Vincent nightray and echoes relationship help

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vincent nightray and echoes relationship help

Vincent is still in school, and only dating Echo to make Gilbert jealous, but instead Ada is the one getting green-eyed and heart broken. Break: "Ooh! Fun!". Read Vincent Nightray x Reader My Queen from the story Pandora Hearts x Reader "That will be all for now, you're free to go Echo" Vincent said to his White fond of him flirting with other women much less getting into a relationship with one in support what is to come until the very day they are destroyed" Vincent said. As a result Vincent loves Gilbert to obsessive degrees. Gilbert Nightray . with Vincent, who seems to share a more positive relationship with him than Echo.

vincent nightray and echoes relationship help

Vincent states that the person he truly loved and cared for was always Gil. After talking to Gil, Vincent collapsed and as Gil rushed to his side, he discovered the truth: Vincent sadly told him that he was "at his limit" and began to crumble away. As Gil held his brother, promising to join him one day, Vincent smiled at his brother one last time and told him that he's really happy to have been born before completely turning into dust and vanishing from the world.

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Oz Interestingly enough, despite them both being majorly involved with Gilbert, Vincent and Oz seem to have almost no relationship whatsoever. They do not go out of their way to interact with each other, and Vincent has only ever interacted with Oz immediately after the death of William West and during a single instance when Gilbert demanded he take care of him.

vincent nightray and echoes relationship help

Although Oz seems to have no particular feelings for Vincent, it's implied that Vincent dislikes Oz. Vincent seemed immensely uncomfortable when, after he protected him, Oz thanked him, and he despondently told Oz he didn't want to be thanked.

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However, the fact that Vincent dislikes Oz is more implied by all the times Vincent has mentioned Oz to Gilbert, often mocking how much his brother cares for Oz and seemingly trying to hide quite a bit of bitterness over the fact that Gilbert's most important person was Oz which sometimes peeks through. The most likely reason Vincent would dislike Oz would be because he is jealous, as he appears to have a constant need to be the most valued person in Gilbert's life, even if he tries hard to make Gilbert think otherwise.

Vincent and Leo Vincent is very loyal to Leo when Leo became his master and swore that he would do anything Leo tells him to do. He wants Leo to become the Intention of Abyss in order to erase him and make Gil "happy. However, it is later learned that Vincent's vow to Leo had been sincere. This is shown when Vincent refuses to die after Leo ordered him not to die unless Leo himself allowed it.

Leo, Leo you are my master. I swore to protect you. Vincent has shown a murderous grudge towards Alice, as a result of her making Gil upset and Jack sad, when she made fun of his red eye, which caused Gil to pull her hair in response. Caring little for what she did to him, Vincent could never get out of his mind Vincent's hatred towards Alice before Tragedy of Sablier occured in anime how she "hurt" those he loved, which arguably caused his later obsession for cutting stuffed animals with scissors.

Ada Vessalius Vincent with Ada. Without anything more to say I hope you enjoy the fanfic. I was soaked in blood, I couldn't see anything in my left side, I didn't have my eye, what happened? This were the only thoughts in my head as I opened my eye and looked around me, I heard birds chirping in the trees, the feeling of melting snow and the sun shining I suddenly raised up myself to see exactly where I was, I remembered the chain, the killings, and the end of my time, and abyss, I think I saw a girl and suddenly I don't remember, I tried searching in my memories but my head hurt I really tried to remember but I think I was Kevin?

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A humming sound reached my ears, someone was nearby? My eyelids where heavy I wanted to sleep so badly but I was going to die and I couldn't let that happens, something in me screamed to found help asap As I finally found the strength to open my eye I saw a silhouette that shadowed me, I could see a rabbit doll hanging from one hand and in the other one a scissor I think the shadow smiled at me but I'm not sure I mean I barely could see his face No, it was a man.

I don't know why I felt a shiver running through myself my mind screaming that he was dangerous and a sense of fear invaded my body I needed to run away from this man I tried to follow my instincts but my body didn't work I feel weak and could not even raise a hand to defend myself A slap and a cry resounded in my head and made open my right eye. I feel a bandage covering half my face, and I was wet in sweat, I felt so hot, and as all this thoughts run in my head I was trying at the same time to focus really hard so I could see more than the hair but I heard the man telling the maid something about bringing the doctor and a door closing.

I recovered from my nausea and I realized I could feel a hand petting my head I opened my eye, and this time I could see a young man, with large blond hair and a peculiar pair of eyes, one a brilliant gold and the other blood red.

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He noticed I was watching his red eye and his smile widened. He smiled some more and handed me a glass of water. I drink it and it was great, like it was a long time from my last glass of water but it couldn't be that long or could it?

vincent nightray and echoes relationship help