The loft 2014 ending a relationship

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the loft 2014 ending a relationship

a completely slightly ending the the movie The Loft () and I have Statistically there's also something to say for a 10 year relationship. A brief synopsis and the ending will be revealed for the movie - THE LOFT. Read the The Loft full movie script online. SS is dedicated Movie Scripts > The Loft () .. Okay? That's the end of it. . relationship with her in San Diego?.

the loft 2014 ending a relationship

At a point you just stop caring about who did what - you just want the damn movie to end. The entire third act is a disaster in every conceivable way. This movie was watchable, mainly because of the cast, but the ending is so frustrating I had to give it a low score.

I really tried to like it, it's just hard to care about a movie when you're just watching a bunch of stupid people do stupid things. And the police interrogation scenes were atrocious. If you don't care about plot and just want to see a bunch of good looking people act like complete jerks for an hour and a half, you can get a kick out of The Loft. If you want a thrilling murder mystery that makes you think, stay far far away - The Loft does not deliver.

Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Even though it had five different stories it was actually easily understandable. The Idea of the movie is fresh and new for Hollywood and the plot flows smoothly in the first half an hour of the movie there are no much puzzles to think about but who really between those five guys did it!!

So to be fair the screenplay writing appears so tight and consistent. Is it believable that every married man would have an affair if he thought he could get away with it? How are marriages and romantic relationships portrayed in the movie? Who, if anyone, has the healthiest relationship?

the loft 2014 ending a relationship

Critics have complained about the portrayal of women both the wives and the mistresses in the movie. Why are the wives stereotypically mean, catty, or boring? In what ways are the "other women" stereotypical as well? What role does violence play in the movie?

The Loft (2014) Movie Script

How is it connected to sex? This spoiler was submitted by Joanna. Vincent Stevens Karl Urban tells his version of events.

It starts with a sex scene between him and a blonde woman intertwined with a man named Luke Wentworth Miller entering the room of a loft in NYC.

He enters and drops his bags as he sees a woman dead on facedown on the bed. Cut to when he enters he sees Luke and then the body. Vincent and Luke talk saying the windows were sealed and door was locked which means someone had to have gotten in with one of their keys, since only five exist. Vincent is now in interrogation. He denies ever being to the loft, though the police know he and four other men share it to have sex with their mistresses, one of them being Luke. Back at the loft, Chris James Marsden now enters.

Marty Eric Stonestreet then comes in. No one can believe this is happening. Cut to a flashback for a party of the opening of a building, with all five men talking about the women there, ignoring their wives. Chris starts talking to a beautiful blonde woman named Ann Morris.

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Chris is a psychologist and had treated her sister who had a mood disorder apparently. His wife Allison witnesses their interaction and is not happy. Vincent, Marty, and Luke are architects. He brings his friends upstairs to the loft and tells them his plan to share it for their secret rendezvous.

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Present day at the loft intertwined with interrogationLuke starts to freak out as they try to get in contact with the fifth man, Phil. However one word tense was incorrect which Chris tells the police. They start asking him where Phillip, his half-brother, is. Back at the loft Phillip shows up. They accuse him of committing the crime but no one will admit to anything.

The men are talking crudely. He comes on to her and asks Vincent to borrow his key…just that once. Cut to the loft, they need to make sure none of them lost their key.

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Flashback, Chris is having a dinner party for the guys and their wives. He doesn't seem to be getting along with his wife Allison. Chris kicks his chair causing him to fall over and stop talking, but the women are thinking now about what is going on.

Luke and his wife Ellie catch Phillip in the bathroom doing cocaine. She questions Luke about him maybe wanting someone else as he gives himself a shot diabetes and he reassures her. Cut to Chris and Ann having sex in the loft. He tells her he loves her and he is going to leave his wife, which is very upsetting to her. Marty is in interrogation. He and his wife are separated because she caught him cheating with someone he met in San Diego on business.