When to stay in a relationship and leave

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when to stay in a relationship and leave

It's difficult to know when you should stay in a relationship and when you These are the people your friends beg you to leave but you stay. When it comes to relationships, some of us have had the unfortunate but eye- opening experience of being in an extremely toxic one. Most likely. Relationships are always tricky. Even if you're the perfect couple, you're bound to run into a few bumps along the way, it's just an inevitable fact that comes with.

Those that automatically break up because they have semi-awkward experiences or unsatisfying experiences in the bedroom are probably not mature enough to be in a substantial relationship in the first place.

Those that believe the honeymoon phase should last forever are probably too mature to be in a long-term relationship. The honeymoon phase usually involves feeling butterflies or constantly being happy. Beyond this, there will be tough days, and there will be extremely happy periods. Valid Reasons for Breaking Up With all of the silly reasoning behind the aforementioned excuses, there are some with a bit of validity to back them up.

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Legitimate reasons for breaking up including the forthcoming. You should never feel bad for trying your hardest and wanting to be happy. Illegal Substances and Addiction Has your partner started playing around with heavier drugs than pot?

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Those that are meant to be together will find a way no matter what. Ending the Relationship Appropriately and Maturely As you age, you find yourself backing away from any negativity or drama. Ask to Speak with them in Person A great way to begin is to never break up with them via text.

when to stay in a relationship and leave

It can take counselling, and a great deal of soul searching. And there are many factors you need to consider when deciding whether to go. But there is one key element that you must completely disregard: You cannot factor in love. Advertisement This may sound counter-intuitive. If love isn't important in a relationship, then what is?

when to stay in a relationship and leave

Well, for a start, the feeling of love can be extremely fluid. It can wax and wane over the course of a relationship. In the absence of any other significant problem, you do not necessarily leave because the loving feeling is gone. As M Scott Peck wrote, genuine love is volitional rather than emotional.

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The person who truly loves does so because of a decision to love. This person has made a commitment to be loving whether or not the loving feeling is present. In other words, real love is less about the feeling of love than the promise to act in a loving way.

It is rare to maintain a consistent intensity of feeling throughout the course of a very long relationship. If there is commitment and compatibility and a desire to move forward, a temporary lack of love does not have to be a red flag. Once you have healed your end of your relationship system, it will become very clear to you whether or not your relationship has a chance of becoming loving and caring, or whether it is time to move on.

Contributors control their own work and posted freely to our site. If you need to flag this entry as abusive, send us an email. Unless there is physical danger in staying in the relationship, I generally advise my clients to stay until they understand and heal their end of the relationship system. We take ourselves with us when we leave, so leaving without healing the fears and beliefs that got us into an unloving or abusive relationship will likely result in another relationship failure.

When you are able to take loving care of yourself and make yourself happy, and if your relationship still suffers from one or more of the following symptoms, then it may be time to leave.

Should I Stay or Should I Go? The Ultimate Relationship Question

Physical Abuse Most of us know that it is dangerous to stay in a relationship with a physically abusive partner. No matter how much you feel you love your partner, and no matter how often he or she says they are sorry after being physically abusive, ongoing physical abuse is dangerous and has nothing to do with love.

If your partner physically harms you, it's time to leave. Of course, leaving is often hard, so it is likely that you will need help with this.

Should I Give Up And Move On: When To Fight For A Relationship And When To Let Go?

In fact, leaving may cause even more danger, so you need to make sure you will be safe once you make the decision to leave. Once you leave, it's important to not have contact with your partner except in a safe situation such as a therapy office. If your partner is open to therapy and anger management, there may be hope for the relationship, but many abusive people are not open to honestly facing themselves. Again, it's vital that you heal your end of this relationship system before moving on.

If your abusive partner is willing to attend therapy for themselves and with you, there may be a chance of healing this relationship, but if he or she is closed and unwilling to learn, grow and heal, then you need to accept that no matter how wonderful and loving you are, or how much you change your end of your relationship system, he or she is unlikely to change. You do not have control over getting another person to see what they are doing and decide to change. Accepting your powerlessness over your partner is a big step in dealing with your end of the system.

If you are with a partner who has children and you discover that he or she is abusing their children, then you need to take action to protect the child or children, as well as to leave.