Statutory declaration relationship is genuine and continuing

How To Fill In A Form Properly With All The ‘Good Stuff In There’!

statutory declaration relationship is genuine and continuing

Statutory declarations from family: mother, father, sister yet remain in a genuine and continuing relationship and are committed to a shared. relationship and are happy make a declaration in support. • Two Statutory Declarations from you and your partner explaining the history of your relationship . How To Write A Letter To Support A Genuine Relationship.

And i stayed in Australia due to my work commitments, It was a very sad time for us both as we had no choice but to be apart for a short period of time.

Spousal Sponsorship - Statutory Declarations from individuals

Whilst we were apart we kept in daily contact and maintained our relationship with each other by phone,txt messaging,emails and windows live video calling. We returned together to Australia on the 25th of Nov In this time we shopped together for household item's made a garden in my backyard togetherone of the many things we love to do together, went fishing and catching crabs together, sightseeing visiting some of the local attraction's in my area ,We spent Christmas with my family at my brother XXXXXXX house, went camping with my sister XXXXXXXX and her family ,and also a short holiday at port maquarie.

I would just like to state that we are very much in love with one another and our de facto relationship is genuine, and i have added a statutory declaration to support this. We have attached further evidence of our relationship in the evidence folder; copies of letter's of support of 2 previous visitors visa's. Evidence of travel together Evidence of socialising together Photos; showing our social life ,Our time in Australia and Thailand,and photos around our house.

statutory declaration relationship is genuine and continuing

Evidence of joint bank account Periods of seperation My job in Australia does not allow me to travel to my partners country to live there for extended periods. We have been in a de facto relationship for a total of 24 months and lived together for a total of 13 months. Our relationship in time of seperation has been maintained by daily telephone calls to each other and internet video calls, Evididence of this can be found in the document and evidence folder attached to her application.

At all times we have both been commited to a shared life. Financial aspects We have opened a joint bank account together, and we both have access to this account at all times. We have been shopping together for household goods together T. If either partner has been in a heterosexual marriage or common-law relationship before, include this information.

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Canadians must list previous same-sex partners if they applied to immigrate to Canada. Canadians must list previous same-sex relationships if they were common-law, for example, if they claimed benefits or paid taxes as partners. Same-sex relationships have been recognized in Canadian law as "common-law" since July with the Modernization of Benefits and Obligations Act.

Evidence of a genuine and continuing relationship

Canadians will need to make a decision about whether to include relationships that ended prior to the Modernization of Benefits and Obligations Act was passed based. There are no legal guidelines. We suggest you consider how long the relationship lasted and whether you lived together as partners when you make your decision Back to top Providing Proof Of The Relationship Anytime an application is made to immigrate based on a relationship, Canadian immigration officials will evaluate whether the relationship is genuine.

They will be looking for evidence that the relationship was not created just for immigration purposes. This is true of all relationships--straight or queer--conjugal partnerships, common-law partnerships, or marriages. Each relationship is different.

Partner Visa For Australia - How to prove your relationship

It is important to consider your specific relationship and circumstances when thinking of what you can use to support the existence and genuineness of your relationship. Whether you are applying as spouses, common-law partners or as conjugal partners, immigration is looking for some key elements.

statutory declaration relationship is genuine and continuing

Providing evidence of a conjugal relationship Provide evidence that your relationship is genuine involves physical, emotional, social and financial interdependence has existed for at least 12 months These are only suggestions.

Choose items that best represent your relationship. There may be things you have that are not on the list. No one is expected to have everything. Brief history of the relationship: As a start, each partner can write a brief history of the relationship that tells the story of your relationship e.

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Documents showing time spent together: You must also show that you have spent time together. A relationship that began via the Internet is fine. However, you must document time spent together. Documents showing the relationship was maintained while apart: Provide dates and show postmarked envelopes if possible. You do not have to include the content if it is personal.