Make it pop season 1 episode new roomies meet the parents

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make it pop season 1 episode new roomies meet the parents

Read Common Sense Media's Make It Pop review, age rating, and parents guide . Column 1» . that Make It Pop is a musical comedy series inspired by K-pop (Korean pop) I just watched an episode with my kids and one of the topics was. But when new roommates Jodi (Louriza Tronco), Sun Hi (Megan Lee), and. Roommate (Korean: 룸메이트) is a South Korean reality show; formerly part of SBS's Good Seven new roommates were added for a brand new second season With the return of K-pop Star to Good Sunday, Roommate moved to airing every season with new members alongside the remaining members of season 1. Season 1 is the first season of Make It Pop. Nickelodeon ordered 20 episodes in the season. Three unique girls--an aspiring pop diva, a fashionista and a.

Flex tells Duane that since Flex is a "celebrity" he has no chance against Duane, but Duane gets a celebrity of his own to campaign him. Eventually it turns out that both Flex and Duane lose and the position goes to Ruben.

make it pop season 1 episode new roomies meet the parents

When Duane goes to the hospital to get the kidney transplant he discovers that his kidney's not going to his father, but instead his half-brother he never even knew about Dewayne. Duane is shocked by his existence and also discovers that while he was father-less his entire life Dewayne was not and the only reason why Duane even got a chance to meet his real father is because Dewayne needed a kidney donor.

Feeling left out and unloved Duane runs away. Duane eventually comes back to the hospital and Vaughn apologizes for not being a part of his life.

Duane forgives him and accepts his half-brother. Meanwhile at WYNX, Flex lands a high-profile interview that is critical to his plans to go national, but he's blind-sided by his sexy co-host Holly whose feminine wiles steal the interviewee away. Flex eventually gets jealous that Holly is attracting more viewers than him but thanks to Breanna he realizes that he has no reason to be jealous and that he and Holly make a great team.

Also, Breanna starts to receive lots of presents from her secret admirer. Arnaz gets jealous and Spirit eventually discovers that Breanna is her own secret admirer. Breanna says she did it to show Arnaz that she's over him, but Spirit lets her know what the right thing to do is. She opens the box and finds a lot of camera, which leads her to thinking more that her roommate is a spy.

make it pop season 1 episode new roomies meet the parents

She later led Jodi to the office to find out their roommate's identity. After they heard Ms.

make it pop season 1 episode new roomies meet the parents

Stark talking, they hid in a locker, which was later revealed to be Caleb Davis 's locker. She reveals to Jodi that she is claustrophobic, which she doesn't do well with tight spaces. They then get out with Caleb's help the next morning. After they got out, their roommate has arrived: She asks many questions, and Corki didn't answer any of them.

make it pop season 1 episode new roomies meet the parents

She then picks up Corki's hat and whispered "designer". She has class and forgets her phone, she goes back to get it, and finding Corki playing the violin. They later perform, Spotlightzalong with Jodi. After the song, she posts the video onto Sun Hi Nation, which upsets Corki. In Duetshe is seen in her room with Jodi, discussing the possibilities why Corki doesn't want to be on the web.

Sun Hi thinks that she is running away from someone, but Jodi disagrees, saying maybe she doesn't like the spotlight. Sun Hi doesn't believe her and tells her that she is getting ridiculous.

She then imagines that she is in a pop super group and have a private jet, saying Corki will miss out. When Jodi says that they don't have a private jet, Sun Hi tells her that if she kept thinking negative, she won't get to ride in it either.

Sun Hi Song

Diona later come in, warning that the room will become a single room if she doesn't stop the thing that she started. Suddenly, Sun Hi gets interested and wants a singe room, not knowing that they have single rooms.

Jodi says that they will get kicked out, and Sun Hi knows. She is next seen walking with Jodi down the hallway, and saying that they don't need Corki.

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Jodi then corrects her by saying two is not a group, instead it is a duet. Sun Hi says that she wants to reach world domination, local gigs, online videos, and she doesn't have time to argue about the numbers. She then comes up with a band name: She is then seen with Jodi in their dorm, looking at their first unofficial music video, as it reaches 12, views.

Make It Pop - New Roomies Meet! - Nick

She gets excited, and Jodi thinks that excitement is danger for her. She then wants the band to happen, now. She then led Jodi to the Chemistry lab, there nearly nobody will want to be.

make it pop season 1 episode new roomies meet the parents

She then finds Corki there, and Sun Hi considers that Corki is stalking her and asks why she is here. She and Jodi then rehearse, ignoring Corki. Caleb then suggest a band with her, Jodi, Caleb, and Corki. Sun Hi furiously asks why Corki, and Caleb explains. Sun Hi then wishes Corki good luck studying in their rehearsal space.

A moment later, Ms. Diona comes in and asks what is going on.

Make It Pop

Sun Hi tries to explain that they are rehearsing for their band. She later gets scold by the principal, saying that she doesn't want to see a single note of the band or the band ever again.

Sun Hi gets furious and says "if we have no rehearsal space, we have no band! If we have no band, we have no way to achieve world domination! And you know how I feel about people getting in the way of my world domination", and she begins to panic. She then blames Corki and says that it is all her fault. Then, Jodi asks if they could stop fighting, Sun Hi says that she can maybe be quiet. She is later seen in the bathroom, along with Corki and Jodi.