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"Tobey, please, I know you're smarter than this," WordGirl entreated. the same thing the first time she had approached him for advice about Tobey. .. I wanted to keep the focus on Tobey's relationship with Becky, and. The character sheet for the PBS cartoon, senshido.info Heroes Characters / WordGirl. Go To WordGirl / Becky Botsford. Theodore "Tobey". Becky "WordGirl" Botsford & Theodore "Tobey" McCallister III · Becky . “Just give me a couple more minutes,” WordGirl pleaded, clasping her The advice Two- Brains had given her was simple and sensible, and yet she.

WordGirl grinned and put her helmet back on as she scooted a little closer to him, then began working the pin into his hair. Moments later she pulled back to survey her handiwork, and immediately snorted a chuckle.

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She wouldn't be considering a career as a hair stylist, that was for sure. She heard Tobey pull the bobby pin from his hair, and when she looked back at him he had already stood to his feet. With an annoyed huff he stepped around behind her, picked up his remote, and climbed back into the hand of the robot still waiting beside the building. Once he was back on its shoulder, it calmly strode away, and WordGirl relished a muted squeal of delight.

Who would have thought? She had been utterly blindsided by this victory. Her confidence was so bolstered by her success that she wondered if she dared push a little further. Two-Brains' latest charge, it occurred to her that now might be as good a time as any to dig for Tobey's hidden motives.

But how to approach such a sensitive issue? She couldn't just come right out and ask him… Then again, maybe she could. She zipped in front of it, landed at Tobey's side between the robot's shoulder and its neck, and clasped her hands in her lap as she asked in as bright and casual a tone as she could manage, "Tobey can I ask you something?

It was too late to worry, though, so she just held her breath and watched him as he averted his eyes and stared off into space. His vacant expression gradually contorted into an angry grimace, and at last he spoke… "I've always hated school… ever since I first started," he said in a distant, frustrated tone.

The material was never challenging and the other children were all just mindless, thoughtless nitwits. If my whole second grade class including the teacher had put their brains together, their collective IQ would've barely been half of mine! I can assure you, the feeling was mutual. I didn't want anything to do with those imbeciles anyway, always laughing at me and leaving me out of everything, as though I was the one with the problem.

He pumped his arms at his chest, and his tone became tainted with misplaced excitement. It made me feel so alive! It certainly forced the other children to notice me, but by the time I started destroying public property, villains began to notice me. They would say things to me in passing, like, 'nice work, kid,' or 'keep fighting the bad fight! She stared into Tobey's fervent young eyes, and remembered something. Last week, just before Tobey had promised to keep her secret, her mother had said something to her… something she had completely dismissed in the moment, but that now stung her with an all-too-apparent truth.

I'm not lonely, I—I have my robots. At the time she had thought nothing of it, but now it meant more than she ever could have imagined… It was like he had been desperately begging for her help all this time, and she had just been too self-absorbed to notice.

As guilt rose up inside her, she realized something else… Ever since she'd begun this seemingly hopeless endeavor of turning Tobey from villainy, she was never really thinking of him. Even though her sole focus, it seemed, had always been on him, he was never the one for whose sake she was doing it. She was doing it for his mother, and for the city, and even for herself… but not for Tobey. She had never really cared about his life, his needs, or his pain.

These past couple of months, though her tactics had changed, WordGirl had still seen Tobey the same way she'd always seen him—as a villain she had to defeat. A problem she had to solve. Her paradigm was shifting. Over the course of a few short minutes Tobey had become infinitely more complex than she'd ever imagined. No longer was he but a frustrating nuisance who stood out from the other villains solely because of his bizarre misplaced affections. Now, as she was confronted with the sobering realization that he was actually a child just like her who was lost, hurting, and in desperate need of someone to gently show him the way… she could see that he wasn't the only one beginning to change.

WordGirl still wanted to help him, but not simply for herself, or for his mother, or even for the city she loved… but for him. Because now, though it had hit her out of nowhere, she knew beyond any doubt that he mattered to her, and that she didn't want him to slip away into a dark and hopeless future.

Heart quivering with remorse and compassion, she forced a cheerful smile and pleasantly suggested, "Do you want to come over on Saturday? She knew what he was doing, but somehow, in the warmth of the moment, his self-important cheekiness didn't bother her nearly as much as usual. So, rather than making one of the five snappy comebacks that popped into her head, she instead allowed herself to be baited right into his trap.

Only Tobey would ever think to call her a 'fair maiden. I'll talk to my parents, too. Then, after a moment's silence, he shrank a little and murmured with a rosy glow in his cheeks, "So… I'll see you on Saturday, then? It was strange… almost funny, even. For the first time in her life, she was actually looking forward to a future play date with Theodore McCallister the Third.

He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. These be deep waters, and we're getting close to the bottom now… Meaning the author's notes are half the length of the chapter, so get comfortable: I wanted to keep the focus on Tobey's relationship with Becky, and bringing his dad into the mix, even if he didn't actually make an appearance, would make it difficult to keep that focus where it needed to be.

Plus, Tobey kind of strikes me as a kid who's never met his father I'm not sold on that idea, it just makes sense to me. With Junior out of the equation, the question became what and how much of Tobey's early childhood to bring up. After much agonizing over how to get Tobey to a place where it was in character for him to spill his guts about his past, I realized that the times when he is most honest and vulnerable tend to be the times when he is annoyed or angry.

So, rather than try to create this really tender moment where he bares his soul to Becky, I decided instead to just let him complain about his life, and wouldn't you know?

Somehow in the midst of all that, his heart came out. His relentless quest for attention and recognition is a classic symptom of loneliness, and putting that aside, it fits considering what we know about his character and personality. On top of being a genius, which automatically makes it hard to connect with your peers, he's an extremely eccentric little boy. Between his fake accent, his destructive impulses, and his fascination with robotics, it's no wonder he doesn't have any friends.

The worst part, I think, is that it turned into a vicious cycle. The stranger he became, the more he became isolated from normal kids, and the more he became isolated from normal kids, the stranger he became. The result is a lonely prodigy who puts up a front of disinterest as a defense mechanism to cope with the pain of being rejected by virtually everyone around him… It breaks my heart just thinking about it.

T-T - "But all I have is robots. It's meant to be a cute, funny little line, but I'll jump at any opportunity to take something meant just for laughs and find the hidden substance in it. I'm honestly shocked at how sadly and beautifully it fits. Even though the lyrics themselves don't convey much of a relationship between the singer and the subject, there's just so much passion in the vocals and the music that you can sense a deep concern behind the exhortation that makes it clear how much this person cares for the person they're urging to change.

My favorite part is the bridge: Maybe forgiveness is right where you fell. Where can you run to escape from yourself?

Where you gonna go? Although he knew was lying to himself, he tried his hardest to convince himself that Miss Botsford was the villain in this case. The vigor that he had brought with him because of the prospect of making himself a car had disappeared. He was going to show her that he was going to get the most wanted girl in the city. He was going to create a car and Becky won't be able to look him in the eyes because she would know that he was going to win the next round.

And so, he began to create. An association of men who will not quarrel with one another is a thing which has never yet existed, from the greatest confederacy of nations down to a town meeting or a vestry. It was nearly a year since he last encountered the plucky heroine for some destruction and an invitation for a date. It took only one month for boredom to chain him down.

The reason for this sudden influx of idleness and wanting to just go out? He had encountered Wordgirl as usual a year before—like I told you—and he had an army of fifty robots. Wanting to cast a lasting impression on his ability to create this army, he also held a bouquet of roses to Wordgirl.

These roses, he made sure, were the exact color of the hero's cape and suit. Although flattered, the brunette gave him back the roses and offered to let him go if he disabled his robots. Heart crushed, Tobey had unleashed a slew of his creations upon the city. Unknown to Wordgirl, he had lied and had installed hundreds of his inventions underneath the city. However, he had forgotten to take into account that while he had improved into the durability of his machines, his nemesis had also become even stronger than ever before—and prettier.

When the battle was over, he placed into house arrest—he was seventeen then and was not old enough to be imprisoned. During that time, he had thought over the years of heartbreak, disappointment, and how amazing it was that his ears still remained intact after all this time. During his just incarceration by the hands of his mother and District Attorney Botsford he was allowed to interact with a few select individuals; mom, the DA, the DA's kids, and his psychiatrist.

That last person on the list was probably for his mother's benefit, not his. It probably gave her piece of mind to see that her only son was not going to end up like some crazed murderer who was hell-bent on destruction.

It wasn't as if he wanted to kill countless innocent lives, all he wanted was a date! That problem could have been solved if she agreed to it a long time ago, but no! She had to act all stubborn and get him into this mess.

His hands that were on the steering wheel that he had modified back when he was still creating his car, were now gripping it like it was his last lifeline. His knuckles that were already pale from not going out into the sunlight that often turned whiter; the bone seemed to show through.

As he concentrated on letting go of his anger, he happened to glance up from his ministrations and look out his passenger window. There was a girl, a young lady who wore a casual outfit consisting of green t-shirt, a red flowing skirt, and black flats. The blonde sighed as he realized that Becky Botsford never changed when it came to fashion.

What really caught his attention—because it wasn't the clothing—was the fact that she was crying. Not the world-is-so-beautiful crying—which Tobey saw Violet do on many occasions—but some full out sobbing on a bench. Her tears, which spiraled down her face like attended watercolors, darkened her green shirt, causing her to look like she had thrown up on it.

Now, Tobey had two options; go away and forget what happened, or he could actually act like a gentleman for once and give her a tissue. He thought for a moment as he contemplated on his future actions. As usual, that impudent woman forced his hand into her problems when she abruptly stopped crying when she realized that he was impolitely gawking at her.

Wiping her tears and all those germs that collected on her face and onto her arms, she glared at him for a few seconds before stalking away from the scene of the crime. As per usual, Tobey mistook that for a sign of defiance, so he decided to get out of his car and follow her. What was unexpected was that she began to run away from him, faster to be concerned with whether or not she was going to bump into something.

Usually, she wasn't a physical person when it came to confrontations; she would have stopped and talked with him—insulted more like it—in order to make him go away. The tears and anger that was evident in her eyes was more than enough information to let Tobey know that he was treading on eggshells—a territory that he rather not face. Summoning the strength to remain patient with his newfound trial, he followed after the hysteric girl.

Twists and turns later—how the heck did he keep up with her? Guessing that he was probably red in the face from chasing after her, he allowed himself a slight reprieve from their crazed antics. Leaning over and clasping his hands over his knees he breathed in and out in order to relieve himself of the carbon buildup within himself and allowing oxygen back in. Nevertheless, despite the invitation, Tobey declined.

Aren't you supposed to be at home? He hated showing weakness in front of other people, especially in front of his enemies. For once, as Tobey glanced over in surprise, she seemed happy for him. A hint of pride at his accomplishment at becoming a model citizen shined through.

Oddly, he felt a sense of warmth overcome him when her deep chocolate eyes met his. Well then, it was time to satiate his hunger for knowledge by reverting to drastic measures; reverse psychology. Seeing that one of Becky's flaws was that she prided herself on not burdening grief to her friends, Tobey struck her vulnerable side. I-it's just that…" she faltered as she caught Tobey's cobalt eyes with her own.

If Tobey were renowned for his rudeness, he would slap himself on the face and laughed at her VERY obvious lie. With a sigh that showed he was really annoyed by her ability to act like a child when he was for once trying to be a good guy. The irony of the situation called to him, so he decided to do something that would astound him forever; he invited her to ride with him in his car.

Isn't that a little low, even for you? Granted, it wasn't really much a of a looker, seeing that it did come from a junkyard, but it made Tobey proud that he owned such a convenience. While most hormonal teenage boys would swoon over installed speakers and what kind of engine the hood housed, the blonde had the advantage of installing some useful items. He handcrafted items such as rockets that could be activated by a button, jetpacks for an even quicker getaway, and an ice cream maker.

The last item on the list was not exactly villainous, per se, but its not like anyone knew that he made it. As the two adversaries sat in the small space of the car, they sat in relatively uncomfortable silence when the car roared to life and carried them away from the park.

From experience, Tobey knew that Becky's pride was going to hold out for an immeasurable amount of time. He knew that it would much be better to make her a little more contented before going in for the juicy details of her situation.

A bewildered expression, bordering on murderous, graced her features as she stared at Tobey dead in the eye. What do you take me for? I never took you for the type to like cars. Although he deemed the statement a bit of an insult towards his manliness, he did give himself a pat on the back. It had seemed that his companion had let down her guard for the time being. It was now relevant towards success that he attack the issue now, God forbid failure.

Taking his silence as some type of negative answer, she tried to make up for it by apologizing. I didn't mean different as something bad, but…" "That's fine, you don't need to explain yourself to me," he waved it off. Her hand twitched like she was contemplating whether or not to attack him. Luckily, Tobey saw that and tried to justify his actions by chuckling a bit. Oh yes," he pretended to ponder," ever since I saw you bawling out your eyes at the park.

Inwardly, half of Tobey could hear himself cheer at the sudden influx of emotion; he was going to finally get some responses!

The other half of Tobey was desperately wishing for a god out there to take pity on him; a guy did not want to die with a spoon sticking out from his forehead. Even if she did protest the sudden barging in on her personal life, she kind of found it sort of touching to see that at least one person was trying to comfort her. True, he still acted quite villainous at times, and he wasn't the best person to talk to when a personal tragedy occurs, Tobey seemed to be charitable to oblige for once.

Plus, his ice cream was to die for. No buildup, no nothing? Gosh, you really don't want to beat around the bush for this insignificant matter, do you? He kind of felt bad for her. Then again, anyone who had seen Violet and Scoops together would have seen the two as a couple. In a manner that Tobey found oddly cute. If one were to look closely, they would see that moisture was gathering at the corners. Discreetly, as to not reveal weakness, she dabbed at them hastily.

Forgot about why I was under incarceration? In fact, the months when I was grounded got me thinking about that whole debacle with Wordgirl… and me.

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His plans to win her over, the failures that would result afterwards, and the inevitable punishment that would occur made his vision go red. Suddenly, he exhaled and smiled coolly at the girl that sat beside him. I guess I would have to apologize then, huh? There was a hidden message in those eyes, pleading for actually some hope to be left for him in the world.

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It was a sight so uncharacteristically heartrending that Becky answered without hesitation. People, especially criminals, always deserve a second chance.

This was going to be hard for him, but he knew that it would be far more beneficial to move on now rather than later. With vigor that was often associated with his asking to date Wordgirl, he turned to Becky and grinned.

I'll pick you up next Saturday for ice cream. Why was he asking her out all of a sudden? The boy she had come to fall in love had rejected her today. Now, it seemed that life was going to pair her up with this insolent child who just wanted an excuse to get out of the house and get ice cream! Yet, she knew that it would be hypocritical to say no and be done with it. The teen would reject him on Saturday, when they were still…friends. She couldn't explain the coldness that seemed to envelope her body just then.

Inside the vehicle were two young adults, looking very much in love and quite worried. You see these two had an appointment to keep and that included going to the girl's parent's house for… but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Tobey was twenty-five and he had a girlfriend of seven years, his long love, Becky Botsford. After their ice cream "date" a few years back, they decided to hang more and more often, resulting in the two to become closer than ever before. Of course, the unlikely duo had their fair share of arguments, but it was resolved in the end.

For example, the car that Tobey was currently driving was a result of a petty quarrel that the two had engaged in. While Tobey favored his old car to drive back to their childhood home, Becky refused, saying that it was a death trap on wheels. That got the blonde genius upset because it was the pride of his life!

He worked on her for several months before deeming her presentable and ready to showcase her metal beauty to the rest of the world. Slightly jealous—and amused—of the car's princess treatment, Becky stated that he probably would get married to a hunk of metal and that would be VERY pathetic.