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meet the beatles original pressing comb

Label: No BMI or ASCAP credits, East Coast Mono and Stereo only. Cover: RIAA #2 or #3 (East Coast) RIAA #5 or #6 (West Coast), Light Brown or Tan "Beatles" Title (East Coast) or Olive Green title for the West Coast, mostly without George Martin Credit on back. RIAA #5 or #6 (West. MEET THE BEATLES ORIGINAL MONO PRESSING SECOND LABEL VARIATION. $ 11 bids. First pressing.T This album was first issued on. Vee-Jay certainly had plans to press it up in the summer, but financial [N.B.: If you ever find a stereo copy of Introducing The Beatles with the ad-back, then The Americans also subjected the first few Beatles' albums to some The Hippy Hippy Shake / Sweet Little Sixteen / Lend Me Your Comb / Your Feet's Too Big.

The instrumental intro is shorter in [a] than the others, edited. Whether Vee Jay uses [b] or is just a mono reduction of [c] seems impossible to determine by listening, since an unedited mono mix would sound the same.

It's been suggested that the entire Vee Jay LP is a mono reduction of the stereo mixes except that the real mono "Please please me" was used for the reissue version of the LPand it is hard to rule this out, although it's also hard to say why Vee Jay would not have been sent both mono and stereo masters.

Beatles UK Contract Pressings - Record Info pages at select45rpm

In the remix [c1] the left instrumental channel is relatively louder, which isn't bad, but reverb has been added too especially in the intro vocal.

Capitol B single The remix [b3] has the two tracks moved slightly to center. A second remix [b4], probably made for the film Ferris Bueller's Day Off, or at least for the promotion of the single related to it, has the left instrumental track relatively louder. The new sound added while making "track 2", the second generation-- the vocal in the intro and all the harmonica-- was mixed into both tracks, so it sounds centered when heard in stereo [b].

In fact the master tape of take 8, which is the second generation tape composed of the sound from take 7 plus live sound, appears virtually unmixed as [b]. The mono mix [a] also has a harmonica added during the intro, which is quite interesting since the session tapes as heard on bootlegs do not reveal any such edit piece. From available evidence it appears that the mono mix's intro must have been made by synchronizing two source tapes, not too hard since it is right at the beginning of the song and is quite short.

No tape has the harmonica alone, so it would be a section of the instrumental verse that was used. Note slight "phasing" in the drum sound by the end of the intro, in [a], as the synchronization slips. Capitol missed this song somehow so the Vee Jay issues were the only US release until Capitol ST Second Capitol T Second Even early 80s reissues as anniversarys were met still used the old metalwork.

Only more recent pressings remastered them. Some are still extra rare though.

meet the beatles original pressing comb

Decca did actually add their own stamper info sometimes at the 3 O'clock positionas others like Pye did, anyone noticed that yet? Be careful of 'experts', folks. Apart from the very late pressings just before the Sold In UK text disappeared in c. Aprilthere is no interest in owning 50 variants of any record, as similar with Elvis 45s proved. Some collectors prefer Stock Copies to Demos, others like Pronged Centres on pressings if a solid one exists too.

A particular typeface on the first copy you had of a 45 that you now know is the rarer version can have appeal too. Ultimately if Collectors do want these variants they will seek them out and pay no more than the general price. Reading ebay of late is very tiresome as it appears high prices are being paid for 'rubbish' collectables that are nothing special. R is with, R is without.

You can be sure plenty of s pressings are passed off as "Rare" when they aren't, as well as put into old sleeves. Only the proper ones are worth a premium. What do they look like? Look at any Cilla Black or Cliff Richard 45 to see the style. The labels are deep black paper, not the slightly glossy dark grey s ones.

meet the beatles original pressing comb

Beatles collectors are fanatical, but it seems doing the research before overspending isn't always the case. Well the truth is these are late s sleeves last used early pre Love Me Do!

The "real" sleeve used for Demos was the standard stock one, there have certainly been a glut of Demos to see the EMI came in the standard sleeves as the issues did. Decca demos from on their other labels, eg London, Vocalion, came in plain white sleeves that otherwise look like unprinted regular ones.

Up to the buyer to decide and avoid overpaying for incorrect items. Exact numbers depended on many factors naturally.


Having not realised his was a Contract Pressing, compared it to a Beatles 45 that had similar characteristics. The work needed to correct wrong 'expert' info is tiresome, but here 'tis. It still brings a smile or a groan or a yell See the base of the page for PYE as varied Contract pressings. For those who care about Matrix info, we'll make an exception: The vinyl is thin like a mid Pye issue.

meet the beatles original pressing comb

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MEET The BEATLES LP orig 1964 mono brown letters no Martin credit T-2047 Capitol

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