Thomas paine and benjamin franklin relationship

Thomas Paine - HISTORY

thomas paine and benjamin franklin relationship

Thomas Paine and Benjamin Franklin met in London during Paine's time he or Thomas Paine know that their friendship, indeed their father-son relationship. A respected journalist and author inquired recently about the first meeting and introduction of Thomas Paine to Benjamin Franklin. There is. Your favor of Octr. 7th did not come to me till March. I was at Camp when Capt. Folger arrived with the Blank Packet. The private Letters were, I believe, all safe.8 .

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thomas paine and benjamin franklin relationship

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thomas paine and benjamin franklin relationship

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Benjamin Franklin's letter to Thomas Paine - WallBuilders

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Thomas Paine

Thomas Jefferson, the American figure of the period most similar to Franklin, though 37 years younger, is said to have written the first draft of the Declaration.

Back of Jefferson's words, however, stood the powerful pronouncements of Thomas Paine, who, born in England, had arrived in America on November 30, with a letter of introduction from Benjamin Franklin.

thomas paine and benjamin franklin relationship

No personality of the Revolutionary Era has aroused as much antagonism as Thomas Painean impetuous man who having espoused at the outset the cause of American Independence wrote pamphlets, articles and books which stirred the Colonists to action at the most crucial time. Evidence for his having an early degree of Gemini rising seems conclusive, astrologically speaking. This brings his progressed Moon to his Ascendant at the time of his arrival to Philadelphia, and particularly of the beginning of his public work there for The Pennsylvania Magazine.

It also brings his progressed Mars to his Ascendant at the time the pamphlet Common Sense — a powerful call to arms — appeared. Mars at birth in the twelfth House hidden enemies squares the Sun, a configuration which characterizes well Thomas Paine's work and which fits in with the campaigns of defamation which were waged against him, particularly by the Churches. As for Saturn rising in Gemini: Moreover the violent star Antares on the Descendant refers accurately to Paine's difficulties with his associates and his two wives.

If, as I believe, Sagittarius is indeed the true Ascendant of the United States, the position of Antares on the cusp of the house of partners and public enemies is particularly significant. Paine was a born in a Quaker environment, but his adventurous spirit never quite adjusted itself to Quaker pacifism.

thomas paine and benjamin franklin relationship

In the English war against France he went to sea for a brief period. Returning to London he established himself as a master stay-maker; later he became an exciseman revenue officer. His first wife died after a year of marriage.

Taxes & Smuggling - Prelude to Revolution: Crash Course US History #6

As an exciseman he attempted to champion the cause of these underpaid servants of the State, appealing to the Parliament and finally being dismissed. Of his mental and spiritual life, then, little is know. He frequented philosophers and he met Franklin, who apparently recognized his great gifts and introduced him to friends in America. He may have been a Mason; but there seems to be no record of it. Thomas Paine in America became an entirely new man, as far as his outer life was concerned.

He at once attracted attention by his articles in The Pennsylvania Magazine. He soon became its editor, writing a vast number of articles under various pen-names. As his biographer, Daniel Conway, writes: The Pennsylvania Magazine, in the time that Paine edited it was a seed-bag from which this sower scattered the seeds of great reforms ripening with the process of civilization. Through the more popular press he sowed also. Events selected his seeds of American independence, of republican equality, freedom from royal, ecclesiastical and hereditary privilege, for a swifter and more imposing harvest: The first to urge extension of the principles of independence to the enslaved Negro; the first to arraign monarchy and to point out the danger of its survival in presidency; the first to propose articles of a more thorough nationality to the new-born States; the first to expose the absurdity and criminality of dueling; the first to suggest more rational ideas of marriage and divorce; the first to advocate national and international copyright; the first to plead for animals; the first to demand justice for women".

He had the violenct and intellectual fervor of an Aquarian; exaggerated by square Mars. Franklin fulfilled the social order; Paine envisioned a really "New" World.

Early American Literature: Thomas Paine vs. Benjamin Franklin

He saw in America the possibility of a new departure in world affairs. In the 18th of October,issue of the Pennsylvania Journal a brief article, undoubtedly written by Paine sets forth many of the arguments embodied in his friend Jefferson's Declaration, including the one against Negro slavery which Congress refused to pass.

That same Fall, as his progressed Jupiter squared his natal Saturn, Paine's pamphlet Common Sense "burst from the press with an effect which has rarely been produced by types and paper in any age or country" said then Dr.

It was followed later by a series of pamphlets, The Crisis, which also were most influential in uniting soldiers and vacillating citizens in the realization of what they were fighting for. They were written while Paine was serving in the Revolutionary Army. But Paine reached much deeper than the patriot who served with passion the sacred cause of Liberty. He did not belong to America, but to Mankind. He was fighting for a new order of human relationship and a new consciousness.

He had therefore to strike at the very roots of all forms of tyranny. His book The Rights of Man was a passionate cry against political tyranny. His later work The Age of Reason denounced all forms of religious dogmatism and tyranny. For that he was not forgiven; and persecutions and slanders were heaped upon him.

In Paris he founded in the "Church of Theophilanthropy;" a rationistic, ethical, deistic and humanitarian group. Indeed he was one of the greatest Humanists the world has known and his noble enthusiasm kindled many flames.

  • Benjamin Franklin’s letter to Thomas Paine

He was a true Aquarian, with all the virtues and all the failings of that sign; and his birth-chart is a real "signature" of his character and his destiny. His influence in England and America throughout the 19th century has been very deep indeed. As President Jackson once said: He was the transition between the intellectual 18h century represented by a Franklin and the fervent, emotional 19th century represented by a Lincoln and a Walt Whitman; and in France by St.

thomas paine and benjamin franklin relationship

Simon, Auguste Comte, Victor Hugo. For him Democracy was the "Religion of Man" and the United States the virgin field into which the seeds thereof were being planted. But he worked for the whole of Mankind. To do good is my religion.

Just as important is the conjunction between Franklin's Sun and the Declaration's Pluto. Pluto is a symbol of integration and cohesive power of one type or another. Franklin thus appears in the role of chief Integrator for the nascent Union of the States — and one of the first, typical "American business man," insofar as the growth of his financial status and his political prestige was concerned.

In terms of Franklin's "progressions" it would be significant indeed if — as seems probable — his progressed Sun reached his natal Ascendant in His progressed Moon was then in the House of service and work, just past the Neptune of the U.

Ascendant on its Mid-Heaven during the Spring of