Suyash and kishwar relationship problems

Suyyash And Kishwer's Love Story Makes Us Want To Believe In True Love SuKish came into the limelight when they put their relationship at stake and participated in the reality show Bigg Boss. Trouble In Paradise. While many people that thought that the activity has caused trouble in Prince- Suyyash-Kishwer's relationship, this trio proved it all wrong. Suyyash and Kishwer, fondly called Sukish by family, friends and fans, make one of the most adorable couples on the But, there often comes trouble in every paradise. "I have always believed in a long-term relationship.

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Take a look at one of the pictures from their engagement: In an August interview, Yuvika spoke about having pre-wedding jitters. This is what she had said, "Yes, of course, I have jitters, and this is a different stage of my life.

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When the marriage date comes close, you have jitters and excitement both. It's a different life altogether. The beauty of our culture is that a girl has to leave her home. I have been living with my family so yes it's a big change for me.

Kishwer Merchantt & Suyyash Kumar Rai’s Love Story: Bigg Boss 9

I know I am getting married soon and, in this time, you get more close to your family. The feeling of getting married is beautiful but you do have jitters. We wish you and Prince tonnes of love and happiness for the rest of your lives! This even led to an ugly fight between Sukish Suyyash and Kishwer.

The price decided for 2 packets of atta was rupees and the workers smartly hid eight more packets that they had made.

Kishwer Merchant - Suyash Kumar Talks About 3 Years Of Their Relationship - Exclusive

They got out the other 8 packets after negotiating the price of two packets. When Kishwer got to know this she really got angry on this and blamed Suyyash and everyone else for cheating on them. The fight got so ugly since Suyyash was involved in the negotiation that Kishwer began crying and seeing her even Suyyash started crying.

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However, things seems to have got better between the two and they were seen disucssing Kishwar's partner Aman Verma. They now have a new hot topic for their late night conversations. Kishwar and Suyyash both pour out all their feelings about Aman.

Kishwar is unhappy about being Aman's partner, she says he lacks compassion and is only interested in competition. This over competitive side of Aman does not go down well with Kishwar.

Suyyash is also extremely unhappy with Aman as Suyyash feels he is the reason Kishwar is unable to spend time with him. Suyyash feels Aman always distracts Kishwar with other work while she is having a conversation with him. On Day 2 when the Bigg Boss inmates were discussing the couple's love stories, both couples revealed how love blossomed for them.

When she gifted me my first Bangkok trip Did Bigg Boss give a new turn to your relationship? But we did what we wanted to and went for it. We decided to be ourselves and not pretend.

We actually realised our strengths, weakness together how we are and how we support each other. We became much stronger than what we were before going in the house because we saw each other reacting and supporting each other in different situations in the show. To sit at home, just cuddle up and watch movies and shows together. Also go out for dinners and drive or just plan a getaway for a day or two.

Play the guitar and sing songs for Kish. What do you mostly fight about, if at all? We hardly fight because we give so much space to each other. We have those one-minute fights where we shout at each other and the next minute, we are fine.

We fight over random and silliest of things. And who makes up after a fight?