Sulli and minho relationship 2013 oscar

sulli and minho relationship 2013 oscar

Channel-Korea has introduced Shinee Minho Dating: Choi Sulli and Choi Minho He has been rumored to have a relationship with Choi Suli. SHiNee's Choi Minho (21) talked about the difficulties of shooting romantic scenes with f(x)'s Sulli, who is under the same company roof as he is. On 26 April, it was announced that Shinee's Minho and f(x)'s Sulli are cast in the . Kim I-an, Na Cheol-soo, Oscar M. Himejima, He is the leader of Dormitory 3, which is She is a teacher in a triangle relationship with Min-woo and Gwang- min. . Philippines: It aired on TV channel ABS-CBN from April 15 to June 21,

As a football fan, which EPL team would you pick to win the title this season? The 1st runner-up would be Manchester City? Do you follow the matches every weekend? Basically unable to watch live coverage.

Because can use mobile phone to watch too, so I will watch the repeat telecast, will also watch the highlights. Because want to showcase a lot of things.

Who is Minho's Girlfriend? Lovelife about Minho of SHINee | MIJ Miner8

We have already been with the fans for 5 years. During this period of time, misunderstandings will unavoidably arise. Seems to make one feel that it is done with a very huge determination. Wants to show all we have done a lot of preparations for it. The response to the 3rd album has been quite good. But there are fans that also felt it is a pity.

sulli and minho relationship 2013 oscar

Felt that it is a pity why the album was produced so well but was unable to gain more attention. The fans really like it a lot.

Our members are very clear about this too. Maybe all the idols know. Considering this point and compared to what we do, we have already received a lot more love. SHINee is a highly complete group among the idols. A lot of people said you guys are the best among all; you guys are really very good.

To the Beautiful You

Will always thinking of moving towards the next stage upon hearing these every time. Will think about how much we have already done and want to continue walking together. There are really a lot of idols.

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What are your thoughts on seeing new idols surfacing and gaining attention? Will also be motivated, will also want to do it better. Which idol groups are you motivated by recently? Being a performer on stage, you will know seeing those performances.

choi minho and choi sulli (minsul couple)

Will feel that it takes a lot of hard work to accomplish it. Jae-hee reveals her purpose of coming to Genie High School and pleads for her secret to be kept, to which Teacher Jang, realizing Jae-hee's resolve, hesitatingly accepts. Jae-hee begins to adapt with the school and her schoolmates, gradually gaining Tae-joon's favor and of the entire Dormitory 2 when she won in a marathon match.

A confused Eun-gyeol begins to doubt his sexuality when he begins to feel attracted to Jae-hee, not knowing she is a girl. Tae-joon, who already have hints on Jae-hee's real gender, saves her from being raped during a trip at Seung-ri's place. When Jae-hee's older brother, Daniel Dawson Julien Kangcomes to Korea, he finds out what his little sister is doing.

Daniel soon decides to make Jae-hee leave the school.

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Jae-hee and Daniel argue in her and Tae-joon's room, and Tae-joon overhears their conversation, and discovers Jae-hee's secret. Tae-joon sends her out, but he later appreciates her candid efforts in helping him in his athletic career when he discovers a video email that she sent to Canadian high jump coach Mr. Holten, which also contains a brief narration of Jae-hee's bitter life in America and her anticipation to see Tae-joon jump again.

Tae-joon pleads Jae-hee not to leave him behind. Episodes 6 - 11[ edit ] Fueled by the inspiration Jae-hee brought upon him, Tae-joon struggles to recover from his nearly lost career in high-jumping. With Jae-hee's constant support, Tae-joon's cold personality changes and he starts to develop feelings for her, despite negative reactions from his childhood friend, renowned gymnast Seol Han-na Kim Ji-wonwho anticipates having Tae-joon as her boyfriend.

On the other hand, Eun-gyeol has rejected the love offered to him by his childhood friend Hong Da-hae Nam Ji-hyun and insists on affirming his love for Jae-hee. As they become closer to each other, Tae-joon reveals to Jae-hee about the death of his mother, which he blames on his father's indifference. The competition over who takes Jae-hee intensifies as her childhood friend and suitor John Kim arrives from America for a photo project in Korea.

Later, Han-na learns of Jae-hee's true identity after reading a secretly acquired yearbook of Jae-hee's previous school in America. Teacher Jang attempts to stop her from revealing the truth to no avail. Tae-joon reluctantly consents, consequently receiving negative responses from the public.

Later on, Han-na severely injures her ankle during a rehearsal and is feared incapable to do gymnastics anymore.

sulli and minho relationship 2013 oscar

She finally rejects Tae-joon, just as Eun-gyeol confesses his love for Jae-hee. Episodes 12 - 15[ edit ] Confused on what to do after Eun-gyeol's confession, Jae-hee asks advice from Teacher Jang. Along with his fellow teachers, Teacher Jang brings Jae-hee, Tae-joon, and Eun-gyeol to the countryside for volunteer work, thinking it will lessen the tension between the trio. After the trip, Tae-joon reveals to Teacher Jang his plan to confess his love for Jae-hee and to admit to her that he knew all along that she is a girl.

Meanwhile, Tae-joon's training partner and fellow high jumper Min Hyeon-jae Kang Ha-neul gets stressed over the competition between them and attempts to sabotage him.

sulli and minho relationship 2013 oscar

Instead, his efforts nearly killed Jae-hee and injured Eun-gyeol, rendering the latter incapable of playing an incoming soccer match. Hyeon-jae reveals to the Eun-gyeol who was his roommate his fears of defeat and disheartening his own family. Eun-gyeol forgives Hyeon-jae to the condition that he shall put him under his servitude until he heals from his injury.