What is sudesh bhosle and asha relationship

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what is sudesh bhosle and asha relationship

In , Sudesh was singing in a concert where Asha Bhosle was a guest Sudesh is married to Sneha and couple has two children Siddhant. Some Lesser Known Facts About Sudesh Bhosle Does Sudesh Bhosle smoke?: No Does Sudesh Bhosle drink alcohol?: No He is also a talented mimicry artist. Sudesh Bhosle, popularly known as Amitabh Bachchan's singing voice, has " Ashaji (singer Asha Bhosle) who has given me big breaks also.

Nayyar's future collaboration with Bhosle also resulted in success. Gradually, she established her status and received the patronage of such composers as Sachin Dev Burman and Ravi. Bhosle and Nayyar had a professional and personal parting of ways in the s. Burman's first soundtracks, for the movie Teesri Manzilwon popular acclaim.

Reportedly, when she first heard the dance number "Aaja Aaja", she felt she would not be able to sing this westernised tune. While Burman offered to change the music, she refused, taking it as a challenge. She completed the song after ten days of rehearsals, and "Aaja Aaja", along with such other songs as "O Haseena Zulfonwali" and "O Mere Sona Re" all three duets with Rafibecame successful.

what is sudesh bhosle and asha relationship

Shammi Kapoorthe film's leading actor, was once quoted as saying— "If I did not have Mohammad Rafi to sing for me, I would have got Asha Bhosle to do the job". Bhosle's collaboration with Burman resulted in numerous hits and a marriage. During the s, she was the voice of Bollywood's actress and dancer, Helenon whom "O Haseena Zulfon Wali" was picturised. It is said that Helen would attend her recording sessions so that she could understand the song better and plan dance steps accordingly.

By the s, Bhosle, although highly regarded[ by whom? The film's music director Khayyamhad lowered her pitch by half a note. Bhosle herself expressed surprise that she could sing so differently. The ghazals won her the first National Film Award of her career. Inyear-old Bhosle sang for actress Urmila Matondkar in the movie Rangeela. The soundtrack featured songs like "Tanha Tanha" and "Rangeela Re" sung by her, and composed by music director A.

Rahmanwho would go on to record several songs with her. In OctoberThe Very Best of Asha Bhosle, The Queen of Bollywood, a compilation album of songs recorded by Bhosle for albums and Bollywood films that were released between andwas released.

In she judged Sur Kshetra. InBhosle debuted in the film Mai in the title role, at the age of Bhosle played the role of a year-old mother who suffers from Alzheimer's disease and is abandoned by her children. Nayyar Music director O. Nayyar 's association with Asha is part of Bollywood lore.

He was the composer who first gave Asha her own identity. Many people have speculated about a romantic relationship between the two. Nayyar first met Asha inat the music recording of Chham Chhama Chham. However, it was the success of Naya Daur that made the duo very popular. Aftershe was emotionally and professionally involved with Nayyar. The team of O.

what is sudesh bhosle and asha relationship

Nayyar and Asha Bhosle is best remembered for their breezy and sometimes sirenish songs. The solo number "Chain Se" got many awards, but it was not included in the movie. They separated on 5 August It is not clear what made them part their ways. On being asked the reason for their parting, O P Nayyar once said, "I know astrology very well.

I knew that one day I had to part with her. Something also happened that upset me, so I left her. She was the best person I ever met. Nayyar was bitter, and probably therefore she has hesitated to give Nayyar his due. While talking about O. No one musician did me any favor by asking me to sing for him.

Choprathe producer of Naya Daur. Khayyam Another music director who recognized Asha's talent early was Khayyam. Their partnership dates back to his first movie Biwi Khayyam gave her some good assignments in the s, including Dard and Phir Subah Hogi. But the team is chiefly remembered for the songs of Umrao Jaan.

She sang for his first movie Vachan The melodious lullaby from the movie Chandamama Door Ke! Ravi got her to sing bhajans for the movies GharanaGrihasti, Kajal and Phool Aur Pattharat a time when most of the composers remembered her only when they needed to record B-grade songs picturized on the vamps or the side-heroines. But when she backed out, Guru Dutt insisted that Asha sing the songs. They recorded many songs together after as well. Their partnership was first noticed in Teesri Manzil They also recorded the popular duet "O Maria!

Asha used to call R D Burman "Bubs". She married him in Their partnership lasted until his death. Ilaiyaraaja Prolific Indian film composer Ilaiyaraaja began employing Asha's vocals in the early s, their earliest collaboration being for the film Moondram Pirai remade in Hindi as Sadma in Their association continued, mostly through the latter half of the s and early s.

Rahman is credited with Asha's "comeback" with Rangeela Songs like "Tanha Tanha" and "Rangeela Re" were chartbusters. Inthe pair released an LP of eight non-film devotional songs and ghazals called An Unforgettable Treat. Asha considered Jaidev a close friend who stood by her when she was struggling personally and professionally. Upon his death inshe released a compilation album of lesser-known songs he had composed for her, called Suranjali.

However, the trio produced quite a few hits including the seductive "Parde Mein Rehne Do" Shikar Asha got her second Filmfare Award for the song. Asha had also sung for Anu's father Sardar Malik in the s and s, most notably in Saranga Yesudas for Salil Chowdhury.

The song gained major popularity among the Indian youth. When Naushad was asked to sum up the essential difference between Lata and Asha, he said that Asha "lacks certain something which Lata, and Lata alone has". Later he stated in an interview, "Maybe I said it because I then had a closed ear on Asha". Burman and Asha Bhosle came together in to create a double album, titled Dil Padosi Haiwhich was released on 8 September Later, Asha and Ustad Ali Akbar Khan recorded eleven fixed compositions or bandishes in California for Legacy, a private album that earned them a Grammy Award nomination.

In the s, Asha experimented with remixed R. She was criticized by many, including Khayyam for tampering with old melodies. Nevertheless, albums like Rahul And I became quite popular.

The album was hugely popular and won her many awards including the MTV Award. Asha had been once asked by director B R Ishaara to compose music for one of his films, but she had politely declined.

Inshe turned music composer with the album Aap Ki Asha, an eight-song music and video album. The lyrics were written by Majrooh Sultanpuri his last lyrics. The album was released by Sachin Tendulkar on 21 May at a lavish party in Mumbai. The album received mixed reviews.

Asha had spotted Pakistani singer Adnan Sami 's talent when he was about 10 years old. At that time, she was performing in London, with R D Burman.

It was she who had asked him to pursue his interests in music seriously. When Adnan grew up and became a professional musician, Asha sang the title duet with him for his best-selling album Kabhi to nazar milao.

The two came together again in the album Barse Badal. The album comprises eight songs, based on Indian Classical music. An Introduction to Asia 1 on Womad Records. These classic ghazals were recreated with modern sounds by musician Pandit Somesh Mathur. The album was aimed at the younger generation, who, according to Asha, are "turned off" by the traditional sounds of tabla and sarangi.

Numerous compilations of Asha's songs have been released as well. To commemorate her 60th birthday, EMI India released three cassettes: Memorable Ghazals non-film ghazals by composers such as Ghulam Ali, R.

The Ever Versatile Asha Bhosle 44 popular film songs. All these songs composed by Shamir Tandon were shot on video by journalist turned director S. It was composed by Shamir Tandon and penned by Saajan Agarwal. Inshe recorded the album "82" with music director Mandar Agashe who decorated six of Suresh Bhat 's ghazals with his musical touch of pop, reggae, blues, and rock. What kind of preparation did you have to do for the shows this time?

I had to learn over 40 songs.

Sudesh Bhonsle - Marathisanmaan

Surely, I could not learn all of them given the shortage of time. And that's why, unlike in my other shows, you see me looking at times at the written page on stage. Have you been enjoying the performances? Even before the first show was halfway through, I knew the audiences were having a great time. They were enjoying not just my singing but also the singers from Gujarat. I then felt I made a good decision to perform at the Navratri events.

You have been always been identified with Amitabh Bachchan, isn't it?

what is sudesh bhosle and asha relationship

True, especially after the Chumma Chumma song in the movie Hum. After the song was recorded inmany people including Jayaji Amitabh's wife Jaya Bachchan thought Amitabhji himself had sung the song. As the film's release approached and the cassettes were out, people could see that I was the singer. That was not the first time I had sung for Amitabhji. But during the previous recordings, he okayed the song after it had been recorded. While Chumma Chumma was recorded, he was in the recording theatre.

It was a very unnerving experience. Many of your fans think of Chumma Chumma as your first song. When was the first occasion you sung for him? The Chumma Chumma song was composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal, who also composed the music for Ajooba, which was being made around the same time.

They had watched me perform on stage imitating Amitabhji. And they got the idea to persuade me to sing in Amitabhji's voice. Amitabhji had to approve of the songs. And he did so heartily, telling me with mischief in his voice, 'I don't remember exactly when I sang this song. This is news to me. Who was the composer? He liked my voice and got me to sing a song for the film Zalzala, along with Anuradha Paudwal and Shailendra Singh.

That was in But the song wasn't a big success. Soon he took me along with Ashaji to several concerts, including one in Hong Kong. At the concerts, I also sing the songs made famous by the stalwarts. Panchamda was so overcome that I had sung his father's song with great care that he embraced me in public.

There were tears in his eyes. People associate me with Amitabhji and I am proud of our association. But many of my songs in films like Love And God for composer Naushad Ali and to be picturised on Sanjeev Kumar either did not make it to the screen or were re-recorded in someone else's voice. Many of my college mates.

I was into painting and singing from my teen years.

Sudesh Bhosle

I guess I was inspired by my father, a painter, and my mother, a classical singer. I used to do imitations for the fun of it but my friends took me seriously, especially my imitation of Amitabhji's dialogue in the film Muqaddar Ka Sikander. Encouraged by them, I began to get the tapes of his dialogue delivery in films like Deewar and Lawaaris. Soon, I was imitating him on the college stage, and word spread.

Some people in the movie industry caught my act. Then I started following his singing style after hearing him sing in the film Silsila. My imitation caught the attention of Music Makers, a very big band in Mumbai in the s. I got a lot of encouragement from the band's Ashok Kumar Saraf who is today my father-in-law. And through Music Makers, I got to know Kishoreda Kishore Kumar because it was his band too Music Makers accompanied the legendary singer at his concerts.

One thing to lead to another, and soon Ajooba and Hum came up. When I say I have been around as an entertainer for 25 years, I also include my stage work singing at Kishore Kumar concerts. Who has been the greatest inspiration for you as a singer and performer? I have performed in many musical evenings headlining Kishore Kumar.

I would open his concert singing a few of his songs and occasionally those of the singer K L Saigal that Kishoreda just adored. Saigal was his favourite singer. What did you get most from Kishore Kumar? I learned a lot about spontaneity, how he reacted with the audience, and how he would send the audience home satisfied.

I watched his body language. And most of all, my self confidence grew a lot because of the encouragement he gave me.