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Let qualified people review 'OK Kanamani': Suhasini

Mani is married to Kamal's elder brother Charu Haasan's daughter Suhasini. Kamal and Mani spoke at length and decided that their. Suhasini Mani Ratnam, who took a hiatus from television, is back of the memes were created based on her relationship with Kamal Haasan. Actor-writer-director Suhasini Maniratnam wears her many hats unobtrusively. Her father, actor Charu Hasan, famously called his superstar brother Kamal Haasan a one person is superior to the other;ours is a relationship of equals. . New Year Images · New Year Messages · New Year Funny Memes.

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What is your favourite journey? To Maldives with my son and husband.

The two Nayakans are back together

We went twice when he was a child. Who is your favourite painter? Rembrandt for his chiaroscuro. The lighting in his paintings is a lesson for any cinematographer.

I also love Ravi Varma for celebrating Indian beauty I lose myself when I see his paintings. What do you consider the most overrated virtue?

  • Mani is a chronic romantic: Suhasini Maniratnam
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  • Let qualified people review 'OK Kanamani': Suhasini

Religious discipline when misplaced. Piousness or blind faith. On what occasion do you lie? I fall ill the next moment from asthma or paralysis. What do you dislike most about your appearance? I am basically okay with everything. But I have a symmetry problem with my eyebrows. I feel one is higher. Which living person do you most despise? I can never despise a person, only what he does.

Oh there are plenty of actions I despise. Which words or phrases do you most overuse? Talk to you later. What is your greatest regret? These are a few of my million regrets. What or who is the greatest love of your life?

My love is music I do not give too much importance to love and romance. Having said that, Mani is my greatest love. He's a chronic romantic. When and where were you happiest? When our Hasan family reconciled with my uncle in September, in Chennai. Ego and righteousness of the previous generation cost us 20 years of divide. We sorted it out in What is your present state of mind?

Cluttered, raring to go, active, crowded, into too many things but very calm and content. How would you like to die? Who are your favourite filmmakers?

Mani is a chronic romantic: Suhasini Maniratnam - The Hindu

What is your opinion about the Indian films that are sent to the Oscars? Honestly, the Oscars don't matter. They are like some of our local Indian awards.

Only they are more ostentatious. How well-versed are you with cinema from the rest of India? I'm not exposed to that much cinema from the rest of the country. I would also like to see Vikramaditya Motwane's Udaan.

You won the National Award for Sindhu Bhairavi. Is it one of your personal favourites too? I believe some films are popular, some make you cry and some make an impact.

Manathil is the story of a nurse who makes it against all odds. I have met countless women down South who have told me that this movie had changed their life. I was not the girl next door because we had several girl-next-door heroines. Also, the girls next door quite often did what they ought not to be doing. I'm a very niche heroine. I don't think Hindi cinema looks at niches like that. Like I said, many of my films were made in Hindi and offered to me but I wasn't interested.

I knew Rekha was in the film and that made me very excited. She is my favourite actress. As a kid, I would stick Rekha's pictures on my cupboard. She once gave me some material to get a frock stitched.

I wore that frock for the longest time. You've dubbed for some of the Hindi film heroines in Tamil and Telugu? I've dubbed mainly for Mani's films. I tried dubbing for the first time when I was barely You write for Mani, you dub for his films. Can we leave Mani out of this discussion? In none of Mani's interviews is my work ever discussed. We are not a couple who feels one person is superior to the other;ours is a relationship of equals.

After Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan, Mani Ratnam’s wife Suhasini to enter politics?

Mani is as proud of my work as he is of his own. I'm not getting angry but I do not feel the need to go on and on about Mani. I am a curator for a couple of big international film festivals. I recommend South Indian cinema to them. But I don't recommend any of Mani's movies because they recommend themselves.

Whether I am acting, judging films or doing my show, nobody asks Mani how involved he is with those aspects of my career. So why should I be constantly asked questions about him? But as a member of several important film juries you must have some opinion about his work. In fact, I am more influenced by Balachander's films than Mani's because I grew up with them. Mani came in Mani is a wonderful person. He is a very intelligent man and probably a path-breaker in terms of technology. As a cinematographer, I will say he is probably the first director in India who made a film through a lens.

Most others believed in writing pages or made films from the point of view of the stars. Mani has brought in a visual revolution. He is the only artistic creative filmmaker liked by the masses. You're the first female cinematographer from the Madras Film Institute?