All the petrova doppelgangers meet

all the petrova doppelgangers meet

Elena and Katherine (as well as Tatia) are all doppelgangers of each other, stemming from Amara, the first look-alike genitor of the Petrova family. Katherine was the first to meet Damon and Stefan back in and entered a love triangle. Doppelgängers, also known as Shadow-Selves or Mortal Shadow Selves, are a were Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce (also known as Katerina Petrova), but Because Nature decreed that all living things must die, the Immortality Spell .. Silas stole the elixir and left Qetsiyah at the altar, instead meeting with Amara in. "How many Petrova doppelgangers are there? dark secrets come to light, bonds are formed, memories are revisited, and an ancient curse threatens it all.

Qetsiyahone of the most powerful witches and member of a very gifted people called the Travelerscreated a spell for immortality with the intention that she and Silas would drink it together at their wedding.

all the petrova doppelgangers meet

However, Silas stole the immortality elixir and used it on himself and his lover, Amarawho was Qetsiyah's handmaiden, so that the two could be together for eternity. Because Nature decreed that all living things must die, the Immortality Spell disrupted the balance Nature had created, which forced Nature to counter it by creating living "shadow-selves" of the immortal Silas and Amara who could die in their place.

However, they have no actual supernatural powers of their own aside from the mystical properties of their blood, and the only reason it is known that they are truly supernatural is because Elena mercy-killed Alaric Saltzman while he was wearing a Gilbert Ring in hopes that it would cause him to come back, as the ring can only resurrect the wearer if they die at the hands of a supernatural being, and they were unsure of who had originally seriously wounded Alaric before Elena got there.

all the petrova doppelgangers meet

Since the ring brought Alaric back from the dead, it was confirmed that Elena, despite being otherwise human, was a supernatural being. This also confirmed Elijah Mikaelson 's suspicion that the Gilbert ring wouldn't work on Elena because she was technically a supernatural being.

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This could also be because vampires aren't fully invulnerable creatures like immortals are—they can be killed through various means such as staking, heart extractiondecapitationetc. History Silas and Amara: The World's First Immortals Amara, Silas, and Qetsiyah, the "original" tragic love triangle of the series Over two thousand years ago in ancient Greecea young witch named Silas was engaged to be married to Qetsiyahalso a fellow witch.

all the petrova doppelgangers meet

Together, they were the most powerful members of a gifted people called the Travelers. Silas told Qetsiyah that he wanted their love to last forever, even beyond death, and he convinced her to create a spell that would make them immortal. On the night that their wedding ceremony was to take place, Silas absconded with the elixir Qetsiyah had created, and as Qetsiyah watched the plant life around her wither before her eyes, she realized that not only had Silas taken the elixir and left her at the altar, he had also given her portion to someone else.

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She sought out Silas and found him in the wilderness with another woman — her handmaiden, Amara - who had taken Qetsiyah's share of the immortality elixir.

Silas, having left Amara alone for an unknown reason, returned to their hiding place to find Qetsiyah crouching over the chalice that had held the elixir they were to drink at their wedding. He cautiously inquired after Qetsiyah's purpose for being there, so she explained that, to follow up her first gift of the immortality elixir, she had brought a second gift: The Cure for immortality.

Silas was dumbfounded, hardly believing her, but she insisted that it worked, as she had already used it on another immortal. Filled with dread, Silas ran into the tent he had shared with Amara, only to find blood soaked into every surface, as though someone had been brutally slaughtered there. Qetsiyah followed him into the tent and lifted a bloody human heart out of the chalice, admitting that she had slit Amara's throat before ripping her heart out.

She then gave him an offer to take the cure and spend the rest of his human life with Qetsiyah, an offer that Silas refused. In retribution for betraying her, Qetsiyah used the eternal and indestructible body of Amara whose death she had faked just prior to using magic to desiccate her into stone to create the supernatural purgatory known as the Other Side.

She then lured Silas to an island off of what is now Nova Scotia, Canada, where she trapped him inside a tomb and gave him a choice: Silas ultimately chose the latter and desiccated for the next two thousand years while the cure was left untouched.

all the petrova doppelgangers meet

According to Qetsiyah, many identical replicas of Silas and Amara have been born over the centuries, finding each other time and time again as though drawn together by destiny.

Tatia and the Mikaelson Family Tatia was a descendant of Amara and was her first known shadow-self. She lived in the New World in what eventually became Mystic FallsVirginia, in the late 10th and early 11th centuries as a contemporary of the Mikaelson Family. Even though she had already had a child by another man, a Viking warrior who had died in battle, both Elijah and Klaus fell in love with her and fought each other for her affections.

She also discovered that his betrayal was even worse than she had initially believed—not only had Silas fallen in love with another woman, but it was her own handmaiden, Amara. Qetsiyah then confronted Silas and offered him the cure with the promise that she would forgive him of his infidelity if he were to spend the rest of his mortal life with her. She also led him to believe that she had used another dose of the cure on Amara before killing her by staging their tent with blood and a human heart.

After faking Amara's death, Qetsiyah lured Silas to a remote island and desiccated him before entombing him with the only cure for immortality, hoping that he would take it and eventually die a mortal death, so that he would cross over to the Other Side.


After Qetsiyah desiccated Amara, she used Amara as the physical anchor for the Other Side, binding its existence to her immortal life in order to create a supernatural purgatory that would allow her to spend eternity with Silas even after both of their deaths as his final punishment for his sins.

Qetsiyah specifically chose Amara as the Anchor for two reasons: During this time, Amara was forced to feel the deaths of every supernatural who passed through her to get to the Other Side.

This slowly began driving her insane, and she would later admit to Qetsiyah in the modern day that she had more than suffered for what she had done. In Handle with CareQetsiyah revealed that Amara was her handmaiden and she killed her brutally out of rage for her part in Silas ' betrayal.

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However, this was revealed not to be the complete truth. It is revealed that Qetsiyah had desiccated Amara and then made Amara the physical anchor for binding the Other Side due to her being indestructible and immortal. This means that Qetsiyah lied about killing Amara to spite Silas. The Travelers fail to intervene.

all the petrova doppelgangers meet

Amara tied up by Damon. Silas explains what happened to her and she hugs him, telling him that she loves him and that she's sorry, before drinking his blood in order to obtain the cure as she can no longer live.