Explain the principles of relationship building with children

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explain the principles of relationship building with children

There are various factors which contribute to the development of positive relationships with others. These principles of relationship building can. , Explain the Principals of Relationship Building with Children, . Understand the Principles of Developing Positive Relationships with. Positive relationships make it much easier to communicate information and are L O Explain the principles of relationship building with children, young.

Adults can misread or perceive information in a way which was not meant. Disagreements can occur when we blame others for saying things that may be ambiguous or for having varying opinions on matters. Where conflict takes place, it is important to show sensitivity and must try to resolve the problem with haste. This is because the longer a problem persists, the more difficult it is to resolve.

It is important not to be drawn into conflict with a child or young person, and situations such as this need to be dealt with carefully, it may be good practice to alert another member of staff in order to seek advice to remedy the problem. Poor communication Conflict can often occur in line with miscommunication, This may be because: In order to resolve issues of poor communication, you should discuss the problem in order to find the cause and then find a resolution together.

Never just ignore the problem or talk about the problem to everyone but who the problem concerns. Aims should always be made clear about what you are there to do and why.

explain the principles of relationship building with children

Different values and ideas Parents and schools often have different attitudes and expectations. Conflict can often occur when a child is told to do two contrasting things. This can be resolved by working alongside parents.

External factors Whilst working in a school it is important to keep in mind that people may have issues at home or other such pressures, which may affect the way they communicate.

Once you have made a good personal relationship with someone, it is likely you will notice changes in their behaviour and you are able to ask if there is a problem and if you can assist them with anything.

Lack of confidence Adults often act with aggression when they are unsure in what they are doing or lacking in confidence. This may come across as a personal attack however it is due to their perception of themselves and their own abilities. It would be wise to be sensitive and offer encouragement and support. There is an increased awareness of how important it is to recognise the uniqueness of each child and have respect for their human rights.

This could be as simple as remembering a birthday or asking after a family member. It shows the other person that you have listened to what they have told you and placed some importance to it.

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We should also be considerate and take the time to understand that sometimes children and adults have other concerns and issues out of school that are occurring in their life. This could lead to them behaving or reacting out of character or in an unexpected way. We should ensure we take the time to listen to others, especially if they ask us for advice or assistance.

They may wish to confide in us and we should make sure we show interest in what they say and respond in an appropriate way.

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If we give information to others we should always ensure we are clear on key points. This is especially important with children who may find it difficult to maintain attention.

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Repeating back the instructions is a good strategy to gauge what has been heard and also reinforces the key points raised. It is important for us to be a role model. Pupils will also learn from the teacher how to communicate with others as he spends so much time with her. And the teacher can show them how to behave by demonstrating it herself as a role model. Some children might not have a positive relationship at home therefore it is important they see how to lead a good conversation.

Here it is important to communicate carefully without putting any pressure on them. Effective questioning techniques will make them feel comfortable and they will be able to convey their concerns better.

This way there will be fewer conflicts. Effective communication is also important when interacting with parents. We should communicate with adults in a respectful manner. A positive relationship will be very beneficial for the child. It will be easier for staff and parents to work together if they can trust each other and understand each other properly. When we take the concerns of a parent serious they will come to trust us and easily relate any concerns to us.

explain the principles of relationship building with children

B Principles of relationship building When communication is effective there is no confusion. It will make it easy to transfer information and get a positive respond.

Body language is also important when communicating otherwise the information might be misunderstood. You must make sure the key points are understood clearly when an important thing is being relayed to children.

Using simple sentences and repeating the points will help them understand better. Children can be told to repeat the points to see if they have understood. We should be considerate to others when communicating and consider the situation the other person might be going through. Listening is also vital in a conversation. It is important to show interest and use attentive body language in such circumstances.

It is important to remember things about a person when you want to build positive relationships with them.


It has a big impact in the way they interact with you. Even remembering a small insignificant detail might be helpful in a future communication. Every person is different and has different ways of thinking, which is why we should respect everyone within the school and also outside.

If we respect people they will respect us too.