Victor and sharon relationship quizzes

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victor and sharon relationship quizzes

Who was Nikki married to when Victor shipped Victoria off to that Swiss but didn't want to ruin the chance he'd be able to save his marriage to Sharon. Can you name the characters of 'The Young and the Restless' who are related to Victor Newman? Test your knowledge on this television quiz. At Sharon's house, Nick and Sharon told Faith they were a couple. At the Newman ranch, Nikki expressed concern that Victor might not be .. Sharon returned home from school and informed Nick that she'd aced her quiz.

Victor then tries returns to Nikki, who recently married Kevin Bancroft. Nikki ended up pregnant with Victor's child, but she ended up being manipulated into a marriage Tony DiSalvo to save her relationship with Kevin.

Nikki also later got involved with a man named Rick Daros, who nearly killed her before being saved by Victor. Eve Howard returns with her boyfriend, demanding that money be allocated to Cole in Victor's will, and later takes a job as his assistant, which prompts Julia to return to protect Victor.

He planned to marry Eve but faked his death on the day of their wedding, and ends up marrying Nikki in April The following year, while Victor and Nikki are vacationing, Eve reappears with Rick, and they end up stealing money from them and escaping.

Nikki facilitates Victor's reunion with his mother, Cora Miller, before her death. Ashley becomes pregnant and Victor leaves Nikki, but when Nikki is diagnosed with cancer, Victor returns to her and Ashley aborts the child. When Nikki goes into remission, Victor wanted to be with Ashley, who had moved on with her psychiatrist Steven Lassiter Rod Arrants ; Steven later dies, and while Ashley wanted Victor back, he had returned to Nikki in an attempted to salvage their marriage, resulting in the birth of their son Nicholas Newman Joshua Morrow.

Leanna later writes a chapter about Victor's affair with Ashley and Nikki's illness, causing Victor to believe Nikki was behind the publication.

As a result, Jack spitefully marries Nikki, causing her relationship with Victor to become bitter. Victor marries Ashley, and years later; he tells Jack that he will give him back Jabot Cosmetics if he divorces Nikki.

Victor has a heart attack during a confrontation with Jack, and while he leaves him for dead, Victor recovers. As Jack and Nikki's marriage strained to due her alcoholism and pain killer addiction, she reconnected with Victor, who had decided to divorce Ashley. Eve later returned to town again with her now-grown son Cole, who romanced Victor's daughter Victoria, unaware he was believed to be Victor's son.

Victor later left Genoa City and traveled to Kansas, letting Nikki and the rest of the Newman family believe he had died. He meets Hope Adams Signy Coleman. They returned to Genoa City and married. While Victor was in Kansas, Cole and Victoria had eloped, and when Victor revealed their sibling relation, the marriage was annulled. Hope wanted to return to Kansas and Victor was not interested; he divorced her and Victor Jr. Nikki had been engaged to Brad, much to Victor's dismay.

On their wedding night, Victor was shot and Nikki returned to him; the mentally unstable Mari Jo Mason Diana Barton was revealed as the gunwoman. Victor and Nikki briefly reunite before he returns to Kansas after Hope's new husband, Cliff Wilson, had died. Nikki had Victor have a vasectomybut had frozen sperm for a future possibility. When Nikki survived, their second marriage was invalidated, as Victor and Diane's divorce was never processed. Victor and Diane begin a bitter divorce over many months, during which Nikki reunites with Brad, and he and Jack take control of Newman Enterprises.

Diane remained in love with Victor, and stole his frozen sperm to artificially inseminate herself. Unbeknownst to her, Ashley had also stolen Victor's sperm to inseminate herself.

Ashley had received Victor's actual sperm sample and gives birth to Abby Carltonwhom she decides to pass off as Brad's child. Victor and Nikki later reunite, and inMaxwell Hollister Sam Behrens attempts to destroy Victor, using his estranged wife, revealed to be Lorie Brooks, in his plot.

Originally, Max attempted to lead a hostile takeover of Julia Newman Martin's design firm, which Victor prevented. Now, Max used Lorie to keep Victor and Nikki apart, but Lorie could not follow through, and a ruined Max ends up leaving town.

Months after, Victor and Nikki remarry in front of all of their loved ones. Ashley reveals that Abby is in fact Victor's daughter as she was diagnosed with cancer, and he welcomes her with open arms. After rescuing Nikki from a carjacker, Victor is diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy.

Victor and Nikki's marriage slowly strained as he was caught up in taking Jabot Cosmetics away from Jack, dealing with NVP Retreats, and Nikki's campaign for State Senator, which resulted in an affair with her campaign manager David Chow. Victor and Nikki eventually divorce after six years in Victor later falls in love with Sabrina Costelana Raya Meddinebut she dies in a car accident with Nikki's devious husband, David Chow.

Victor travels to Mexico and nearly dies, and Ashley is able to find him; they end up rekindling their romance. They remarried when Ashley became pregnant, but she miscarries when Adam gaslights her into having a hysterical pregnancy, but convinced her that she was still pregnant. Victor and Nikki left for treatment in Europe, and upon their return, Adam's scheme was revealed and he faked his death.

Victor went searching for him in Canada and met Meggie McClaine Sean Young ; he brings her to Genoa City and she works as Nikki's assistant, but causes her to relapse into alcoholism. In reality, Meggie was trying to foil Victor and Nikki's union to marry him for his money. Afterward, Victor's children file a lawsuit against him over a cosmetics line, which they win. Diane Maura Westwho had returned to Genoa City, reconnects with Victor and they remarry, however, it is annulled shortly after she finds him sleeping with Nikki and Victor learns of her affair with Tucker McCall Stephen Nichols and Jack.

Afterward, Victor sends Nikki to a rehabilitation center for her alcoholism. Diane is murdered in Augustwith Victor as a suspect. Nikki in fact murdered Diane in self-defense, causing Victor to falsely confess to murdering her to protect Nikki. While in jail, Victor marries his former daughter-in-law, Sharon Newman Sharon Caseto push Nikki away, however when the entire murder plot is revealed, Nikki is not charged and Victor is freed. Victor and Sharon's marriage is annulled and he reunites with Nikki, however, she leaves him when some of his past schemes involving Victoria's marriage are exposed.

When Nikki reunites with Jack, Victor develops a genuine romance with Sharon to spite her. They marry a second time, however he disappears from town shortly after and Sharon believed he was abandoning her. She burned their prenuptial agreement and took over Newman Enterprises, while Jack and Tucker were buying up its stocks. While away, Victor had lost his memory and was working as a dock worker in Los Angeles; he was demanding better working conditions and the other workers planned to have him killed in an explosion, as a result, Genoa City believed Victor had died, but he returned shortly after.

Upon his return, he annuls his marriage to Sharon and reunites with Nikki, just before Jack announces he is taking over Newman Enterprisesfiring all of the Newman family and instating Adam. However, due to his addiction to pain killers, Jack gave up control of the company, leaving it to Adam.

Victor and Nikki finally remarry in March just before she is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. At their wedding, an assassin attempts to shoot Victor, but Adam takes the bullet and nearly dies for his father. However, their partnership ends several months later when Victor discovers that Adam's silent partner used to take Newman private again was Jack. Victor fears that Adam and Jack have been scheming to take back the company for themselves without Victor.

In retaliating, Victor, who now owns Chancellor Industries according to Katherine Chancellor 's will, has all major Newman clients sign to Chancellor, as Victor leaves Newman worthless so he could build up Chancellor.

Adam signs over his shares in Newman over to Victor, who plans to merge Chancellor Industries with Newman. Nikki then reveals she gave birth to another son decades earlier before she was with Victor, revealed to be Dylan McAvoy Steve Burton. A subsidiary of the newly merged conglomerate, named Bonaventure Industries, later produced an illegal speed drug that Summer Newman Hunter King ended up overdosing on.

Jack reported Victor to the FDA and he and his company were put under investigation. Dylan's supposed father and Nikki's former lover Ian Ward Ray Wise then arrives in town and causes pandemonium, to which Victor tries to get him out of town. It was later revealed that Victor had hired a lookalike to his granddaughter Cassie, named Mariah Copeland Camryn Grimesto haunt Sharon and learn a supposed secret she has.

When his scheme is revealed, Nick and Sharon shun him and Nikki decides to move out for a while, but she and Victor later reunite. Victor and Nikki later learn that Ian is incapable of fathering children, leading to confusion. It is later revealed that Paul Williams Doug DavidsonNikki's ex-lover and longtime friend, is in fact Dylan's father, causing tension in Victor and Nikki's marriage, which continues when Victor goes to extensive lengths to awaken Phyllis Gina Tognoni from a coma in order to find out more information on Sharon's supposed secret.

Nikki falls off the wagon and begins drinking again; she leaves Victor and refuses to take him back. Victor also sells Chancellor Industries back to Jill Jess Waltonleaving the rest of the Newman family confused as to why he gave Chancellor up so easily. InVictor has Jack kidnapped and replaced by a lookalike, who turns out to be a Peruvian drug lord named Marco Annicelli, all in order for him to take over Jabot Cosmetics and merge it with Newman, becoming Newman Abbott Enterprises.

Meanwhile, Victor and his children discover that Nikki has fallen off the wagon; they convince her to quit drinking again and she and Victor end up reuniting. Jack makes his way back to Genoa City just as Victor learns that Marco is dangerous; he plans on shooting Marco dead in the park, but it is actually Jack who he ends up shooting, who had finally returned to confront him. Jack ends up falling comatose while Victor frantically tries to get rid of Marco, who continues to masquerade around town.

When Jack awakens, he reluctantly agrees to help Victor get Marco out of town and back in prison, which they end up doing successfully. With the real Jack back in Genoa City, the Newman Abbott merger comes to an end and both companies return to their separate states. Meanwhile, Adam, who had returned to town under the false identity of Gabriel Bingham, had teamed up with Ian who had escaped prison to create a computer virus to destroy Newman Enterprises for separate revenge on both their parts; the virus was known as the Paragon project, which later led to the revelation that "Gabriel" is in fact Adam.

He agrees to stop Paragon, but Ian makes no such promise; on Halloween, when a party was being thrown in the Newman Enterprises ballroom, Ian is responsible for the building catching fire and a great panic ensuing. As a result, Ashley and Billy Burgess Jenkins offer to share office space at Jabot with Newman while the Newman building is being repaired, but Victor refuses to trust them.

It is later revealed that Billy revived Paragon as an act of revenge against Victor, leading to Jack firing him and Victor filing a lawsuit against Jabot. Victor Newman quickly developed into a main character and firmly planted himself into the hearts of millions of fans across the globe.

When Eric Braeden first came on the show in the role, Victor was a villain, and what a villain! His portrayal proved so dynamic that this "minor" plot point has been ignored over the years. Today, Braeden is one of the show's leading men. The character has never lost his edge, but his knife-wielding days are long forgotten. Bell for the character's introduction. His innate acting skills are as legendary as his distinguished career.

This week, we saw Braeden play ruthless, conniving and ultimately a loving father. There are some men that transcend the TV screen. There are some men that touch the lives of millions of viewers. Victor Newman is one of those men. The character of Victor has been used as a spokesperson for the Canadian discount store Zellers and appeared in an advert for it. He steps closer and squashes his nose against the camera lens.

According to the website StrategyOnline, the promotional ad campaign for Zellers featuring Victor proved to be the most popular installment to date as of May ; the staff of StrategyOnline wrote that the campaign "has garnered considerable praise in the marketing community — and small wonder.

Not only does it perform the considerable task of balancing an affordability message with strong branding, it does so in a category seldom noted for the quality of strategic thinking that goes into its advertising. Nonetheless, his heart belongs to one woman alone, the stunning Nikki Reed.

Despite true love and good intention, the relationship between Victor and Nikki has always been troubled by poor timing and miscommunication. Not for what she is, but who she's about. Victor met up with Kyle at the bar in the Athletic Club's main dining room downstairs. Kyle said, "Jack left Jabot. Isn't that what you wanted?

Kyle asked if he'd be impacted by Nick's return to Newman Enterprises. Victor replied, "I'll continue to mentor you. Victor simply replied that Kyle had made a wise decision to stay at Jabot. Before leaving, Victor added, "Good luck with Billy. Mariah was reluctant to discuss details. Kyle persisted, so Mariah explained that she'd had a crush on Tessa.

Kyle rudely remarked, "Oh, I bet that was hot. Tessa wasn't interested, so now we can go back to enjoying the music. Tessa reacted, and Kyle noticed. Kyle told Mariah that, judging by the way Tessa had looked at Mariah, Tessa was definitely interested. Victoria and Nikki visited with Jack. Nikki expressed sympathy to Jack and said it had been a shock to learn he wasn't John Abbott's son.

Nikki insisted that Victor had admired the love and respect Jack had shown John. Victoria assured Jack that he'd soon find his way back to his family and to Jabot. Jack expressed doubt, but Victoria said it would only be a matter of time before he and Ashley would be working together again.

Victor showed Nick a draft of a press release concerning his return to Newman Enterprises. Nick read the document on Victor's phone. Nick was surprised to discover that he would be COO.

Victor said, "It's not going to happen.

Victor Newman

Victor replied, "Victoria went in a different direction. The job is yours. She replied that she'd been happy to help, and seeing Hilary slinging burgers had been the entertainment highlight. Devon mused that Hilary had a way of surprising people, since there was a side of her that people rarely got to see or give her credit for.

Mariah noted that she hadn't heard him talk like that in a while. He reported that things were evolving, but he wasn't sure into what. Hilary arrived at Crimson Lights and spied Phyllis giggling at something on her phone. Phyllis displayed photos of Hilary that someone had posted from the barbecue, and Hilary groaned that it had been hot in front of the grill, so her hair had been a mess.

Phyllis insisted that Hilary had looked fabulous, and Hilary admitted that it had been pretty fun. Hilary added that Devon had seemed to appreciate it, and she thought they were back together. Phyllis had known from the way Devon looked at Hilary that it would only be a matter of time before they became a couple again.

Hilary informed Phyllis about the romantic prom night that Devon had set up for the two of them, and she thought they'd been about to kiss, but they hadn't.

Hilary lamented that she didn't know where his head was, but her heart was in it. Hilary begrudgingly answered a call from Mariah, who indicated that Devon wanted them to tape the show from the Athletic Club rooftop with a kickoff to summer theme. Hilary griped that the day's show had already been prepped, but Mariah reported that she'd called the guests to push the segment back to the next day. Mariah revealed that Devon wanted to meet shortly to go over the new script, and Hilary agreed to be there.

Mariah hung up, and Devon thanked her and grinned broadly. Hilary arrived on the rooftop and found only a shirtless Devon there. She asked where Mariah and the rest of the crew were, and he informed her that they weren't taping there that day. She became irritated that he'd changed the venue again, but he explained that he'd just wanted to get her up there to surprise her.

He announced that she deserved a day of pampering for helping at the barbecue, so he'd closed down the rooftop for a private party for just the two of them. He handed her a bikini. Hilary felt guilty for ignoring work, but Devon argued that she'd worked hard to promote Hamilton-Winters at the party, and he wanted to keep the good feelings going.

He added that rest and relaxation were good for her if she was pregnant, and he didn't want her to have any worries whatsoever. He acknowledged that it was difficult for her to get out of work mode, and he mentioned that he'd arranged for something that might help with that after their swim.

Later, Devon and Hilary smiled at one another as they enjoyed massages. He reached out his hand, and she clasped it in hers.

Hilary and Devon lounged by the pool, and she raved about the nonalcoholic drink the bartender had made. He sipped it and agreed that it was delicious, and she thanked him for going to all the trouble. She gushed that she'd enjoyed every minute, from the swim to the drinks to the couples massage.

She hesitantly asked if they were a couple, since it sometimes felt like they were, but her voice trailed off as she thought about the other times. Devon admitted that he'd been fighting his feelings for Hilary, since he'd been afraid to revisit something that had been painful when it had ended. He continued that ever since he'd fully committed to having a baby with her, he felt like the pain was further and further away, like they were starting a brand-new relationship together.

Hilary extended her hand and introduced herself, and he shook it and said it was nice to meet her. He added that he was looking forward to getting to know her better, and they shared a tender kiss. Devon dropped Hilary off at GC Buzz, and she thanked him for a wonderful day.

She marveled that it really felt brand new, and they kissed as Phyllis walked in. Phyllis ducked out of sight, and Devon departed. Phyllis approached a smiling Hilary and explained that she was there about the wardrobe that she'd sent over, but she thought it looked like Hilary had gotten an answer to her question.

Hilary happily confirmed that she definitely had, since she and Devon had shared a blissful afternoon. Hilary prayed that she was pregnant. At the Abbott mansion, Ashley returned home after a weekend getaway, and she asked Kyle how things had been around there.

Jack entered and announced that they'd been eventful, since he'd quit Jabot. Jack refused to stand back while Billy dismantled the company John had built, but Ashley thought Jack was exaggerating. Kyle wanted to give Billy a chance, but Jack groused that Billy had pulled a classic fragrance from the line in order to remodel the office and buy popcorn. Kyle argued that they could build a display case in the lobby for Jabot's legacy products, but they shouldn't make decisions based on sentimentality.

Kyle asserted that the renovations would attract and retain the employees the company wanted, and he thought they should all be in support of Billy's changes. Jack testily asked if Kyle was finished defending Billy at Jack's expense, but Kyle contended that there weren't a lot of options because of the blood Abbott clause. Ashley suggested that they focus on getting Billy to change the bylaws, but Jack huffed that it wasn't his problem anymore.

Ashley offered to find something for Jack at Newman, but Kyle divulged that Jack was starting a new company. Jack muttered that his goal had been to start a business with his son, but Kyle had gone behind his back and made other plans. Kyle reiterated that he'd never agreed to walk away from Jabot, since it was too risky.

Jack contended that he had decades of experience and thousands of contacts in the industry. Ashley thought it was a great idea, but she thought the point was to keep all their options open. Jack was grateful that at least someone thought he had a brain in his head, but she insisted that she wasn't taking sides, since he was talking about leaving Jabot and taking his toys with him.

Jack felt like he was living in a house with strangers. Kyle arrived at the Athletic Club and found Mariah dining alone. She invited him to sit, and she revealed that she'd earned a free lunch by helping her boss pull off a surprise.

Kyle recalled the way she and Tessa had been looking at one another the day before, but Mariah maintained that they were just friends. He encouraged her not to give up, and she mentioned that she'd heard about his epic negotiation with Neil. Kyle appeared glum, and she regretted giving him a hard time.

Kyle revealed that he had a lot of family stuff going on, since Jack had decided to walk away from Jabot and had assumed that Kyle would go with him to start a new company. Kyle confided that he might have done it under other circumstances, but his dad was in a bad place, and the move had felt impulsive.

Kyle bemoaned that he'd tried to tell his father that he hadn't thought it through, but Jack had only heard that Kyle was turning his back on him. Kyle felt like he'd let his dad down again. Mariah shared that she hadn't grown up in a normal home, so her perspective was pretty messed up.

She saw the Abbotts as a perfect, airbrushed family, and she found it bizarre that she'd ended up as part of Sharon and Nick's clan. Kyle conceded that he'd complained a lot about not feeling like a real Abbott, but watching his family fall apart "hurt like hell.

Meanwhile, Jack looked at family photos on the mantel and poured himself a drink. Dina appeared and haughtily asked what he thought he was doing, and she ordered him to put it down because the hired help had no business stealing her husband's liquor. She demanded that he tell her his name, but he insisted that she knew who he was. She inquired whether he was the gardener or the handyman, and she asserted that he didn't belong in there.

Jack firmly stated Dina's name, but she declared that she was Mrs. John Abbott and told him not to forget it. Jack appealed to her to recognize him, since he was John.

It's Jackie, Mom," a heartbroken Jack pleaded, but she accused him of pretending to be someone he wasn't. She ordered him out of the house immediately, and she threatened to call the police. Later, Jack carried some suitcases downstairs and looked around the living room.

He struggled with emotion before heading out. At the Athletic Club, Victor and Victoria discussed business, and he commended her excellent work. He was glad that she was finding her stride again by working for the good of the company instead of fighting imaginary foes, and she eagerly anticipated proving that she was a team player.

Victoria exclaimed that she was thrilled to have Nick in the mix again, and Victor also had high hopes for Nick's return. Victor cited the many years of distance between him and his son, when Nick had asserted his independence and flitted from one project to another. Victor recounted that he'd seen Nick in a different light when Victor had been hospitalized, and Nick had spoken about his deep feelings about family.

victor and sharon relationship quizzes

Victor had heard a lot of respect in Nick's voice when Nick had declared his belief that Victor would fight back and survive, and Victoria pointed out that Nick had been right. Victor thought Nick had shown strength of character that he hadn't been sure Nick possessed, and he wanted to reward his son for that. At the cottage, Sharon returned home from school and informed Nick that she'd aced her quiz.

She kissed him and expressed relief that they no longer had to sneak around, but she wondered why he'd been quiet since the pool party.

Sharon expressed surprise because it had been Victoria's job, and she was stunned that he would do that to his own sister. Nick argued that he wasn't taking anything away from Victoria, since she had accepted the fact that she would never be COO again.

Sharon asked if Victoria had actually said that, and Nick confirmed that they hadn't talked. Sharon argued that Victoria had worked hard for the position, putting up with Victor's "crap" and proving her loyalty to him for many years. Nick countered that Victor no longer trusted Victoria after she'd tried to get rid of Ashley, but Sharon couldn't believe that one mistake had wiped out everything else Victoria had accomplished.

Nick recognized that Victoria's relationship with their father hadn't been the same since Victor had demoted her. Sharon worried that Victor was putting Nick in the middle, but Nick hoped to ease the tension and help Victoria repair the damage to her relationship with Victor. Sharon doubted that Victoria would be fine with Nick leapfrogging over her into the job that she'd earned, but Nick insisted that they would band together and not compete with one another.

Sharon loved that he was excited about the future and wanted to help his sister, but she warned him not to underestimate Victor. Later, Victoria ordered some coffee from Sharon at Crimson Lights, and she recognized that Sharon had reservations about Nick's new job as part of Newman's executive team.

Sharon recalled that Newman hadn't always been the best environment for him, but Victoria chirped that there had been a lot of water under the bridge since then.

Victoria reported that she'd just had a meeting with her dad, and she was more stoked than ever about Nick being back on the team. She believed that Victor's brush with death had been a turning point for the men, and her dad wanted the family back together again.

Victoria assured Sharon that she didn't have to worry about Nick getting caught up in any drama, but Sharon ranted that nothing had changed, since Victor was still up to the same old garbage. Sharon expressed her disgust that Victor had met with Victoria but obviously hadn't told her that he was making Nick COO. A flabbergasted Victoria questioned whether Sharon was sure, and Sharon revealed that it had happened at the barbecue the day before.

Sharon added that Victor had made it seem like Victoria had been okay with it, and Victoria rushed out. At the cottage, the doorbell rang incessantly. Nick opened the door, and Victoria angrily asked if she was supposed to find out that he'd taken her job in a press release. He told her to calm down, but she raged that while he'd been off running his bar and being his own man, she'd shown up every day to deal with their dad.

Nick defended that he'd worked at every level in the building, including COO, but she clarified that it had been alongside her. He pointed out that the job wouldn't have been available if she hadn't tried to get rid of Ashley, and she accused him of rubbing it in her face. Nick relayed that Victor had told him that Victoria was cool with it because she'd chosen a different path. Victoria explained that she'd chosen to accept that she had to earn her way back after being demoted, but she'd been smiling through what she'd thought had been a temporary punishment when she'd really wanted to scream.

She complained that she'd had to hear the news from Sharon, despite having just had a meeting with Victor, during which he'd let her go on and on about how thrilled she was that Nick would be back. Nick was livid when he realized that it was another stupid test to see how they'd handle it, and he headed out to confront Victor.

Nick stormed into the ranch and spat that Victor had lied to him about Victoria being resigned to the fact that she'd never be COO. Victor scoffed at the idea that she still had hope after she'd colluded with Jack against him, and Nick recounted that he'd also done things that should make Victor question whether he could be trusted.

Victor stated that it was all in the past, and Nick had hoped it was after Victor had almost died. Nick coldly explained that he'd decided to work side by side and reunite their family, not to be a pawn in a chess game where Victor controlled their lives. Nick barked that their conversations about family had meant nothing to Victor, but Victor countered that Nick couldn't be more wrong.

Victor swore that he wasn't playing games and that he'd made his decisions because they were good for business and their family. Nick snapped that Victor had misrepresented Victoria's understanding of the situation and kept her in the dark after everything she'd done for him. Victor refused to ignore her lack of judgment in both her professional and her personal life, and Nick incredulously asked if he was talking about J.

Victor asserted that Victoria should have walked away, and Nick realized that Victor saw it as a weakness.

Nick recalled that he'd created distance between him and Victor to salvage whatever relationship they'd had left, but it still mattered that Victor was his father. Nick reiterated that he loved Victor; he wished it could have worked out, but he was done. Victor cautioned that the COO position was a one-time offer, and it wouldn't be available again if Nick turned it down.

Nick spat that he'd never wanted it, but Victor imagined that Nick would have loved to take it if Victoria hadn't run to him to tell him that Victor had treated her badly. Nick protested that it hadn't been what had happened, and Victor urged him to think before he made another mistake -- like throwing away half a billion dollars.

Nick stressed that he'd done something good for humanity, and it had been the right decision, just like turning down the job. Victor insinuated that whoever took the job would eventually run Newman Enterprises, and it wouldn't be Abby or Victoria. Nick growled that Victor was lucky that they still wanted it, and Victor envisioned that perhaps Noah or Christian would grow into it.

Nick conceded that Noah was his own man, but he didn't want Christian to have anything to do with it. Victor interpreted the statement as Nick wanting Christian to have nothing to do with Victor, and he announced that Nick had no choice in the matter because Nick wasn't Christian's biological father. Nick declared that he already knew -- and it changed nothing. Nick said he'd found out after Chelsea had left town because she'd been careless.

victor and sharon relationship quizzes

Victor accused Nick of keeping the information from him. Nick said that there was no way he'd give Victor that kind of ammunition. Nick accused Victor of using Christian's paternity as a pawn. He realized that was why Chelsea had been okay with Victor having a relationship with the boys -- because Victor had been holding that secret over her head.

Victor asked if Nick was protecting Chelsea, the woman who'd taken Connor away from his family. Nick asked Victor how long he'd known the truth and if he'd confronted Adam with it. Victor said he'd known for a while. Nick accused Victor of sitting on that information and waiting for the perfect time to inflict massive pain on him. Victor said he'd kept it from Nick to protect him and Christian.

Nick accused Victor of using his favorite word -- "protect" -- and he said that when Victor used it, it was meant to control. Victor claimed he'd had many opportunities to use it on Nick, but he hadn't wanted to inflict any more pain on Nick.

Nick retorted, "Until now. Christian was Adam's only son, and he was the future of Newman Enterprises. Nick retorted that when Christian was old enough, he'd chose his own path, and neither Nick nor Victor would make that decision for him.

Victor said he hoped Christian would grow up to be as strong and ruthless as Adam had been. Victor said Nick couldn't cut Christian off from what would be his legacy. Victor stated that Noah didn't have the hunger or desire to run an empire of Newman proportion, nor did Summer.

He said that Faith was smart as a whip. Nick said that the last thing he wanted was for his kids to be molded into Victor's image. He wanted his kids to be nice, compassionate, and decent human beings who made people a priority, not making money and destroying their enemies. Nick said that Victor had shown his hand, and he'd tried to use one of his kids to force Nick into line. That showed Nick that Victor hadn't changed and never would.

Nick said he was out, and he stormed out. After Nick left, Victor cried.

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At GC Buzz, Mariah thought she'd been talking to Hilary and stated that they needed to go because they had a show to do, and the crew was at the club roof deck. She and Hilary needed to be there. Hilary was nowhere to be seen. When Mariah finally found Hilary, Mariah told her that they needed to be on location at the club. She asked where Hilary had been. Hilary claimed she was a busy woman and didn't have time to hold Mariah's hand through pre-show preparation.

Mariah bristled and said she didn't need her hand held, but it would've been nice to discuss what they were going to do when they were on location and that little red light turned on. Hilary said that before they discussed anything, she had an important call to make.

Hilary called her doctor's office and asked for an appointment that day. They were able to fit Hilary in because they'd received a cancellation. Mariah asked if Hilary had time to discuss the show. Hilary gave Mariah a generic response. Mariah pressed Hilary for answers and noticed that Hilary was distracted. She asked if Hilary had heard her. Hilary said she was in work mode. Mariah said that Hilary's work mode involved shouting and dictating, not moments of deep reflection.

Hilary suggested that Mariah focus while Hilary got her notes so she could answer Mariah's dumb questions. A short time later, Devon arrived, and Mariah told him that Hilary had been acting weird.

victor and sharon relationship quizzes

Devon approached Hilary and told her that Mariah had noticed that Hilary had been acting weird. Hilary claimed it was Mariah's imagination. She told Devon that she had an errand to run, and she left, leaving Devon bewildered. Hilary returned to GC Buzz a short time later. Mariah was shocked when a sobbing Hilary fell into her arms.

Mariah was not surprised and said that Hilary had been annoyingly pregnant for weeks. Kyle greeted Traci when she arrived at the Abbott home. He told Traci that he had to get to Jabot and suggested they make plans to have dinner later in the week.

Traci told him to hold on because she'd heard a few things that she'd found disturbing, and she wanted answers straight from the source. Traci asked where Kyle stood with the family. Kyle said that when he'd returned from New York, he'd wanted to prove himself and show everyone that he shouldn't have been shipped off and forgotten. Traci asked if Victor had offered to mentor him.

When Kyle didn't answer, Traci said she didn't blame him because she knew Victor had his ways. Kyle claimed that he hadn't wanted anyone to get hurt. He felt like an outsider within his own family. Traci said that his return shouldn't have been about proving himself. Kyle said he realized that and had tried to mend fences, but things kept spinning out of control.

Traci told him not to give up on Jack, and maybe Kyle could be the rock that anchored Jack. Traci wanted both of them to try to anchor Jack. Traci asked Kyle if Jack was home. Walking toward the stairs, Kyle called out to Jack, but Traci told Kyle to hold up because she'd found a note from Jack. The note simply stated that Jack's mail should be forwarded to the Athletic Club. Traci and Kyle couldn't believe that Jack had moved out. At the Athletic Club, Jack ordered a drink at the bar and told the bartender that the way his mother had gotten around -- he and the bartender might actually be family.

A short time later, Traci and Kyle confronted Jack about moving out of the family home. Jack reminded them that he wasn't family and never had been. He sarcastically stated that Kyle seemed to have forgotten that he wasn't part of the family, either.

Traci said that Jack was still family. Jack accused Kyle of betraying him. Kyle said that everything he'd done had been to prove to Jack that he'd been paying attention and that he'd wanted to use the lessons Jack had taught him and follow in Jack's footsteps. Kyle told Jack that he'd needed someone to believe in him, and that had been the reason he'd turned to Victor.

Jack said if Victor had done that, then he'd done it to get to Jack. Kyle said that perhaps that had been the case, but it hadn't been what he'd wanted. Kyle apologized and said that he didn't want to be the reason why Jack turned his back on everything he'd cared about. Traci returned and asked to speak to Jack alone. Traci said that Jack had been harsh with Kyle.

Jack had blamed Kyle for what had happened. Jack said it had been a feeble excuse for Kyle's actions, and it had been the sorriest example of an apology he'd ever heard.

Traci couldn't believe that Jack couldn't see the parallel. Jack's son had been trying to do everything he could think of to make his dad proud -- even if Kyle had been a little reckless.

Traci said, "Like father, like son. Traci said that John had never had a sworn enemy, but he'd found other ways to push their buttons. Jack reiterated that he and Kyle shouldn't be living under the same roof. Traci said that she rarely asked Jack for favors, but she was asking Jack to move back home for Dina's sake because she needed him. Jack promised to visit her, but he had many issues, and a lot of them were issues with Dina and her reckless promiscuity.

Traci said that the house he'd grown up in had always been his home, and Jack had known every nook and cranny there. She said that paternity didn't matter; they'd been a family. She reminded him of the memories and the things they'd done as kids.

She said that Jack had entertained them. Jack said he'd loved his sisters and loved seeing their smiles. Jack told Traci he loved her, but it was in his best interest to be away from the family home. Traci countered that Jack was the heart of the home, and they were no less family because of paternity. Traci said they needed him, especially Kyle. Jack said that he felt like a stranger in his own home.

He insisted that he had to find out who he was aside from John Abbott's son, and he couldn't do that at the family home. They hugged, and Traci reminded him that the door would always remain open. At Crimson Lights, Mattie was doing her homework while Charlie kept checking his phone for a message from Shauna. Devon arrived, and Mattie explained Charlie's behavior. Mattie and Devon advised Charlie to send a text message to Shauna, but Charlie agonized over what he should write.

He didn't want it to sound lame, but in the end, he sent her a text message. Charlie kept checking his phone and continued to stress because Shauna hadn't responded. Mattie told Charlie to chill, and she told him that she was leaving. She asked if Charlie wanted a ride home, but he opted to take the bus. After Mattie left, Shauna arrived. She was upset and informed Charlie that she'd run away and needed Charlie to hide her. At home, Nick looked at a picture of Christian, and he said that Victor was out of their lives.

He wanted Christian to grow up to be the man he was supposed to be. Nick told him that Victor might own the land, but it was Sharon's house -- and Victor wasn't welcome there. Victor said that if Nick tried to keep Christian away from him, Victor would take Nick to court.

Nick reminded Victor that his name was on the birth certificate. Victor accused Nick of hiding who Christian's real father was. Nick shouted that he was Christian's real father. Victor shouted back that Adam was. Nick told Victor that when Adam had thought he'd been going to prison, he'd asked Nick to look after Connor. He knew he was Christian's biological father, and it hadn't mattered to him. Adam had entrusted both his sons to Nick.

Nick said that Adam had been afraid of Victor and had asked Nick to prevent the boys from ever falling under Victor's influence. Nick said he would continue to honor his brother's memory and his wishes. Nick said he'd fight any move Victor made toward Christian. Nick dared Victor to take him to court and to watch what would happen. He said that he would dig up every scandal Victor had been involved in, and he'd hand it to a judge on a platter.

He said the list was endless, and Victor was a convicted felon multiple times over. Victor was lucky that he wasn't in jail at that moment. Nick added that if Victor wasn't careful, the judge might deem Victor unfit to be around any of his grandchildren.

Victor asked if he was supposed to feel threatened. Victor told Nick to think again because Nick was no match for him. Victor said that Nick lacked self-insight, and that was Nick's downfall.

Nick wasn't strong -- he was arrogant. Victor claimed that he'd beat Nick no matter what Nick threw at him. Nick said that they had one thing in common, and that was the lengths they'd go to in order to protect their families. Nick stated that when he said he'd protect his family, he meant it. Victor warned that Nick would regret the day that he took on his father. Victor said he had the money, the clout, and the power, and Nick was no match for that.

Victor asked if Nick thought he could beat Victor. Nick snorted and said he thought it was hilarious that Victor called him arrogant. Victor told Nick there wasn't anything funny about it, including what his lawyer would do to Nick's hapless girlfriend if Nick took the case to court. Victor stated that if Nick took Victor to court, Nick wouldn't be the only one who'd be scrutinized and put under a microscope. He reminded Nick that Sharon had a checkered past and that Nick had taken Sharon to court to prove her an unfit mother.

Nick was living with the woman who'd led him to believe that Christian had died and who'd tried to raise Christian as her own. It showed bad judgment on Nick's part. Nick warned Victor to leave Sharon out of it, but Victor claimed that Nick had left him no choice.

Nick asked if Victor would really do that to Faith's mother. He wanted to know if Victor would drag Sharon through the dirt after she'd worked hard to turn her life around.

Victor claimed that Nick had forced the issue by threatening to cut Christian out of his life. Nick said that Victor couldn't intimidate him, and he wouldn't put Christian's fate in Victor's hands. Victor said that he'd let a judge and jury decide whether Nick had more right to Christian than his biological grandfather, and he left. Traci returned to the family home, and Kyle asked if she'd been able to talk Jack out of moving. Traci apologized and told Kyle that Jack was determined to go through with his plan of carving out some space for himself.

Traci said that as much as it was a blow to them, Jack had made a convincing argument for requiring solitude. Traci said she believed it was a good thing. Kyle was disappointed, but he was concerned about Jack not having a family, home, or job to fall back on. Jack was having lunch at one of the tables at the Athletic Club when Devon approached him. Jack told Devon that he'd quit Jabot. Jack asked how Devon, Hilary, and baby were doing. Devon admitted that things had gone smoothly.

Jack hoped the rest of Hilary's pregnancy went the same way. Jack told Devon to enjoy the first few years because things went quickly after that. Devon told Jack that he'd figured out that things would become more difficult after that. Jack claimed he wasn't the best person to ask about how to be a great father. Devon told Jack to not sell himself short because Jack had given him some sound advice about fatherhood. Jack had told Devon to put in the work from the first day, and that had stuck with Devon.

Jack told Devon that he'd made it his life's mission to forge a new path, and Devon might be the person to help him do it. Phyllis expected to have some good stories for their next girls' night, and she suggested that they have drinks that weekend.

Hilary begged off, and Phyllis became irritated that Hilary was ghosting her -- until she realized what the reason could be. Hilary confirmed that she really was pregnant, and Phyllis inquired how Devon had reacted. Hilary said she hadn't told him yet, since she needed things to be perfect. Hilary recalled that she and Devon had been in a bad place when she'd thought she'd been pregnant before, and Phyllis warned that a television announcement clearly wasn't the answer. Hilary wanted to tell Devon in a cute, fun way that wasn't too romantic.

She implied that Phyllis could dress up in a stork costume, but Phyllis reserved her dress-up games for Billy. Hilary considered skywriting, but Phyllis doubted that Devon would like a public display. Hilary thought the revelation needed to be special and unique -- just like their baby. Across the coffeehouse, Shauna was embarrassed because she couldn't even buy Charlie coffee to thank him for giving her a place to sleep.

He asked if she'd actually slept, and she pointed out that he'd been the one who'd crashed on the floor. He figured that he'd been by the door in case his parents had popped in, but he knew he couldn't fool them forever.

Shauna dreaded going back to her aunt's house, which she found more dysfunctional than her regular home. She felt terrible for kicking Charlie out of his own bed. Charlie inquired about Shauna's brother's rehab, and she indicated that she'd received only a couple of text messages from her parents, who had moved to Colorado to support her brother during his recovery. Charlie insisted that her family loved her, but Shauna griped that they'd dumped her at her aunt's and taken off.

Charlie reasoned that it had been to finish the school year, but Shauna didn't want to leave as soon as school was over. Charlie assured her that she would stay right there, and bunking with him was just a short-term solution.

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Lily overheard and asked, "For what? She teased that he didn't get up that early for just anyone, and she told them to have a good day at school. Lily headed out, and Shauna fretted that she couldn't go to school because her family might have called the principal. She planned to hang out elsewhere, but Charlie thought he knew someone who could help. At the Athletic Club, Nikki approached Jack and asked how he was holding up.

He exclaimed that it was a gorgeous day, and he mentioned that he'd watched the sun rise in his suite upstairs. She was stunned that he'd moved out of his home, and he explained that he'd moved on.

He added that everyone deserved a chance for a fresh start, and he was ready for his. He intended to blow onto the health and beauty market like a hurricane by starting something new with no history or baggage.

Nikki found the idea of starting a company to compete with both Newman and Jabot intimidating, but Jack asserted that there was plenty of room on the playing field. She cautioned that he was going up against his family, and he mentioned that he'd offered Kyle a position, but his son had decided to stick with "Uncle Brutus" at Jabot.