Whitman and dickinson relationship

whitman and dickinson relationship

Free Essay: What Made Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson Part of the a correlation between Whitman's poem I Saw in Louisiana a Live-oak Growing and . The poems of Whitman and Dickinson will be analysed in order to see . relationship is also explained in Austin Warren's critical essay “Emily Dickinson” where. that Dickinson did in fact passionately love Susan. Dickinson whether that relationship was physically doesn't include Walt Whitman and Emily Dickin-.

Courtesy of the National Portrait Gallery Dickinson and Whitman were two of the most sensitive intelligences in the making of American poetry. That they were conflicted and pulled between the past and the future, only indicates the complexities that were in flux due to the war.

Whitman v. Dickinson

Among other writers, from established authors to Americans who turned to poetry as a form of solace in a time of need, older patterns of expression continued to predominate.

The over-stuffed furnishings of Victorian literature was a recourse and a comfort to people in great need. Later, Mark Twain, among others, would lampoon that culture and kill it dead in the "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

whitman and dickinson relationship

The violence of the war sloughed off all the over wrought, emotionally dramatic Victorian proprieties that evaded the immediate impact of the thing itself. As Americans recoiled from the reality of war, there was a sense of taking stock that in our literature and poetry would result in a more chastened and realistic language, one better suited to assess and describe the world that the War had created.

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Then he went slowly about his business, taking her along with him on his journey. They passed by life, youth, children, and the fields and light of Earth. She is going just like everyone else has gone and must go. It is a simple thing.

Whitman v. Dickinson

There is nothing to be done about it, so go along just like everyone else. She is uninterested in persuading or in even discussing the subject.

Whitman and Dickinson Conversation about Life

She is resigned to her fate, a universal fate, not particularly personalized for her. In this case, it is almost a pleasant experience, a comfortable resignation to what is inevitable.

Comparison and Contrast of Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman

We can see then that the long and complex lines of Whitman are used for deep and complicated and emotional expression. His ideas are seldom simple, but instead, multifaceted and sprawling in scope. They are steeped in individuality, rooted in and reflecting the frequently illogical fluctuations of personality.

Dickinson lived with her parents for her whole life and did not leave the house much, leading to tales of her being a recluse.

whitman and dickinson relationship

However, she did have a few friends and possibly some love interests, which may have inspired some of her love poems Baym Unlike Whitman, Dickinson did not seek fame during her life. In fact, very few of her poems were published until after her death. She was very well read; in fact, influences from Charles Dickens, the Bronte sisters, Elizabeth Browning, and even the Bible can be seen in her works Baym The poems she wrote indicate that she was fascinated with the concepts of death, love, and religion.

whitman and dickinson relationship

She explores these through the use of figurative language, such as the personification in poem Rather than throwing away all poetic structure, she added her own stylistic touch — most notably, dashes and capitalization. Dickinson wrote in a very strict fourteener meter that is commonly seen in nursery rhymes and church hymns. However, within these poems, she covers serious topics and often surprises the reader with her treatment of a topic or the conclusion she draws from it.

whitman and dickinson relationship

For example, in her poemshe basically puts down those who go to church and says that she is better off talking directly to God in her own home Dickinson This would have been a fairly scandalous idea for the devoutly religious, even though the poem is presented in a simple, almost sing-song fashion that is enhanced by her ABCB rhyme scheme, which is consistent throughout all of her works.

Both poets will be remembered as innovators who changed the landscape of American poetry by thinking outside of the box. Works Cited Baym, Nina, gen.