1998 year of the tiger personality in a relationship

Tiger and Monkey Love Compatibility and Relationship - Chinese Astrology Compatibility

1998 year of the tiger personality in a relationship

Tiger Years: , , , , , , , , As the third sign of the Chinese zodiac, Tiger is the symbol of courage. is to know about Tiger - from positive and negative personality traits to relationship compatibility. Analysis on personality traits of people born in the Year of Tiger, including character description and destiny forecast on their career, wealth and love relationship. Recent years of the Tiger are: , , , , , , , , Paired with Their relationship will include mutual respect and support.

1998 year of the tiger personality in a relationship

She is very good at taking care of her family and will enjoy her life. She is willing to participate in group activities. She'll be nice to be with the kids. Telling them stories, playing games with them is her advantages. Her affability make the children unrestrained in front of her, and is popular with children.

Perhaps because of this good parent-child relationship, children are more accepting of her ideas and demands. She is an optimist, and her optimism has a strong appeal to family, friends, and co-workers, and it will always bring you back to life and passion.

Year of the Tiger Chinese Zodiac Traits and Personality

Of course, she would also be depressed and even disappointed. But she can always adjust her mood well, does not need too much comfort, and she will not bow easily in the face of difficulties.

As long as she lives in the way she chooses, she will find life interesting. You know how to get a girlfriend's favor, and you don't care too much about giving, so you are especially attracted to girls. But one thing to note is that tiger men prefer to dominate others, so women with strong independence are not suitable for you.

In your family life, you have a high tendency to self-worship, and you like your wife to do everything following your advice. Tiger people are short-tempered and impulsive. They hate rules except those made by themselves.

Perhaps you often encounter Tiger people who have changed jobs many times because they don't like to stay still or be restricted by external forces. With a strong sense of justice, Tiger people badly hate beating around the bush but sometimes people have to cater to the worldly wisdom in order to live a smooth and safe life. However, they can't do this even if the other is their boss, and they will criticize boldly once find the other is wrong.

1998 year of the tiger personality in a relationship

Tigers don't care a lot about money. Although they want to have enough, even a lot of money, they will not completely submit to making money. Tiger people try to be honest but sometimes are forced to make a small mistake by the surrounding. They can't stand the authority or any unfair laws; they hate injustice and desperately defend their ideas.

The Year of the Tiger

Also, they want to be in high position and power but many of them fail to find the suitable important positions at the age of 50 due to their restless and changeable nature. People under the Tiger sign stick to their career tenaciously and will not shrink back no matter what difficulties they meet.

With a strong personality, they tend to be extreme.

1998 year of the tiger personality in a relationship

For example, when you come together to chat or play, they often stand by to watch but when everyone is quiet, they start to move. This kind of personality makes them quite attractive in the crowd. Being strong-willed, Tiger people never break promise, thus suffer setbacks inevitably; besides, they have inborn dignity and strong confidence.

However, they tend to excessively trust their ability and cannot cooperate with others, hence very self-dependent and exclusive; once they are determined, they will spare no expense to reach their goals and try to express their own ideas to superior or elder, even with violence despite the resistance.

1998 year of the tiger personality in a relationship

The Year of the Tiger represents a time of strength, change, passion and independence, and everyone, no matter their sign, can feel the heat, both outside of and in the bedroom. In Chinese astrology there are five elements or traits. Each element represents yet another layer of what goes into creating a unique "you" and the unique personality you possess based on the year in which you were born.

While all Tigers possess similarities in personality, the elements further define them, meaning a Metal Tiger may have a slightly different approach to life than a Water Tiger or a Wood Tiger. Metal Tigers are assertive and competitive; Water Tigers are intuitive and sensitive; Wood Tigers are giving and compassionate; Fire Tigers always look on the bright side and also make great leaders; and Earth Tigers are pensive, focused and diplomatic in their thinking, studying every angle before deciding to pounce.

Some of the traits they have in common include personal magnetism and a seductive nature. All Tigers desire a relationship that affords them freedom of thought and action, while also giving them a sense of security.

1998 year of the tiger personality in a relationship

No Tiger is ever happy when being told what to do and when to do it. Along with animal signs and their elements, there are also trines, sets of three animal signs that show promise of being potential soulmates. For the Tiger, the Horse and the Dog are her best bets for mutually fulfilling partnerships in friendships, romance and even business. They can give you insight into the many things that go into your personal makeup, and give you the tools to navigate and negotiate life's inevitable cycles.

Read on to see how the Tiger Woman matches up in general to the other animals of the Chinese zodiac: Oh, they'll simply lust for one another, and their relationship may take off like a rocket ship, but it's keeping it in constant orbit that may be the challenge.