pay Per Click campaign.

meet the competition mp3 zing

VnExpress and Zing are worth noticing VnExpress still leads the publisher market in terms of revenue. When planning their media plan, many agencies and big clients still allocate lots of budget for VnExpress, the remaining budget is for other channels. They are not direct competitors from a product stand point but from a revenue stand point, they are.

VnExpress started to offer contextual ads as well. However, the adoption rate is still quite low judging from what i see on the site. Right now Zing is both a publisher and an agency.

Threats to Google Business in Vietnam

Zing has a very big sales team around 30 in Ho Chi Minh alonetalking to both agencies and direct client. Basically the way Zing approaches advertisers is this: However, Zing has been trying to rebrand itself and appeal to much older audience. The role Zing playing is quite controversial because soon it will compete directly with agencies. Lessons from New Media Edge some time back and Innity recently are worth observed. Google Product review Threats from Vietnamese competitors Google Search web search and image search No close competitor in sight.

Yahoo mentioned in the middle of that it would take them at least months to customize their algorithm to churn out better search results for Vietnamese. Right now the search results are no where near the level of Google. Another month is a long wait i suppose so well, as i said, no close competitors in sights. You Tube I would consider Zing mp 3 and nhaccuatui as too serious competitors for Vietnam market. While the leading position of You Tube for video sharing is ubiquitous even in Vietnam, there is no clear leader for mp3 song sharing and the like.

Users who visit nhaccuatui. Zing mp3 and nhaccuatui are being used by not only by teens but also young white collar workers as well. Video sharing section of Zing i.

This number is obviously much smaller than Zing mp3 or You Tube number. Local experience suggests that users of Zing Video are more keen on searching for Vietnamese made videos rather than international ones. The number of viewer for top videos on Zing Video is lesser compared to You Tube figure as well. Other portals like clip.

Local players in Vietnam do not seem to face this issue though because many of them follow the Baidu model. Gmail The battle has not yet finished. The company was reported to have financial difficulties as it decided to streamline its business model before going public without actually staging an IPO.

Digital music in the world Internet statistics portal Statista Inc. Indeed, many network operators offer free 3G data for music streaming, liberating gigabytes of memory on mobile phones in exchange for subscribing for monthly data plans and subscribing to music streaming services, like that of Spotify, for a fixed charge or simply downloading a free application that features third-party advertisements.

Recent years show a marked change in digital consumption habits both in the US and Europe, and to some degree, in China as consumers are departing from downloading their favourite tunes to streaming them online. In the case of wealthy US and European consumers, the one-off payments and subscriptions seem to be worth the extra storage, as more and more of them choose to stream music instead of downloading it. According to Statista, from now tillrevenue from streaming will increase at a In China, on the other hand, both streaming and downloading are going through the roof, growing by A one-time payment or monthly subscription for unlimited music streaming might sound nice for US and European customers who can easily afford these prices than Chinese customers.

While doubtlessly, service providers are making an effort to tailor service fees to regional purses, prices in China remain above the affordable for the wide Chinese population, leading to ample demand for illegal streaming and downloading, and downward pressure on the charges of legally operating providers.

Digital music industry in Vietnam Spotify is bound to find similar issues in Vietnam, Thailand, and India as the generally outlined issue in China. As Vietnamese telecommunications firms are busy rolling out 4G and enhancing 3G services and the majority of internet users are connected through mobile devices, the market seems ready for renowned music streamers to enter.

To step further into the grounds of speculation, Vietnamese consumers are likely to pose higher demand for streaming than for downloading their favourite tracks, as their devices are mostly capable of handling 3G and, with time, 4Gprovided that network operators will accommodate this demand. As it stands, copyright infringement and the violations of intellectual property rights make Vietnam a difficult market.