Will leon and chris ever meet that one person

would you guys like an RE Game with Leon and Jill? : residentevil

will leon and chris ever meet that one person

Resident Evil 6 teams up for the first time Leon and Chris. Chandeliers fall unpredictably from the ceiling in one area, an abandoned banquet hall, as Leon Kennedy or left to the game's AI) and their own individual graphical HUD. marking the first time these two iconic RE protags will have ever met in. Fireteam Chat · IGN Every Ever · Linked Together · IGN Spotlight the one that isn't a fudgehead and try to do a roundhouse kick on mendez Jill's by far my favorite, but i do like Claire a lot, Ada is awesome Chris always seems like the least interesting person in whatever games he's in so Leon for me. Just wondering did Leon ever find out about Carla being Ada's clone I think Leon really thought that Derek Simmons was the one behind Apparently not; a lot of people here have followed the series from Day 1; they know the whole story As we all know Chris, he would get his revenge for all of his lost.

She raised her gun, so Piers raised his even more and Carla pulled out a nail filer and began touching up her nails. I nee—I mean, WE need her. She's the one who did all this! The four agents gave her a dirty look then returned their attention to the current situation.

Leon frowned and shook his head, causing the overly buff man to sigh.

Leon S. Kennedy

Carla looked over at Piers and realized he was no longer paying attention to her, so she pulled something out of…well, her back dress pocket…even though no pockets are visible. Just roll with it. Piers saw her grab a flash grenade out of the corner of his eye. His cry came too late, for it had already landed on the ground. A flash of blinding light filled the room.

will leon and chris ever meet that one person

Once it was gone the four spotted the imposter using a grapple to swing from the ceiling. She let go and landed on the lower level. She of course ran off, causing him to curse. Chris gasped and began to step forward but was stopped by Leon. You take care of Simmons. Just promise me you won't shoot Ada," Leon begged. Well, at least promise me that you won't shoot her in the face, because I really like that part of her.

Leon, Helena and Chris exchanged glances of horror and ran after Piers. The three caught up with him in the next room, where he clutched onto his gun and stared down at Carla, who was lying in a pool of her own blood.

Leon's face scrunched up. Tears began pouring down his face as the realization hit him that she was dying. Carla coughed up blood and turned to face the four. Not only was Ada innocent, but she was alive. Piers cocked his head and narrowed his eyes at the dying woman. Everything he's done is half assed and over the top. The two Harper sisters were tied to chairs in a dimly lit room. Beside them stood Simmons, who had his arms crossed over his chest and was glaring down at Helena.

Since you're one of his agents I need your help to make that happen. I just need you to make sure the president is unguarded and vulnerable so I can unleash a new virus that will turn him into a zombie.

will leon and chris ever meet that one person

Deborah's hysterics ceased and she stared up at the man with her brows narrowed. It's in the form of a fog, and anybody who breaths in the gases will get turned. So wait, why does he have to be alone for this to work? How would any of the agents be able to fight off the fog?

What, are they going to blow it away with a hair dryer? Then you'll be getting the town infected for nothing! Even if he's immune he'll probably get eaten by a zombie…or something. Just send me in with a gun and I'll shoot him. It'll take two seconds tops.

will leon and chris ever meet that one person

It's up to you! Carla sat in a small room, watching a video that had been projected onto a screen. It was a message from her boss Simmons, who was giving her instructions for her next mission. Another computer-animated film starring Leon S. Kennedy, Chris Redfield and Rebecca Chambers is slated for In the live-action film Resident Evil: Apocalypsea newspaper clipping during the credits stated that Leon was killed due to the actions of his partner Jill Valentine.

will leon and chris ever meet that one person

However, in an interview, director Paul W. Anderson said that, if Resident Evil: Afterlife succeeds, he would do a fifth film and would like Leon to make an appearance in it. Retribution"poised to rumble with Bad Rain and the defected Jill Valentine". At the end of the film, he is one of the characters to survive. City of the Dead and Resident Evil: He appears in the crossover video game Project X Zone 2 as a solo unit.

Though Kamiya admitted that while he was a fan of characters like Chris, as it had already been done, he opted to take Leon's development in a different direction. He was surprised at how popular Leon had become, praising his later evolution into a "cool looking guy" for Resident Evil 4 and adding that he "fell in love all over again".

Degeneration, producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi stated that he would like to make another game starring Leon as the main character.

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Degeneration and Resident Evil: Mercer described himself as a fan and friend of Mercier and said that he felt honored to take over as the voice of Leon. In an interview, he also detailed his interpretation of Leon and talked about the changes being made to the character. RomeroLeon was portrayed by Brad Renfro. Retribution, the film's producer and director Paul W.

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Anderson said, "You have no idea how difficult it is to find someone with Leon Kennedy's hair [who] has to be manly and has to have these long bangs ," [45] adding that "if you put photographs of them side-by-side, it's almost like he was manufactured by Capcom. Urb mentioned that he learned the video game Leon's mannerisms from watching clips posted on YouTubecommenting that "he doesn't have a high-pitched voice.

I feel like he talks how I naturally talk, which is kind of slower. Maybe in the next one, I'm hoping. InNintendo Power listed him as their 14th favorite Nintendo gaming hero, stating that he went from a "glorified meter maid with a bad haircut" to a tough guy. We bet this fight ends with a rocket launcher.