Meet the commissioner channel 4 documentary

Agenda item - Discussion following the Cutting Edge documentary ' Meet the Police Commissioner'

meet the commissioner channel 4 documentary

Bumbling Kent police and crime commissioner Ann Barnes struggles to explain her job in 'car crash' Channel 4 documentary Meet the. Police Commissioner for Kent Ann Barnes Photo: CHRISTOPHER At one point in the hour-long film she is asked: “What is a police commissioner?” . Meet The Police Commissioner will be broadcast on Channel 4 on. Kent Pcc Ann Barnes 'deeply sorry' for appearing in Channel 4 documentary Channel 4's new documentary Meet The Police Commissioner - following Kent's .

Kent PCC Ann Barnes apologises over documentary

Vaguely waving a hand in a circular motion around the circles, she added: But, God forbid, what would it mean if a crime was committed outside of this diagram? Erm, oh, I don't know really [shakes head]. Right, well, the police commissioner … it's not the police commissioner, it's the police and crime commissioner, it's PPC. The meet the police commissioner programme is a spoof right?

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Anne Barnes is playing the role of David Brent? Cringe — Kate Aziz Azizlooks May 29, cuttingedge meet the police commissioner - this cannot be for real, it's basically David Brent starring in W1A — Ruth Miller queenpuzzle May 29, In one, incredible car crash scene, Ann went to Asda for a meet and greet.

meet the commissioner channel 4 documentary

Now, anyone who has actually been to an Asda knows that it is not the ideal location to meet and greet anyone, but Anne really tried — "girl power! She was also filmed painting her "flaky" nails and compared her force to a tin of paint that she wanted to "prise" open. Was it cruel TV, edited to make Ann look totally incompetent? But Twitter users were united in their disbelief that the documentary was actually showcasing a real person elected into public office.

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Seems convinced this is a mock documentary, bemused by the "Ann Force One" bus. This is your chance to pitch your ideas and get invaluable feedback.

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The Head of Talent role was an expansion to the position in late after the vast majority of local content began to embrace the use of brand-relevant talent. Diana identified the opportunity to create a bespoke portfolio care and asset creation around talent, to maximise their association to the channels. Over the next 3 years, Diana has ensured that talent representation of the portfolio has moved from a PR interview only level — to a full body of work and cross platform asset level, including iconic key art, terrestrial broadcast appearances, cross-portfolio trailers and affiliate events.

Kent PCC Ann Barnes apologises over documentary - BBC News

Since taking up the role, she has consistently executive produced high rating local content for the portfolio. She's also acted as a consultant for BBC Academy, training factual development teams and helping to launch the broadcaster's idea portal, iCreate. Before Channel 5, Simon was co-founder and Creative Director of Wildfire TV, where he developed and delivered more than hours of factual programming for international and UK broadcasters. Prior to this Fozia was an executive producer at the Garden.

meet the commissioner channel 4 documentary

At Channel 5 he is responsible for commissioning peak-time factual and factual entertainment programming across the channel with series including Chocolate Dreams: Adrian has overseen such popular Channel 5 series as: