Meet the athletes olympics 2014

Sochi Olympics - Winter Games in Russia results & videos

meet the athletes olympics 2014

Relive the moments that went down in history from the Sochi Winter Olympics. Access official videos, results, sport and athlete records. At Sochi Alex Bilodeau became the first Canadian man (and just the second he became the first Canadian athlete to compete at six Olympic Winter . The important thing is that you'll want to be watching him at the Winter Olympics. Why? Because he's one of the most fascinating athletes.

We are delighted to be representing Israel," says Davidovich.

meet the athletes olympics 2014

They work with choreographer Galit Chait, who has also represented Israel at a number of Games. He and Davidovich have skated together since Alexei Bychenko was also born in Kiev, Ukraine and is also competing in the figure skating, albeit solo.

Aged 26 he celebrated his birthday this weekhe started out as a skater for his country of birth, before switching to represent Israel in But he too is choreographed by Galit Chait.

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Belgian born year-old Virgile Vandeput may be entering the alpine skiing competition under the Israeli flag, but he actually lives in France, where he can trains under maximal conditions. His mother was born in Israel, although she left as a young child with her parents. He began skiing for Israel inreportedly because he felt that this would allow him a greater chance of competing internationally.

Vladislav Bykanov, 24, will be competing in the short track skating, both 1, and 1, meters.

Venezuela at the 2014 Winter Olympics

Byankov is Israel's greatest hope for the Games, aiming to reach at least the quarter-finals in his sport, and possibly the semi-finals. Byankov trains in the Netherlands with the Dutch team, but most of his life has been spent in Kiryat Shmona.

The sacrifices to compete at that level are tremendous. These kids have to overcome a lot of cultural obstacles, playing non traditional sports. Shani Davis - Speed skating: Davis began roller skating at age 2 in Chicago.

At age 6 a coach suggested he switch to ice skating. Shortly thereafter, his mother started working for an attorney, whose son was involved in speed skating.

meet the athletes olympics 2014

These influences led him to switch, and he joined the Evanston Speed Skating Club the same year. He won gold in the m at the Olympic Winter Games in Turin, and won gold at the and world all around championships. Davis hopes to win gold in the m at the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, to make him the first male speed skater to win gold at three consecutive Games. Aja Evans - Bobsled: Evans was previously a sprinter and shot put athlete, her coach at the University of Illinois mentioned bobsled to her while watching the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver.

meet the athletes olympics 2014

She considered the physical attributes required for the sport, and realized she had all of them. She first tried bobsled in October in Lake Placid, N. Jazmine Fenlator - Bobsled: Fenlator began bobsled in September at the U. Her college athletics coach Robert Pasquarillo sent in an application to the United States Olympic Committee on her behalf.