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It's Gamora and Peter Quill a.k.a. Starlord who weren't quite as Infinity War is where some good steps forward were taken in their relationship. Relationships, as Peter and Gamora find, are never quite like the movies. English - Romance/Friendship - Gamora, Peter Quill/Star-Lord - Words: 4, . so he lets it slide and he and Gamora make their way to the market. Zoe Saldana's deadly Guardians of the Galaxy assassin Gamora We enjoyed the development of her relationship with Nebula in minimising her own narrative for the sake of Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) and later, Thanos (Josh Brolin). . in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid.

They've just finished up a mission on a planet that takes Peter closer to Earth than he's been in years when Rocket suggests shopping.

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Well, he doesn't really suggest shopping for a date, per say, he just tells them they should look at the "Terran junk they got for sale on this godsforsaken hunk of rock", because, while Terran tech is utterly useless in Rocket's eyes, the food is much less so.

Peter also has a sneaking suspicion Rocket just wants him gone so he can smuggle a hazardous amount of weaponry on the Milano, but it's been a while since he's seen goods from earth and going anywhere with Gamora sounds fun anyways, so he lets it slide and he and Gamora make their way to the market.

They bypass the rows of sparkling Terran jewelry and colorful clothes though Gamora does make him buy more shirtsoccasionally stopping to look at the more exotic wares from the outlying planets and try to guess what their functions are. They find a vendor selling Terran food, much to Peter and Gamora's delight, and he makes sure to buy the necessary ingredients for chocolate-chip waffles. It's a bit pricier than he likes, but it's also the most excited he's seen Gamora all day, so it's worth it.

They are just circling the edge of the sprawling market when a row of thick, paper-bound books catches his eye. They are Terran books, he knows immediately, recognizing a few familiar titles, tales from his home. He drags Gamora over to them without hesitation and the two spend the next few minutes flipping through the pages. He' d be lying if he said it wasn't enjoyable, though, he thinks as Gamora leans against him, Rocket curled up in his lap and Groot slumped besides him, Drax sitting upright but calmly to Gamora's side.

The book, by some guy with two middle names called Tolkien, is a hit, and it quickly becomes a ritual for the team to curl up every evening and read the enormous story.

This, of course, leads to passionate arguments over who would win in a fight, why they couldn't simply use the eagles all the time, and, of course, who was the best character and why.

Gamora supports Eowyn, though she confesses to finding Aragorn a worthy character; Rocket seems torn between Gimli and Legolas, arguing that one's got sense while the other is the only decent shooter of the bunch; Drax prefers Gandalf and, surprisingly, Arwen; Groot, of course, loves the Ents, but overall seems to share Peter's love for the hobbits and, occasionally, Boromir.

They all agree that Sam is a badass, though. And yes, it is ridiculous, as they prepare for battle and Peter recites Aragorn's speech, and the others actually cheer for it, but hey, it's fun and it brings them together.

The only downside is that Gamora now has an entirely new arsenal of poetry for him to read to her, and half of it is in Elvish. At least one of them is a drinking song. Their first fight is over something so utterly trivial Gamora could not have seen it coming if she had tried which she did-ninety percent of their imagined fights had to do with other women or violent tendencies. The fight sparks over a book.

After a trying day of arguing with officials and fighting off various idiots, the only thing Gamora wanted to do was curl up in her bed and read-so she feels she is justified for the surge of annoyance she feels when she finds the book missing. She is perhaps less justified for immediately blaming it on Peter.

And fine, perhaps she has no justification at all for bursting into his room and shouting angrily at him, but it was a very long day.

Peter is wildly confused at first, but he almost instantly begins shouting back indignantly. He accuses her of jumping to conclusions and general idiocy, and she accuses him of thievery and lying and specialized idiocy.

It spirals downhill from there. One minute they are yelling about a book and the next they are trading insults like blaster fire, accusations and rebuttals flying across the room viciously. The storm of angry tirades reaches a crest as Peter throws her sister at her, yelling about unnecessary violence and bad decisions and recklessness, no wonder she and her sister tried to kill each other- He stops mid-yell as a horrified look crosses his face, the realization of what he has said dawning, but Gamora does not notice because there is a red haze in her eyes and a roaring in her ears, and she bites.

She spins on her heel and flees the room, scarcely noticing her wide-eyed teammates outside the door as she flies into her own room, slamming the door and collapsing on her bed. The guilt is swelling now. Peter never meant to throw Nebula at her like that, she could see it on his face, he did not know the half of their relationship anyways-and stars knows she never, ever meant to throw what she did at him, she knows he struggles with the responsibility of leading, she knows he believes himself the weakest link in their team-that's why she threw it at him, because that is what would hurt the most, that is what would wound him deepest.

It is what she has been taught to do, to exploit the opposing party's weakness. It does not feel like victory. She just feels sick. She sits there for a while, staring at the wall and trying to banish Peter's stricken face from her mind.

She is unsuccessful-but she cannot bring herself to go to him, to apologize. She is much too proud, her mind rebelling at the idea of surrender, and she is much too frightened-she has ruined everything now, she knows that, but she cannot bear to hear Peter say it himself. In the end, he resolves it for her. He gives a quiet knock, pushing her door open gently without waiting for an answer.

She stares resolutely at the wall, bracing herself.

Star-Lord & Gamora Still Unsure Of Relationship in ‘Guardians Vol.2’

The same devastation plaguing her is written across his face, and her heart hurts. I screwed up-that was bad, that was really, really bad, I shouldn't have-I never meant to-I'm sorry. We both went over the line! And we both started it over-over…over what again? He laughs lightly and pulls her close. By now, I would like to have some hope that this character will grow, but the only shred I got was that he did attempt to kill Gamora like she asked, as hard as it was for him to do so.

When Peter later learns Thanos has killed his girlfriend, he flies into a blind rage. Someone needs to ruin the chance of victory. Peter is the writing scapegoat, which is a shame! This is the trope that Hulk and Black Widow dipped their toes into at the start of Avengers: She is a bonafide hero.

Dear Peter Quill: Learn from Gamora. Grow up.

What I would like is for Peter to grow because he wants to be a better person for himself and those around him AND the woman he loves. She should not be his magic cure, she should not be his only reason to better himself.

Trust me, Gamora, the potential to be a good person does not guarantee someone will ever be one. Somewhere between the middle of Vol. Peter later claims that A'askavariian woman aren't his type, because he is not interested in their tentacles or their needle-like teeth.

The relationships later meant nothing, since Peter never felt any love until he met Gamora. Rocket Racoon Edit Main article: By Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Apparently, both of them agree on things and also have friendly sibling rivalry. Yondu was able to crack Rocket out of his shell, knowing that while both of them do care about Peter and their friends but have trouble showing it.

During the Battle on Ego's planet, Peter thinks of his bond with his friends and father, one of them being a memory of him, Rocket and Groot testing out their new and improved rockets. Drax Edit Friend Peter first met Drax at the Kyln, where both men encountered each other when Drax threatened the life Groot "I am not boring, you're boring. You know what's boring? Sitting there playing that mind-numbing game.

Dear Peter Quill: Learn from Gamora. Grow up. — The Beat

What's boring is me tripping over your vines every day. Later, Quill gets easily annoyed with Groot's catchphrase, "I am Groot. Later, Groot tells Rocket that Peter and Gamora are the first friends they ever had and insists on rescuing them from Yondu and his Ravager clan. He also follows Peter into the battle of Xandar; during the invasion on the Dark Aster, Peter pushes Groot out of the way before Rocket collides with him.

In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. He has yelled at him worriedly when fighting the Abilisk before he continued fighting it and tells him to strap in for the ride. At the very end, Groot listens to a song Peter is listening to as the young Terran simply pets Groot's back while also holding him at the same time.