Twelve and clara relationship

OK Fan — Whouffaldi’s (Twelve/Clara) romantic relationship

twelve and clara relationship

Whouffaldi's (Twelve/Clara) romantic relationship is solid canon and confirmed by Moffat, Capaldi, and Coleman I received an anonymous. But her relationship with Doctor is one of my favorites, it directly reflects Capaldi's era. Twelve chose his face to remind himself he IS the Doctor. (I can be way too protective of Twelve, and I think that might be down to Clara's relationship with him – no other Doctor so frequently makes me.

And I think the fandom was confused ever since.

twelve and clara relationship

And maybe the cast and crew as well. I think the Doctor loves Clara in a very deep way that is not just about romance, so it goes into deeper territory of affection. And in a non-sexual, non-creepy way the Doctor has a tremendous crush on Clara.

And Jenna…has been referred to as the Whouffaldi ship captain.

twelve and clara relationship

Therefore, I think that the romance has become subtextual. Season 8 Engaging in a spoon versus sword fight with Robin Hood while your friend watches.

Clara not wanting to discuss her boyfriend or particulars of her dates with the Doctor.

twelve and clara relationship

The Doctor pleading with Clara to run away with him in Last Christmas. He looks just as hurt as she is by the pain and fear.

capaldissexy: Clara, the Doctor, and a - Twelve Is A Good One

My Take on Things: I would say that Clara and the Doctor are intertwined. The romantic and sexual aspects are at the forefront in the first stages of a relationship, when everything is fresh and new.

twelve and clara relationship

Secretly, I indulge myself by thinking that they must have great fun jabbing at each other and keeping score of their smug victories. However, without Danny Pink to pose as the ever-humble referee in these aggressive matches, it looks like Series 9 will be thrown out of the frying pan and into the fire or, more appropriately, out of the T-Rex and into the Dalek.

The Doctor can thank Clara for coaxing that concealed bit of humanity yes, it exists from beneath his furrowed, bushy eyebrows. As an added bonus, romance no longer has to interfere with this sturdy, good-natured friendship.

Tribal Mind: Between the time lines - Clara is in love with Doctor Who

Ideally, the Doctor and his companion should be a chummy twosome, gallivanting across galaxies without the melodramatic baggage of unrequited love. Series 8 has proven that Clara is an excellent Doctor, and she would be entirely capable on her own. Dawdling like a lost puppy, the Doctor depends on her during multiple adventures, to either slap his mind into focus quite literally or rescue him from tight places such as a miniaturized TARDIS.

Granted, he never effusively thanks her, but a good tip of the eyebrow is sufficient enough. What really flooded my emotional receptors with a fondness for these partners in crime is one simple scene from Last Christmas, and you may have guessed it already.

After a year absence, the Doctor is greeted by a crinkly, dimpled, graying, alacritous Clara.

twelve and clara relationship