Meet the billionaire professor

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meet the billionaire professor

Here's a twist I didn't see coming: Neri Oxman, the MIT professor Brad Pitt to her former flame, “billionaire hedge funder” (and activist) Bill Ackman. Brad Pitt and Neri Oxman met while she was in a sort of confusing place. almost a year now. We actually met on one of those smartphone based social network apps, but its pret If you were a billionaire would you get married? John Czerwiec, former teacher, current tech worker, constant learner. Answered. Aug 1, It's dusk on a crisp January day at Stanford University, and David Cheriton is in his corner office waiting for his weekly research meeting to.

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  • The rich list: Meet the Canadian members of Forbes' 'three-comma club'
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meet the billionaire professor