Sweden and united states relationship with france

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sweden and united states relationship with france

Our bilateral relationship is rich in economic, cultural and human terms. and has been reconfirmed at the recent State Visit to France by H.M. King Carl Sweden and France share a common vision regarding international relations. Our countries are deeply committed to promoting the United Nations and. Over the last two weeks, every household in Sweden received a booklet of Countries like Germany, Britain and France have reconsidered their Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, once part of the Soviet Union. In the case of North Korea, that has helped Sweden to be a leader in attempting to thaw relations between the communist state and western.

France is the first country to have announced the signature of a letter of intent of commitment.

France–Sweden relations

Above and beyond its major scientific importance, the ESS project is thus a structuring one for the future of scientific cooperation between France and Sweden. As regards culture, French artists are regularly exhibited in Swedish galleries and exhibition centres.

Every year, Sweden invites a great number of French and French-language writers, giving rise to the translation of more than literary works in less than a decade. The invitation of the Nordic countries to the Paris Book Fair in led to intensified professional relations between Swedish and French publishers. Patrick Modiano and Jean Tirole winning Nobel Prizes in helped give our cultural and scientific policy greater visibility.

Other cooperation Military and police cooperation Bilateral relations with Sweden are good, although military cooperation is modest as the Swedish focus on exchanges with their Nordic neighbours. This cooperation is primarily operational and has, during the Libyan crisis for example, enabled Swedish Gripen fighters to take part in NATO air operations.

sweden and united states relationship with france

Bilateral cooperation primarily concerns special forces, with joint exercises and operational exchanges. This cooperation is also very good in the area of military intelligence.

France and Sweden

ByChicago had a greater population of Swedes than Gothenburg. Minnesota was also a place where many Swedish emigrants settled.

sweden and united states relationship with france

Truman at the White House in The period between and also marked a cold period in the political relations between Sweden and the U. In DecemberOlof Palme then Prime Minister made a speech on Swedish national radio where he compared the ongoing US bombings of Hanoi to some of the worst atrocities committed by the Nazis.

sweden and united states relationship with france

The US government called the comparison a "gross insult" and once again decided to freeze its diplomatic relations with Sweden this time the freeze lasted for over a year. Bush in and President Bill Clinton in Immediately after the September 11, attacksthe Swedish government expressed its sympathies with the U.

In the Statement of Government Policy presented to the Riksdag on October 6,the new centre-right Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt declared that the new government will work for a "strengthening of the transatlantic link ".

sweden and united states relationship with france

Following President Donald Trump 's first presidential campaign rally at which he referred to "what's happening last night in Sweden " the Swedish government requested clarification of from the U. State Department in regards to Trump's understanding of what was going on in Sweden.

sweden and united states relationship with france

Economic relations[ edit ] The United States and Sweden have strong economic relations.