Tyrese and sasha relationship advice

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tyrese and sasha relationship advice

During his time at the prison, he formed a relationship with fellow Woodbury At this point, Tyreese and Sasha view that Carl, Beth Greene, and her father .. to Gabriel for guidance but he declines her and, in an attempt to make her kill him. Sasha rebukes his advice by reminding him how blood-thirsty he was when Rick, Carl, Judith, Michonne, Sasha, Tyrese and Father Gabriel. It's supposed to say Sasha Williams in the title but I don't know how to edit those: cry x I've been waiting for this friendship to pop off since the epi after Tyreese's death but it never .. Michonne's relationship with Maggie and Glenn is another underrated aspect of the series as well. .. Latest Advice Alley Threads.

'The Walking Dead' Season 5 Ep. 3 Recap: 'Four Walls And A Roof'

Rosita who I feel has been nothing more than a crutch for Abe and my become one for Eugene. It would be a great contrast to see the women of the family compared to the women of the Sanctuary, esp. I think part of the reason the friendship hasn't flourished before was because Maggie still had Glenn. While Sasha was alone, Maggie had Glenn, which is most likely why it took Sasha longer to recover than Maggie in season 5, which is funny not really considering that a lot of people thought Maggie was going to attempt suicide like in the comics that episode when it was Sasha who kinda had the death wish Now it's Sasha being the strong one because she's already gone through being striped of everything.

Sure she gained her love with Abraham only to be striped again, but she's far more prepared for it this time because she's already gone through it. And now she's going to help Maggie maybe Rosita get through it with knowing from her own experience.

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I did think about Eugene and Rosita bonding, maybe even Tara and Rosita, considering that Tara's technically in the same boat as Sasha except she doesn't know it yet by once being stripped of everything they loved only to find love and lose it again, so maybe Tara would be able to provide some strength towards Rosita the way Sasha will be able to for Maggie I just want to say poor Tara real quick.

She just lost three very important people to her and doesn't even know it. So if she doesn't completely break when finds out, then maybe she can be there for Rosita.

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Glenn stomps on a belt, breaking off the top rounded part of the buckle, laces his fingers through the metal spines so they protrude from a closed fist, and proceeds to wrap the belt around his hand. Daryl peers out a crack in the door.

tyrese and sasha relationship advice

The gang then hears a noise from above, looks up as a light shines down from an opening above them. A canister drops down onto the floor. All goes black…and then we see: We knew they were cannibals! He pulls out a fresh knife, then proceeds to sharpen the long, shiny blade in loud, scraping strokes.

One by one, struggle or not, a line of men are bound and kneeling, gagged, at the long trough. As the camera pans down the long line of bound, kneeling men, we see a young blond man at the end…He looks familiar.

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At first, Rick looks back at Sam… …but then must look away. From behind Rick, there is a signal to proceed… The Terminal butchers stride to the end of the line, where poor Sam is first on the chopping block. This ritual is repeated with the next young man, as the bound, gagged men who are next in line begin to scream and plead into their gags, all the while trying vainly, desperately to free themselves, to flee what is happening. Rick eases his shiv out of his pants leg, grips it, and waits.

What were your shot counts? Even Daryl knows it. Look at his face. Bob continues frantically calling out to Gareth through his gag. He makes it count.

tyrese and sasha relationship advice

He fixes his gaze on Gareth, unwavering. But Bob is quick. You just have to take that chance! He has a cure. We can put the world back to how it was! This day is really shaping up to be one for the crap books. He steps forward, ready to shut it down.

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Bob tries another moment, then falls silent. Mad props to Bob for trying, though…he really gave it everything he had.

He and Rick regard each other for a moment. I had to pull my spotters back before they went to look for it. Those crafty, creepy people-eaters! Gareth looks away as he says this, then looks back at Rick. In case things went bad? He turns back to Rick. Ha, how about it, motherfucker? Gareth shakes his head. AK, Magnum…automatic weapons, night scope. Again, dark hilarity ensues. The gunshots are followed by a huge explosion, which sends the standing men flying and shakes the rafters of the warehouse, sending bits of plaster and ceiling raining down upon them all.

I transcribed, and deconstructed this scene in great detail because, one, I love it so; and because, two, I feel many key elements and questions were answered in that first nine minutes.

In the blink of an eye, locked in a darkened train car, Gareth seemed to reach inward and invoke a deeper, darker side of himself…. They are large in number, and they are well-armed, well fortified…well-fed. They are brutal, ruthless. The only way for their system to work is to decide quickly if there are newcomers who may be of value to them, and who could perhaps be persuaded to subscribe to the Terminal Method.