Sydney bristow and michael vaughn relationship quotes

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sydney bristow and michael vaughn relationship quotes

Sydney Bristow from Alias Michael Vartan, Gina Torres, Jennifer Garner Alias, .. Alias - Sydney and Vaughn Michael quote Best Tv Shows, Favorite Tv Shows. Michael Vaughn Season(s): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 First Episode: Truth Be Told Last Episode : All However, after Sydney's two year disappearance Vaughn married NSC agent .. Quotes. To Sark: Holding that thing you almost look like you've reached. Vaughn tells Sydney - Episode "The Passage part1" Season 2 World Quotes, Tv Sydney Bristow and Michael Vaughn <3 One of my favorite TV couples of.

They find out that this server may be the "silver bullet" to SD-6 and the team finds out that the server is one a plane guarded by a man named Gils Nacor. Sydney agrees to get on the plane disguised as a call girl.

sydney bristow and michael vaughn relationship quotes

This is where the first scene steps in where the fat man Gils holds a gun up to Sydney. She dodges the bullet and shoots out the plane window. Due to depressurization, the door is sucked out as well as the guard, who gets shredder in the engine. Gils is sucked out of the plane as well and Sydney manages to find a parachute and jumps out the plane as it crashes to the ground.

Back at Sydney's house, Francie announces that her restaurant is doing well and Will is becoming a writer.

sydney bristow and michael vaughn relationship quotes

The two suddenly begin to kiss each other passionately in the kitchen. Sydney and Jack meet up with the CIA leader and show him the evidence that reveals the location of all the Alliance of Twelve facilities. The leader doesn't agree at first, due to the amounts of C-4, but Jack manages to change his mind.

Later on, Sydney has dinner with Francie and Will and they reveal that they made out in the kitchen. Sydney wants to hear of all the details, which they share with her.

While examining the e-mail using a key stroke programme, he finds a clue that revealed everything in one sentence: Jack and Sydney Bristow are double agents.

Romancing Alias - Sydney & Vaughn: S3 E12 – Crossings

Jack, unaware that Geiger knows of his betrayal, walks back into SD Using a computer in the boardroom, he is suddenly greeted by Geiger who traps Jack in the room. Jack realizes that his cover's been blown and after being forced to call Sydney, he tells her a secret code that should only be spoken if one of them was captured by SD Sydney tells Vaughn that her father's been captured and that they need to do something before Jack is killed.

Jack wakes up restrained to machine and sees Geiger holding electric tools, ready to torture Jack. The two have light conversation at first, but Geiger decides to torture Jack until he tells him all that he knows and which side he's on. Jack keeps his mouth shut, prompting Geiger to torture him with electricity. Jack starts to scream Sydney calls Will and tells him to get Francie and leave town because she's in trouble, but doesn't tell him what kind of trouble she's into.

After calling him, she meets up with Marcus at a refinery and reveals everything to him about SD Despite the fact Marcus doesn't believe her even after she says her father may be killed he returns to SD-6 to gather the files exposing the corporation. Marcus calls his wife and tells her he loves her, realizing the dangerous information he stumbled upon. He sends the code to the CIA and the raid is approved of.

After massive torture, Geiger strongly tries to coax Jack to comply with his wishes otherwise he'll die. But Jack merely says nothing, even after Geiger threatens to torture his daughter as well. My father and I weren't speaking, my mother had died when I was six and the highlight of my social life was my dorm's salad bar.

So, I called them. They didn't use that name. These men led me to believe they were CIA. They were very convincing. I might not have been a genius at nineteen years old, but I was smart enough to know what questions to ask.

They had all the right answers. Says here you were a genius. You're saying that Sydney could be held long enough to blow her cover with SD-6? Under directive 81A, they could conceivably hold her without trial or charges for the rest of her life.

What does "SD" stand for? Alain Christophe, one of the Alliance founders, the term was his. Explain to us about the Alliance of Twelve. The Alliance is like a board of directors. Some are from the private sector, but most are former intelligence officers. They started a company together, except this company -- the Alliance -- trades intelligence. You didn't think about it.

The possibility that Rambaldi could be right about me. Masquerade[ edit ] Sydney: I don't want an explanation.

Sydney & Vaughn Alias 2x21

I came here because I need you to help me find her. Sydney, how much do you remember about the year after you were told that your mother died? My father was away on business for most of that year. Your father spent six months in solitary in a federal prison.

sydney bristow and michael vaughn relationship quotes

He was suspected of being in collusion with Laura. The FBI almost tried him for treason and even though he was vindicated, the damage was done. And he began to unravel. He started taking unnecessary risks. Come on, Sydney, you know the father he was to you all those years.

He took a long time to fully recover, and I was under direct orders from the DCI not to let him know that Laura had survived the accident. Unfortunately, that also required lying to you. May I cut in? But I should warn you: And how would you define a "normal" family? I suppose it's one in which the family members aren't under order to lie to each other. You have all your subconscious tells under control. You're smart enough to struggle with words. But I think you told me what I wanted to hear so you could get out of my office as quickly as possible.

I also think that someone so skilled at deception is in danger of deceiving himself. A lot's happened since you left. And I want to fill you in but I don't know if I feel comfortable doing that yet. When you left and you just disappeared, it was a kick in the stomach, and I carried that around for a long time.

You were the last person that I ever wanted to see again And you were the only person that I ever wanted to see again. Snowman[ edit ] Dixon: Noah, I'll be straight with you. I don't trust you. Which wouldn't be such a problem, except that I'm an intelligence officer and if you stick around, sooner or later, my life is going to be in your hands and yours in mine.

And in that scenario, the only person truly safe will be you. You know I can't do that. Well, for about a million reasons. I highly doubt there are a million reasons. There might be fifty, and I'd like the opportunity to refute all of them.


One of the biggest reasons that comes to mind is my mother. Khasinau was her superior. My mother was a spy for the KGB and those files that we recovered may help me find her.

I'm not going anywhere until I know where she is. My Russian or American name? Irina Derevko and Laura Bristow. Kishell, I appreciate you talking to me. I know this must be very difficult. How did you acquire your intel? Every night for ten years I went through his briefcase. I eavesdropped on all of his private conversations. I planted listening devices on his clothing.

He was blinded by his emotions. I can tell you one thing: Jack Bristow was a fool. The Solution[ edit ] Sydney: But the truth is, it affects me. Never knowing who to trust, learning to expect betrayal, plotting in secrecy and hatred and anger. It's becoming a part of me. I am becoming what I despise. See, the thing about rats is they're clever.

You have to out think them. You can't really just leave out cheese. You have to leave the good stuff. The stuff that they want.

It's the only way they're going to come out. Otherwise, you're just wasting your time. When you look back It wouldn't seem that important. Even working for SD This is an article I've written. Abby, you've got to do this for me. Make sure you keep it sealed, and don't mention this to anyone.

And you got to promise me you're not going to open it, unless something happens to me. And if something happens to me, you got to publish it. I'm gonna send flowers to Will to thank him for babysitting our rodents. What do you think the card should say? I had sex with someone. Rendezvous[ edit ] Jack: You're going to tell your contact you want a meeting.

A meeting to take place at your contact's discretion. Why would he lead me to you knowing that you'd want to flush him out? He only told you my name so you would realize that my threat to you was a bluff. That I would never hurt Sydney, even if you continue your investigation. He didn't expect you'd have the guts to contact me. Oh, well, I'll assume that's a compliment.

Alias (TV series)

I feel rather awkward sitting here asking you to allow my wife to die of cancer. Arvin, the agreement is simple. People with any unauthorized information regarding SD-6, or any SD cell, must be eliminated. I understand I am in no position to demand anything, but for the record, I'm far more comfortable talking over a glass of Chateau Petreuse I don't want your thanks. I want it to stop. Look, Sydney's my responsibility Mike, I'm not going to trivialize your relationship with her by calling it a crush But whatever it is, it's starting to affect me and if that sounds selfish to you, I was hoping to retire fully vested.

I know you genuinely care for her. But there is a line that we have been sworn not to cross. We're about a mile past that. I don't know how to be Sydney's handler without making it personal. Figure out a way. He is my friend.

sydney bristow and michael vaughn relationship quotes

He is, like, one of my best friends. You get to tell your friends that you work for the CIA while I go home and look desperately for a tiny moment that I can be honest with anyone about anything.

Now that Will knows the truth - he's never going to trust me again. You should have seen his face in Paris. It was like he was looking at a stranger. He was looking at you. Maybe for the first time. Almost Thirty Years[ edit ] Dixon: How am I supposed to know what you believe when you've been lying to me? Just think about this for a minute.

Just think about everything we've been through. Just think about who I am. Now, what I am going to ask you to do is just accept the fact that I cannot tell you what this is about. What I am doing is classified but Dixon I swear to you that I am not betraying this country. I could never do that. I don't need rhetoric, Sydney. Right now, I need a reason not to report you to security section. How did you find me? You told me a couple of months ago that when you feel the need to disappear, you go to the observatory.

But the observatory was closed. And then I remembered you said the pier calms you down. But you weren't there. And you weren't at the bluffs and the palisades, either.

You didn't really go to all those places. And then I remembered you liked the train station, too. Normal people going to their normal jobs. I can't believe you remember that.