Meet the coaches tsm leena

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meet the coaches tsm leena

Team SoloMid (abbreviated TSM) is an esports organization based in the United States. .. Advancing to the finals, TSM met Cloud9 (C9) for the second consecutive time in the LCS and Summer splits of the LCS, TheOddOne stepped down to become a coach for the team. .. Leena, Leena Xu, President of Marketing. The latest Tweets from TSM Andy (@TSMReginald). former captain, coach and player @tsm. LCS owners meeting with the man @TSMReginald. Learned so. Team SoloMid (TSM) is a North American esports organization, currently . SSONG moves to strategic coach position. October . Leena Xu, Leena, President.

They went through the entire tournament without dropping a single series to any team to take home first place, defeating Orbit Gaming, Singapore Sentinels, Team Legion and Curse Gaming. In the quarterfinals of the playoffs, Team SoloMid swept Monomaniac Ferus to advance to the next round of the tournament.

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They then defeated Team Dignitas in the grand finals to take home first place and qualify for the Season 2 World Championship.

They lost to Azubu Frost in the quarterfinals. Lastly, TSM went up against the team that had dominated all season and their practice partner, Cloud9. TSM lost and placed second in the playoffs. As the second seed of North America, TSM faced the second seed of Europe, the Lemondogs, and handily won against a roster that had recently been completely replaced. After losing its first match against Cloud9TSM shook off the loss and won eleven in a row, holding first place for a team-record eight weeks.

Although they entered Week 10 with a record and a one-game lead over rival Cloud9the team struggled to close out the season and finished second. Amazing, a German player from the Copenhagen Wolves, joined the team as their new jungler. At the same time, support player Xpecial was benched and then removed from the team for his negative attitude, to be replaced by Gleebglarbu of challenger team Cloud9 Tempest.

Xpecial moved to Team Curse. After having a rocky start, TSM found themselves in fifth place and struggling to stay afloat. Thereafter, TSM improved its record significantly and temporarily even held first in the league, albeit in a four-way tie.

Days before Week 10 of the split, holding a tenuous grip on second place and a single game behind first-place LMQ, on May 27 TSM announced the addition of Lustboy to the starting roster to replace Gleebglarbu. However, despite the formidable and well-known addition to the team, TSM finished with a paltry record and fell to third to finish the season. Although they fell victim to a surprise backdoor ending by ZionSpartan in their first match against Dignitas, Team SoloMid came back to win the series In their third consecutive playoff matchup against C9, as well as TSM's record fourth finals appearance, Team SoloMid finally came out on top and took the series In the process, TSM handed C9 its first ever playoff losses, and secured a spot at the Season 4 World Championship, becoming the only team to attend all four World Championships.

TSM eventually finished second in their group with a record ofadvancing to the Playoffs. In the playoffs, TSM faced Samsung White in their first match and lostwinding up 5th in the tournament. The team was first seen in early after being formed to participate in the Riot Season 1 Championship later that year. TSM took first place in their group, going and being the only team to lose to the Singaporean team, Xan.

meet the coaches tsm leena

Team SoloMid then met the French against All authority squad in the semifinals of the double elimination playoffs. TSM was defeated by aAa and knocked down to the loser's bracket. Team SoloMid met Epik Gamer, a fellow North American team, and defeated them to advance to the loser bracket finals where they faced aAa for a second time. In a close match, against All authority bested TSM and took the series. TSM accrued by far the most circuit points out of any North American team, and so received the top seed to the season 2 regional finalwhich they won.

At WorldsTSM received a group stage bye as the top North American seed, but they lost in the quarterfinals to eventual second-place team Azubu Frost. Though the community as at first skeptical about the change, WildTurtle was quickly accepted after scoring a pentakill on Caitlyn against compLexity Gaming in his very first game with the team.

It still all came down to my own ability. If I was more capable or competent at coaching, I could have overcome the obstacles that I faced. I needed to be able to show value and convince the players that my concepts were useful.

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In addition, a couple of the players had no semblance of knowing what information was necessary to communicate in the game or when to communicate it. Those habits take a while to ingrain. The main out of game issues were attitude.

Not getting to meetings on time, looking at reddit before and between scrims, not wanting to do other things required of them or not putting in full effort to things besides the actual scrimmages.

Tilting during scrims were also an issue and something TSM expected me to solve immediately. It varies greatly on a situational basis and individual basis.

I also think the main reason for the tilt was the mindset of scrims which I tried my hardest to change while I was there. The players cared more about winning the scrim than learning from it. I tried to change the mindset that to focus on improvements and that starts with knowing exactly what we were working on each game and then being able to measure the improvements.

Do you think that affected how you were perceived negatively or meant that you set things in place which the length of your tenure meant never had the chance to see come to fruition? TSM as an organization and its fan base expect results. When I was hired, it was turned up even higher as the team was the best TSM team ever assembled on paper.

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The team struggled from the start and everyone wanted someone to blame. The person learning the ropes the first few weeks is an easy target. I do think the head coach does have that responsibility though and I do take responsibility for the overall performance of the team. Even though we were in sole possession of 2nd place when I left, it was not as convincing as expected. I do agree the players deserved someone more effective and qualified than me. They are playing at the highest level in this sport and there is a lot on the line.

I strongly believe I brought more to the table than almost every other coach in the LCS, besides a couple. While all the players in the LCS deserve a high level of coaching, the talent is not there and teams have not been willing to pay enough to get adequately qualified staff.

meet the coaches tsm leena

It does fall on me. It is still my ultimate responsibility to successfully implement everything, and in that sense, I agree that I was ineffective in doing so. I would have loved to have a quick way to fix the issues that we ran into. The issues we had were firmly in long established habits that we needed to break.

Players were in the habit of playing either passively or aggressively and to get the others on the same page or all on the same page, takes time to relearn. Also, communication was severely lacking and also needs time to learn and break the habit of silence or unnecessary communication.

In general, when you are forcing players out of their comfort zone, they will play worse until they get comfortable with the new way of playing or communicating.

I knew that we would need the time and our immediate play may suffer in exchange for long term success. Once you said was that you were surprised by how little money there was for support staff, including yourself.

Well I had to take a substantial pay cut from a position barely above entry level job in education which is notorious for not having high wages. I also had no benefits and was hired as an independent contractor. How is that attractive to legitimately talented coaches?

I valued the chance at taking a shot at a passion of mine, and I think that is something many teams count on when hiring for these positions. The people who are actually valued for their expertise in coaching are already being paid decent amounts to coach a sport they love.

If teams want to improve their support staffs they need to be willing to pay salaries and provide benefits that are attractive to the talent equal to the players they have. This is a professional sport with millions of viewers. The players are elite at what they do, but the coaches they are provided with are for the most part subpar.

I think the players deserve better. I think if the coaches perform at a high level similar to the players, they deserve pay representative of that as well. Not only is the skill required from the coach valuable, they put in similar hours to the players and need to sacrifice their personal lives too. At the very minimum, I would have even just have liked to have had a budget to hire additional staff to take some of the responsibilities off of me.

Can you outline what seems like a confusing situation from the outside as to why you were let go at that point in time when the team had the most successful portion of the split? I outlined what I had implemented and what I was in the process of implementing. They said they would give me one week to show an improvement and to could gain the respect of the players. I tried to do more the next week but extended myself too far by trying to address all of the problems that I did not have the ability to handle the in game issues no one else was attempting to step up and fixso things got worse.

No performance plan that we could review and ensure I was meeting goals? Regi told me I could either take a month off and look for other jobs or work and try to show improvement for one month. I chose to keep working for a month because I already quit my job for this so I might as well take the only chance I had to keep the position.

Still no performance goals or improvement plan, but it was better than nothing. I felt I drastically improved. I took a day off and came back with conviction and took things under control. Different players told me they noticed a big improvement in my coaching, completely unsolicited.

Without fail, that was the only part of the episode that I would be seen in. As a result, I posted this after a clip I felt was a detrimental to my reputation.

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I felt I needed to clarify this in public. Regi held a team meeting and I now had management and the players against me. I regretted defending myself and caring about social media. I went back to the TSM house took Soren [Bjergsen] aside and sincerely apologized and then said goodbye to the team.

The team continued the split by going after I left and the rest is history. I do want to stress that my abilities as a coach and what TSM needed did not fit. The issues that arose were different than the issues that they thought I was good fit for addressing. A concept I read in a book about the mental aspect of coaching tennis is not to overload the student with too many possible changes or fixes, even though they may all be legitimate, as the effect will kill their game in trying to fix them all at once.

Rather to kind of narrow it to an aspect or a few and attempt to correct that before moving on. What do you think of this and can you narrow down the broadest strokes of what the issues were during your time? That is exactly what I felt the problem was between scrim blocks. Jarge and the players would have new problems every game and it was overwhelming… impossible to work on all of them at once. I wanted to focus on the main issues and ignore the smaller issues for now until we got the main issues under control.

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I think you are referring to something else though. Probably two main issues with both being extremely complicated within themselves: