When the trust has gone in a relationship

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when the trust has gone in a relationship

Are you in a relationship where there's no trust? Do you find it difficult to trust the person you're with, or are they doubting you? Is checking each. I was reading an article the other day about a woman who found her husband surfing porn on the web. When confronted about it, he promised. We live in a time when everyone is talking about trust and no one lost faith in the government, your relationships, and maybe even yourself?.

Did the betrayal erase all the love and memories that had together in just a blink of an eye? Could she learn to trust him again if she stayed with him? However, the length of my marriage and also my devout disbelief in divorce led me on the soul searching of a lifetime. After a mutual agree to try and salvage what was left and rebuild anew, I searched for ways to rebuild trust in my partner.

I knew it was going to be one of the most difficult things I would have to do in my life. Not only would I have to forgive him, but I would have to give him the benefit of the doubt and let him re-earn my trust. It takes time, a lot of patience, and meds Alright, maybe not the meds for some but it does take time, a lot of patience, an open mind, and a loving heart.

It can be done. I have proven that myself.

What To Do When There’s No More Trust In The Relationship

If you cannot Forgive, it is useless as you will always harbor resentment. I said Forgive, Not Forget. Take time to grief your betrayal. Be sure to talk about with your partner while it is fresh in your mind. Make sure you have all the answers to whatever questions you may have, and then Let It Go. Take baby steps and begin to date your partner again. Spend special time together rebuilding your love. You need to find why you feel in love with this person in the first place. Let him earn your trust.

Remember, he know what he did and may be beating himself up inside. Fall in love again. There are many steps you can take in between but this must be up to the individual. Bottom line, if both of you want to rebuild your relationship, it must be a mutual decision as both of you need to work on it.

I have learned to trust him again, as much as I can trust anyone. Our relationship, although not the same as before, has taken on a new life.

when the trust has gone in a relationship

When the opportunity arose, I grabbed it by the horns and of course she found out, but Hey I was thinking- 'a tit for a tat. Found out through a friend, my wife's been screwing around.

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It just killed me. That's what I did. BLAME myself for why it was happening.

when the trust has gone in a relationship

What can I do to make it better. So counseling occurs, long talks, giving myself to whatever need she requested. And you may forgive, but you don't forget.

when the trust has gone in a relationship

And it happened again. Next chance I got the opportunity, I cheated on her. Well that made me feel better, but when she found outpoof! She moved out of the house and I thought we were done- The big 'D' was coming my way, and I have no one to blame but ME! I was so crushed! What I hated the most about her, I did right back and it came full force in my face.

I am going to stop this crap right now and be the best husband in the entire world.

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This cheating stuff is OVER!! We're growing up and moving on. I love you more than anything in this world and I am going to prove it by letting you do whatever the hell you want and I will wait for us to be together again. Months go by, and I give her all the breathing room in the world.

when the trust has gone in a relationship

I have no one to blame but myself for what has happened, so I take it in the chin. She moves out, lives by herself, goes out with other guys, other friends, cheats on me again.

when the trust has gone in a relationship

But who cares, I deserve it! We reconcile on our 4th anniversary, seek counseling, talk, love each other, buy a new house, life is GOOD! Happily ever after was just around the corner. I've felt this before, I know what it is, but I can't put my hands on it. But why is my 6th sense telling me otherwise. She says, she needs some room to 'become herself.