What is utau and ikuto relationship

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what is utau and ikuto relationship

I believe i answered one of your questions before =)) This is the website for all the episodes: senshido.info and utau are sister and brother righ? okay then why the hell did utau kissed ikuto?? O.o My favorite anime is sorta incest (step brother ans sister relation). Ikuto Tsukiyomi (月詠イクト, Tsukiyomi Ikuto) is one of the main characters in the to search for his father, Ikuto keeps in touch with Amu, Utau and Tadase. . Plus their relationship teaches the importance to taking your time with relationships.

In Chapter 28, Ikuto told Amu to grow up faster because he wanted Amu to catch up to him. In the anime, after he leaves Japan to search for his father, Ikuto keeps in touch with Amu, Utau and Tadase. Ikuto's voice actor in the anime is Yuuichi Nakamura. Appearance Ikuto has blue hair and eyes. He is taller than Amu Hinamori and Tadase Hotori. He wears a choker with a silver cross.

what is utau and ikuto relationship

He is most often seen in his black school uniform, but he has been seen in other black or indigo outfits. Personality Ikuto is enigmatic, aloof, stoic and a little naughty, much like an alley cat. He can also be sweet and kind. He likes teasing people, especially Amu and Tadase.

Ikuto is selfless and protective, thus, he is willing to distance himself from those he cares in order to protect them and stop them from getting embroiled in his own troubles. This explains why he kept himself away from Utau after she allies with the Guardians. Another example of this is when he makes fun of Tadase so that he'd be hurt and make Amu hate him, so ultimately they [Amu and Tadase] would not meddle with his troubles with Easter especially Amu. Although Ikuto may seem to have a passive personality, he is quite perceptive and honest.

As for chapter 43, Amu states that Ikuto "loves music Guardian Character Yoru Yoru His Guardian Character is the mischievous Yoru, who is created from his desire to become free as a stray cat. Powers Character Change Ikuto's Character Change During a character change, Ikuto gains a pair of cat ears and a tail, and is bestowed with reflexes and moves that only come from a cat.

He can also form virtual cat claws from his hands, created to form the attack Phantom Claw, something he cannot do during Character Transformation. Character Transformations Ikuto only has one standard transformation, and that is "Black Lynx". However, due to being manipulated by Easter's powers, he gains a new transformation, which he will most likely not be able to use anymore after the battle versus Easter ended. This represents his desire to be as free as a stray cat.

Black Lynx first appears in Chapter 7 of the manga and Episode 13 of the anime, where he "saves" Amu from an X Egg only to break it.

what is utau and ikuto relationship

When transformed, Ikuto grows cat ears and a cat tail and wears a short navy top with long navy pants. In the second season, after Utau had quit Easter, she was never seen wearing gothic-lolita dresses again. From then on, she was always wearing fashionable clothes that she loved and were easy to walk around in. She also was seen having a different hairstyle every episode she was shown in.

She was never shown wearing her plain, straight, pigtails anymore. Instead, she added interesting things like orange ribbons braided through her pigtails, her pigtails being curled, and her pigtails being braided. So even though she changed up her style, she still kept the same old style of keeping her hair in pigtails.

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Shugo Charas Iru Iru is Utau's devil shugo chara and represents her dream to be a spunky rockstar with an attitude. Iru is Utau's main shugo chara since she uses her more in transformations. Iru was also used more because it was her powers that helped Utau extract X-Eggs for Easter. She was also the only shugo chara who was actually on board with working for Easter, whereas, Eru thought it was wrong, and therefore didn't do anything to help Easter.

Iru's main hobby is picking on Eru. Since it's so easy to make Eru cry, and Iru loves to cause pain to others, she is always seen kicking Eru and teasing her in order to make her cry. However, she took her for granted, and when Eru left to go join Amu, Iru felt lonely and wished for Eru back, not because she wanted to tease her, but because she really loved her as a sister.

Iru was the only one to stick by Utau when she ignored her other two shugo charas and focused on X-Dia. Although it pissed her off, Iru remained by Utau's side, and continued to try to persuade her to use her in a character transformation. Iru only left Utau once, and that was in the final battle of the first season. Iru had agreed that Utau had gone too far with her ambitions, and therefore character transformed with Amu to create Amulet Devil.

After the battle, however, Iru returned to Utau's side. Eru Eru is Utau's angel shugo chara and represents her dream to be a sweet, kind, and caring angel of love. Although Eru is also Utau's shugo chara, Utau barely pays any attention to her.

what is utau and ikuto relationship

Even though she was born from Utau's dream, Utau finds her useless because she can't help her at all and seems too different from Utau, which is why Utau spends more time with her spunky, devil counterpart, Iru. Although she takes this neglected relationship from Utau, she still stays by her side and loves her. That is, until she finally couldn't take it anymore and left her to be with Amu. Eru hoped and hoped that Utau would eventually miss her and want her to come back, but this never happened.

She even character transformed with Amu and fought against Utau in attempt for Utau to be jealous, but it didn't work because she knew that Eru was a weak shugo chara and she still had two powerful shugo charas by her side. Eru eventually went back to Utau after the final battle of season one.

Utau, who had gained confidence in herself and was happier, accepted Eru back with open arms and treated her with a lot more respect. Lunatic Charm is Utau's first and most frequently used character transformation. Since the transformation is with Iru, and Iru is a strong shugo chara, Utau used her instead of her weak, peaceful shugo chara, Eru.

Lunatic Charm was first used when Easter ordered Utau to fight against Amu. She immediatly character transformed and attacked Amu, but quickly switched out of her transformation when Ikuto showed up since she was much too involved with hugging him than on keeping the transformation going. Utau was seen transforming into Lunatic Charm once again in episode 29 when she had to attack Amu again.

Utau then transformed with X-Dia to create Dark Jewel. From then on, throughout that one season, Utau ignored Iru and only used X-Dia's transformation.

After season one, and Dia had gone back to Amu, Utau started transforming into Lunatic Charm again, far more frequently than Seraphic Charm.

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Utau first transformed into Seraphic Charm in the final battle of the first season when Utau saw her manager, Sanjo-san, hanging from a helicopter, about to fall off. She quickly transformed into Seraphic Charm and used her new flying abilities to fly up to the helicopter and catch Sanjo-san, gently carrying her to the ground.

When Utau is in this form, she has the ability to sing a peaceful lullaby which can purify hundreds of X-Eggs and send them back to their original hearts. Because of this, Utau is revealed to be the only person, other than Amu, who can purify X-Eggs. She even has more power and control over her healing abilities that she can purify hundreds of X-Eggs at a time, whereas, Amu can only purify one at a time. Utau will only use Seraphic Charm when she needs to purify a large number of eggs since all of Seraphic Charm's attacks are very weak.

When Utau needs to attack something or someone, she will transform into Lunatic Charm to attack them.

what is utau and ikuto relationship

Utau first transformed into Dark Jewel in episode 29 when X-Dia first hatched. After X-Dia hatched, she immediatly took it upon herself to transform with Utau to become Dark Jewel and fight against her original owner, Amu. Although Utau was surpised at the transformation, after seeing how powerful X-Dia was, Utau decided to keep X-Dia as her main shugo chara, tossing Iru aside.

For every battle forward, Utau transformed into Dark Jewel to fight, using powerful attacks such as, "Shining Black! She is more powerful in this form than when she is Sepheric Charm. This may be the reason why she used X-Dia for so long. Utau is revealed to be stronger than Amu since she is able to keep up her character transformation with X-Dia longer than Amu can keep her character transformation with Eru.

However, in the final battle of the first season, X-Dia decided to go back to Amu leaving Utau all alone, without any way to defend herself. Although they started out as rivals, and Utau thought of Amu as her greated enemy, after Utau quit Easter, she and Amu became great friends and are often seen hanging out together.

A lot of people act surprised and ask how Amu knows Utau, but she has to explain to them that Utau being famous as nothing to do with how they know each other. Utau and Tadase were childhood friends. Although they didn't always get along well when they were kids, they evened out their relationship and returned to their brother-sister relationship Kukai Souma: Utau and Kukai first met when Kukai met up with Amu and happened to meet Utau when she was with her.

Kukai then challenged her for a ramen eating contest. Determined not to lose, Utau accepted his challenge, and raced him to the ramen shop.

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After losing to him, Utau is seen challenging him a lot more during the series, determined to win. However, over that time, they became friends and have been seen hanging out a lot at her concerts. Kukai also helps her cope with not being able to see Ikuto. Yukari is Utau's manager, and the two are very close. Utau once saved Yukari from falling from a helicopter mid-flight. After quitting Easter, they both went off on their own to start a steady career together as singer and manager.

Because Utau and Dia spent so much time together, they became good friends, and now smile at each other whenever they see each other. Dia is happy that Utau has bloomed from her previous self, and Utau knows this. Utau hugging Ikuto Ikuto Tsukiyomi: Ikuto is Utau's older brother, but she fell in love with him at a young age. It was never shown how or when she fell in love with Ikuto, but she has been this way for a long time. In the first season, she dedicated everything she did to finding the Embryo so she could make a wish on it to set Ikuto free from Easter.

In fact, everything she did was for Ikuto, including singing for Easter.

Utau Tsukiyomi

Throughout the first season, she is seen meeting up with him multiple times on the rooftop of the Easter headquarters and hugging Ikuto, telling him to meet her for a date later. In episode 29 of the anime, Ikuto and Utau even kissed twice. Although Ikuto seems to ignore Utau, this is only because he wants her to spread her wings and not depend on him as much.

Utau finally achieved this in the last big battle of the first season when she decided that she would sing because it would make her happy, not just for Ikuto. Later, Ikuto was seen smiling at her and telling her that she could do anything if she stood on her own, showing that he was proud of her.

Utau's love for Ikuto continued into the next season: In one episode, Utau was preparing for a concert and Amu thought it would be a good idea to get Ikuto to come. When Utau heard of her plan, she became really excited and hearts formed around her head. However, when Amu reported back later, telling Utau that Ikuto wouldn't come, Utau became depressed.

Later, while Utau was singing at her concert, the scene Ikuto and Utau kissing switches to the doorway of the concert hall, to show Ikuto weakly walking in probably after being beaten up. Even though he was weak and needed to rest, he used all his strength to go see Utau's concert. When Utau noticed him in the crowd, she smiled and reached out to him, blushing. Later, it showed Ikuto on top of the building, in pain. Yoru lectured him about how he shouldn't have gone out when he was weak, but that Utau did seem really happy when she saw him.

It showed a picture of Utau singing, then slowly faded out to show Ikuto smiling, knowing that Utau was happy. In another episode, the Valentines Day episode, Utau was seen just finishing a concert. Eru and Iru remained silent, watching Utau's depressed expression as she held a box of chocolates she was going to give to Ikuto for Valentines Day, however, since he was running for Easter, he was no where to be found.