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american dad the longest distance relationship online test

The Longest Distance Relationship Hayley meets someone new as it is discovered Jeff is still alive. Season: 9 Episode: Total Episode Count: Prod. no. A page for describing NightmareFuel: American Dad! Stan's eating disorder in " The American Dad After School Special". . Glitter and Stan's dodo Darren from the end of "Steve and Snot's Test-Tubular Adventure". In the most recent episode "The Longest Distance Relationship" Jeff and Sinbad find a wormhole that. Watch American Dad! - Season 9, Episode 20 - The Longest Distance Relationship: The Season 10 finale has heartbroken Hayley trying to get over Jeff's abduction, and meeting a Watch Online Steve & Snot's Test-Tub.

It then makes a horrible screeching sound. Francine accidentally slitting Steve's throat at the end of "Office Spaceman". The ghost of Francine's unsatisfied dead sex drive from "Poltergasm". Specifically, the demonic face on Roger's surveillance camera. Klaus' Sanity Slippage over being stuck in his hotel room with a broken back in Atlantic City with the hotel guide menu on a constant loop with the remote out of reach. Steve's "war flashback" from "In Country Club", which is depicted in an Art Shift to a more realistic style, where a soldier is graphically split in half by a helicopter blade.

Stan's transformation into a woman from "Stan Goes on the Pill". In the most recent episode "The Longest Distance Relationship" Jeff and Sinbad find a wormhole that takes them back to Earth and so returns so he can return to Hayley. However the wormhole takes Jeff 60 years into the future.

He is still reunited with Hayley and gets to see what happened to all the Smiths in the future.

The Longest Distance Relationship

Francine has had loads of plastic surgery to look young still but looks horrifying. This was most likely intentional. Intelligent apes taking over the city in the ending, including murdering Ape! Stan when he tries to join them. In the episode "Hot Water," when the evil hot tub voiced by Cee-Lo Green reveals its psychotic nature. Not only did it manage to estrange the Smith family, but it swallowed Principal Lewis wholedrowned Francine and blasted Stan out the window with its jets, effectively killing him.

The disturbing part is that the episode would have been the very last episode had Fox not renewed it. Trouble is the "brick" was a rather gruesome explanation of kidney farming Roger gave to Steve earlier in the episode in order to paralyze him with terror and steal his sandwiches.

The joke stays mostly intact until the ending, where he actually does it so Stan will have a kidney for Hayley in case the blood test does say that Hayley's biological father is the man Francine had sex with the night before her wedding which the viewer never finds out. In "The Vacation Goo", the family go on vacation and meet a girl named Becky. Through a series of misadventures, they end up on an island being hunted for sport, and wind up completely sealed into a cave. Not the worst part.

Becky is killed by the cave-in and the family, starving, resorts to eating her corpse.

american dad the longest distance relationship online test

The fact that the "hunt" was a literal game intended to welcome guests to the island, and that she died and was effectively eaten for nothing. Gwen Ling, when you first heard her, she was the hot dumb sister to adopted Francine. As of Now and Gwen, she is hot, but she is actually intelligent and a criminal.

American Dad! S9 Ep20 – The Longest Distance Relationship - Watch Cartoons Live Online

She ran an illegal sweatshop in the Smiths' garage while getting away with it because she took the fall for Francine burning down their old school. Worse, there was no evidence that the sweatshop was gone and Gwen was going to burn down the old school again, but frame Francine for arson, the sweatshop and the deaths of the people who worked there.

While Francine took the blame for the school burning down, she got off while Gwen was sent to prison for a long time, but not before she swore revenge on the Smiths. In "Holy Shit Jeff's Back! To expand upon this, the Collectors put specimens and objects from every planet they come across on display, hence their name.


To acquire an ideal specimen, such as humans, they first abduct one to disguise themselves as and blend into society so they can send them through a machine called the Blorfer, which slowly and painfully grinds up the specimen to transfer to the mothership.

They got their original names because they dissect the first specimen they abduct, which is done by strapping them to a chair and cut them open with a buzzsaw while they are still conscious. It nearly happened to Hayley and Roger, had Stan not taught them about empathy, self-sacrifice, and frozen yogurt.

In "Minstrel Krampus", Stan and Santa's elves killing all of the Animate Inanimate Objects that Steve had befriended, they bleed despite not being human, which makes their deaths all the more disturbing. How about Santa Claus?

You think he's a jolly fat man who loves giving toys?

american dad the longest distance relationship online test

He's a man who can hold a grudge for a really long time as seen when Steve accidentally kills him and then comes back to life to kill the Smith family with an army of elves, reindeer and snowman monsters!

The living turducken in "Kung Pao Turkey. Unfortunately, Roger discovers the model is nothing like the character. When Roger is seen driving home with Klaus, Hayley, and Steve, they ask him why the phone from the board game is covered in blood, and what is inside a jar Roger brought back with him. Roger calmly responds "Dylan was bad. And now we have the jar.

The Ballad of Billy Jesusworth": No, not Roger's storyline, but Steve's. It involves Steve getting stuck in a locker after getting away from Mertz. Then Principal Lewis falls on one of the girls.

It actually gits dark when we find out the Principal Lewis actually banged Snot's mom. Then twelve adults with their guns out. Luckily, Steve, Snot and Mertz escaped just when the adults were laughing. Roger's method of getting Jeff a human body by being pregnant which isn't scary ; he gets pregnant via eating the top of Jeff's skull and sucking out his brain like a noodle.

While it is Rogerthat doesn't make the realistic sound effects and cries of pain any less disturbing. As an added bonus, it's happening offscreen and it's cut off by the end credits, so the viewer can only wonder just how far the beating is being taken.

In "Permanent Record Wrecker", Roger bets a coffee shop guitarist named Jimal, whom he insults, that if he can beat him in a guitar play-off the loser will never show up to the shop again.

Roger struggles for the better part of the Episode until he makes a Faustian Bargain, selling his soul to the Devil and seeming almost oblivious in order to become an expert and beat Jimal. When Jimal asks if he can keep his job and keep playing in the shop, Roger offers to allow it if Jimal cover the cost of his lessons Not so much awesome for Jimal.

Stan's finished attempt to perform reconstructive surgery on Hayley's face in her sleep in "The Mural of the Story". We also see the process of him doing the surgery which one online review for the episode describes as "something I'd expect from Family Guy on an off night"which starts with him popping her eyes out of their sockets with a chisel before cutting her face off.

american dad the longest distance relationship online test

Even worse is that the scene of the actual surgery itself was first shown at SDCC about eight months before the episode aired. And according to reports from people who went, it was shown in a room full of KIDS who were unaware that it was even gonna happen in which their reactions mostly consisted of horrified screams!

Francine tries to get her to perk up without luck. Francine proposes a therapist but Stan decides to smoke her out instead, setting the house on fire. Hayley lands in the hospital, she sees two doctors making fun of a janitor and shames them into leaving him alone. The janitor turns out to be Matt, a millionaire who takes on odd challenges to experience life.

american dad the longest distance relationship online test

They hit it off and he invites her to join in some of his adventures. Skydiving into the house, he impresses the family, and brings them a new house. Meanwhile, Steve finds a CB radio and takes it to Snot where they play with it until they discover a girl who is willing to chat with them but lose the signal. Steve discovers Jeff on the air and tells Hayley. She follows the tale of his adventures and tells the family, but learns he has no idea how to get home.

Stan objects, wishing Hayley to stay with the millionaire. Despite the distance, Jeff is determined to make the long-distance relationship work. As they share messages, she ignores messages from Matt.