You re a flirt tumblr overlays

you re a flirt tumblr overlays

Transparent tumblr Tumblr Stickers, Overlays Tumblr, Tumblr Transparents, Tumblr "you will have a great day random work doodle By Artist Philip Tseng" Karma, it really does come back around to get you in the big scheme of .. transparents tumblr Record Player Tattoo, 3 Tattoo, Online Art Gallery, Original Paintings. See more ideas about Stickers, Tumblr transparents and Overlays tumblr. See more. Galaxy Nutella ARE YOU FRICKIN' KIDDING ME like my 2 most favorite things in the When someone flirts w/ bae I Love To Laugh, Make Me Smile, Bff. Mars in the 3rd house overlay: Are we flirting or fighting? Frank gamble - J'adore ft abra cabera . “I used to think. Know what you see before you understand.

Jupiter in the 5th: Jupiter can keep up with the House person, whether this is through reading all the same comic books as them as quickly as them or going to as many parties as them. A probably very well liked couple that loves being in social groups and showing how full of light and fun their relationship is.

A lot of fun sex, not necessarily super deep though. Be careful to not just have a superficial relationship simply because you are both entertained. Jupiter in the 6th: Jupiter may help the House person with their day to day work: The Jupiter person will enjoy hearing about the house persos day to day activities more than anyone else!

They will help lift their spirits if they have a bad day at the office or wherever. The house person probably needed to be less tense about their work and the Jupiter person helps them w that! The two will have to work on balancing work and play and attitudes about both.

Jupiter in the 7th: Love is like a daydream with this person. They may bicker from time to time, but they have a blast together doing practically anything.

you re a flirt tumblr overlays

The Jupiter person boosts the house persons ego and may make them feel as if theyve found their match. The house person probably also boosts the Jupiter persons ego and the Jupiter person loves that.

They are super silly together. Again may be a tendency to gloss over serious matters and miscommunication can occur because they are focused on the fun exclusively. Sex is allllll the time and very very satisfactory for both parties. However Jupiter can feel overweighted and suffocated in the house of darkness and intensity and passion.

The house person may attempt to bring the Jupiter person into the darker parts of their world and the Jupiter person may not run with it like they hoped they would. Jupiter is expansive though, and will not naturally judge the House person, they will just take some time to warm up to the themes of the house. Talking about all their philosophical and spiritual dreams!

you re a flirt tumblr overlays

Expanding together via traveling far and wide! Trying new things - food, cities, continents. They love different cultures and make excellent travel buddies. The Jupiter person probably greatly admires the knowledge the house person has and are probably strongly attracted to them for that specific reason. They grow well together mentally and otherwise.

Very few riffs because they have such a similarity. The house person fosters a very deep but slow burning desire for the mars person.

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The mars person tends to seek to please the house person at all cost sexually while the house person seeks to be pleased in totality. Also not to be vulgar but this is an anal house both literally and metaphorically so do with that what you will.

Mars in the 7th house overlay: Mars often takes on libra traits towards the house person! Often taking a calmer more flirty approach when it comes to their interactions. Mars often becomes Far more diplomatic and even more compromising towards the desires of the house person often wanting to do and be anything possible to please the house person best they can.

A huge level of romance plays here and mars often finds themselves shooting for the perfect atmosphere when with the house person often finding them both charming and someone that arouses their more hopeless Romantic side. The house person who becomes the higher waves of venus is immensely found of the mars person!

Often finding their energies easy to blend with and even sexually alluring. Both enjoy spending time together in a peaceful manner and may even prefer more gentle sex when with one another!

Both can be deeply into pleasing one another! And since this is libras house stimulation of the pelvic - butt region is often a theme. Mars in the 8th house overlay: Be it platonic or sexual this can create a very intense undertone to the interactions. The mars person no matter how airy or how earthy their mars gets dropped into a dark pit that is the 8th house. Energies that lie deep and hidden beneath the nook and crannies of the mars person get dragged out to the surface and since this is mars a vast slew of intense sexual desires can be on the forefront and for some this can be both invasive and overwhelming.

Mars often unconsciously finds themselves drawn to the house person, constantly observing and intensely infatuated and even caught up in the house person and what they do. Mars often expresses this intense need to touch and physically be around the house person via burst of anger or random aggression.

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The house person often is the person receiving mars in a heavy way but often holds the level of restraint since they embody Pluto. The house person feels sexy and even in a sense mesmerized by mars and its raw desire. The house person in a sense becomes the moth while mars becomes the blazing flame.

Sex between these two if ever allowed is a frighting sight something that can easily become addictive and something that can easily freeze hell over. Mars often takes on a very aggressive and passionate role sexually whilst the house person can in a sense become very wild, like the maiden finally free of her vail. Mars in the 9th house overlay: These two often have an easy going chemistry with a bit of the wild and jump the gun sort of tendency! Mars usually takes on more sagittarian traits than they normally would!

They become far more straight forward than they would when not around the house person. They want a good time and see it in the house person! The house person almost becomes their version of a bountiful experience in the form of a human being. They can be quite insatiable for the house persons energy and even find the wild and more blunt style of the house person to be sexy so to speak!

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They can find themselves easily drawn and spiritually connected to the house person! Theirs a tendency for both to be slightly arrogant and yes believe it or not despite Jupiter and sag influence their is a tendency for both to be ignorant towards one another as well!

That being said they have a lot of energy and are deeply connected both physically and spiritually! The house person usually has a happy go lucky approach about sex with mars! With a touch of outdoors and office scenes. Mars in the 10th house overlay: This is the 10th house of status after all. Their is a huge focus on security here being that this is an earth house and even more on the slow build up.

Mars takes on Capricorn traits often having a more rigid and somber approach to the house person. Mars wants to impress the house person-to captivate them, to earn them.

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Mars is earnestly bent on savoring every moment quiet, loud, every second. The house person sees mars as a mature and sincere lover and often finds themselves leaving their walls up around mars more than they would anyone else.

They crave mars stability but fear it as well. Their can be a tug of war of openly expressed v. The two can seem very intense around one another to outsiders but they had a very earthy and deeply passionate sexual chemistry and one that is hard earned. Mars often holds off on sex with the house person but can be quite the gregarious beast once they get the-chance. The house person often keeps mars at bay but once they do decide to give it up they can play around with the control and restriction theme sexually and both tend to last long periods sexually with one another.

Mars in the 11th house overlay: Despite this being an air house we are dealing with a sexual planet and at that we are dealing with Aquarius and Uranus! This for starters is a very turbulent chemistry produced between two people!

you re a flirt tumblr overlays

Mars takes on very Aquarian traits often being more detached in how they pursue the house person! They can think things out whilst simultaneously stepping out of their normal comfort zone! They often find themselves aroused by the house persons inaccessibility! It can seem like the house person is always slightly out of their reach.

you re a flirt tumblr overlays

But that being said the mars person flys between off and on attraction when it comes to the house person! Some moments being all over them while others they treat them like a buddy!

This is often a friends with benefits position because of the hot and cold vibes! The house person is often intrigued by mars rebel nature!

But the house person often embodies the Uranian energy which often causes them to disappear and reappear at odd times in the pairing! They can desire to experiment with mars but also find themselves drawn to the more friendlier and easy flow aspect of their dealings with the mars person.