Synonym mutually beneficial relationship between 2

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synonym mutually beneficial relationship between 2

mutually beneficial relationship between synonyms, antonyms, English Suggest new translation/definition 1. friendly, affectionate love; familial love 2. Symbiosis definition at, a free online dictionary with any interdependent or mutually beneficial relationship between two persons, groups, etc. Definition: Develops, maintains and strengthens relationships while securing Level 2. Secures support from existing networks and strengthens partnerships NRC to help promote mutually beneficial business opportunities.

Later, these animals developed closer social or economic bonds with humans and lead to a domestic relationship.

synonym mutually beneficial relationship between 2

From this perspective, animal domestication is a coevolutionary process in which a population responds to selective pressure while adapting to a novel niche that includes another species with evolving behaviors.

Dogs[ edit ] The dog was the first domesticated animal, and was domesticated and widely established across Eurasia before the end of the Pleistocenewell before the cultivation of crops or the domestication of other animals. The wolves more likely drawn to human camps were the less-aggressive, subdominant pack members with lowered flight response, higher stress thresholds, and less wary around humans, and therefore better candidates for domestication.

In contrast, cats may have become fully dependent on a commensal lifestyle before being domesticated by preying on other commensal animals, such as rats and mice, without any human provisioning. Debate over the extent to which some wolves were commensal with humans prior to domestication stems from debate over the level of human intentionality in the domestication process, which remains untested.

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Although these two populations spend a period of the year in the same place, and though there was evidence of gene flow between them, the difference in prey—habitat specialization has been sufficient to maintain genetic and even coloration divergence.

The skull shape, tooth wear, and isotopic signatures suggested these remains were derived from a population of specialist megafauna hunters and scavengers that became extinct while less specialized wolf ecotypes survived.

synonym mutually beneficial relationship between 2

Aspergillus and Staphylococcus Numerous genera of bacteria and fungi live on and in the human body as part of its natural flora.

The fungal genus Aspergillus is capable of living under considerable environmental stress, and thus is capable of colonising the upper gastrointestinal tract where relatively few examples of the body's gut flora can survive due to highly acidic or alkaline conditions produced by gastric acid and digestive juices.

synonym mutually beneficial relationship between 2

While Aspergillus normally produces no symptoms, in individuals who are immunocompromised or suffering from existing conditions such as tuberculosisa condition called aspergillosis can occur, in which populations of Aspergillus grow out of control. Staphylococcus aureusa common bacterial species, is known best for its numerous pathogenic strains that can cause numerous illnesses and conditions.

However, many strains of S.

Leverages collaborative relationships (core competency)

Other Staphylococcus species including S. Identifies and creates opportunities to partner through networking and participating in cross-functional, multi-stakeholder groups. Proactively pitches a business case to gain visibility, promote acceptance, encourage support and raise the profile of the idea.

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Establishes connections that help facilitate the accomplishment of broader organizational objectives. Coaches others on how to develop proposals and work plans for effective partnership arrangements.

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Shares information with colleagues and partners about industry trends and business opportunities. Level 4 Facilitates partnerships and alliances with key business and industry stakeholders Establishes new relationships outside NRC and expands sphere of influence to better position NRC's science, research and technology to create new business opportunities.

Creates alliances with key stakeholders within and outside NRC to help promote mutually beneficial business opportunities. Provides advice and direction on the types of partner relationships to pursue as well as the rules of engagement for an effective collaboration. Supports staff in taking calculated risk s in their partner relationships; intervenes when necessary to assist others or help resolve problems in partnership arrangements.

Shares knowledge and communicates lessons learned from different partnering arrangements to promote ongoing development and sound business planning. Level 5 Leverages strategic partnerships to advance NRC's mandate For the good of all stakeholders, understands and uses internal or external political forces, rivalries and alliances to move projects forward when appropriate.

synonym mutually beneficial relationship between 2

Draws on own and others' internal and external networks to help ensure buy-in and ownership; enhances the visibility of NRC's science, research and technology in the broader commercial sphere. Provides strategic advice on the value and types of partnership arrangements that NRC should be pursuing. Seeks creative ways to partner to promote the innovation of NRC's science, research and technology and their economic and social benefits to Canadians.

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Mines information on industry trends and business opportunities to orient the broader research mandate and promote the commercializability of NRC's science, research and technology. Report a problem or mistake on this page Please select all that apply: Something is broken It has a spelling or grammar mistake Provide more details required: