Meet me at the mission midnight

Fashmates Outfit Inspiration: Jules-- meet me at the mission at midnight

meet me at the mission midnight

After returning from a mission with her nakama, Lucy discovers a mysterious note asking her to "Meet me at midnight by the pool at Fairy Tail. 'Cause he won't speak English anyway. And everybody knows. That the world is full of stupid people. So meet me at the mission at midnight. We'll divvy up there. As for the Foulahs, if they should meet me in the paths, and see his people, the matter will be considered, and perhaps midnight. they may all return in safety.

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Chad Kirchner on Instagram: “Meet me at the Mission at midnight and we'll divvy up there.”

And as always, Hiro Mashima owns Fairy Tail. There's something important I need you to know. The note had been tucked into the edge of her door when she came back from her mission earlier that day. After stopping at the guild to check in with Mira, and dumping Natsu off to recover from his motion sickness, she had finally made it home, only to discover this note waiting for her.

There was no date but she had to assume the writer had meant tonight.

meet me at the mission midnight

Intrigued but wary, she set the note on the kitchen table before heading for her bedroom. Over an hour later the steam had dissipated and the bubbles had dissolved, so Lucy reluctantly drained the tub, missing the warmth already. After smoothing on her favorite vanilla lotion and running a comb through her hair, she left the bathroom and threw on her favorite black skirt and pink tank top before curling up on her bed and tumbling into sleep.

It was dark outside when she awoke, disheveled, sleep-fuzzed and starving.

meet me at the mission midnight

Stumbling to the kitchen, rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she dug through the cabinets until she found a half-eaten bag of potato chips.

Shoving them mechanically into her mouth, she allowed her eyes to wander sleepily around the kitchen until they lit upon the note she'd found earlier. Meet me at midnight… "Well, it's Fairy Tail. I'm sure it's someone I know. But who could have left it? Glancing at the clock, she saw it was already half past eleven.

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Realizing she'd slept for the better part of the day and that trying to go back to sleep would be useless, Lucy set the chips down on the counter and grabbed the note from the table before running to slip on some sandals. Halfway down the street, however, she realized she hadn't grabbed her coat, or even put a bra on after her nap. For a moment, indecision froze her in place.

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Should she go back? Did she have enough time? She hated to be late….

meet me at the mission midnight

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meet me at the mission midnight

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