Starbuck and apollo relationship

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starbuck and apollo relationship

You can see the toll it takes on all their relationships. While I think Apollo wanted to be married (and even married to Starbuck), I don't think that Starbuck. Apollo and Starbuck, the most adorable messed up couple ever. BSG - Starbuck and Apollo Jamie Bamber, Katee Sackhoff, So Much Love, .. Battlestar Galactica, Kara, Nerdy Things, Otp, Apollo, Relationship Goals, Tv.

Sarah Caldwell April 11, at Picking my favorite TV couple was a decision I took very seriously! Do I choose the couple who taught me about love Darrin and Samanthathe couple who I think has the most functional relationship Howard and Marionor the couple who I most want to emulate in my own relationships Jim and Pam before Pam became too much to handle?

In the end, I had to go with my heart.

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So I picked the couple who constantly made me feel like someone was grabbing my heart tightly between their fingers and squeezing: But as I looked through our bracket I knew I wanted to pick a couple where both characters have equal importance on the show. On Battlestar Galactica, both Starbuck and Apollo are heroes. They are able to place the Arrow of Apollo in the tomb, and gain a rudimentary map to Earth. After the fleet leadership denies her request to return to rescue the Caprican resistance fighters, Starbuck is depressed and guilt-stricken: As Pegasus CAG, she also feels responsible for the pilots who have died on her watch, or died because she has not yet killed the Cylon's "top gun", "Scar".

She recklessly maneuvers to take out Scar, but at the last moment pulls away, setting up the kill for Louanne "Kat" Katraine and giving up her own status as "Top Gun". Although this marks the beginning of a new resolve and the end of her self-destructive depressive behaviours, tensions between her and Apollo flare up again after she shoots him in a friendly fire incident during a hostage stand-off. New Caprica[ edit ] The complication of Starbuck and Lee's relationship was furthered when a drunken night on the newly found planet, New Capricaended with Starbuck and Lee having a one-night stand where they both expressed their love for one another.

When Lee woke up alone the next morning, he soon discovered Kara had proposed to and married Anders. Lee soon marries newly commissioned Lieutenant Anastasia Dualla while Starbuck moves planetside with Anders.

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After an all-night celebration of the first founder's day for New Caprica, tired and hungover, Starbuck and Tigh put their differences behind them. They even greet each other fondly following Tigh's demobilization and arrival at the colony. Her relationship with Lee, however, worsened to the point that they were not on speaking terms and he had little interest in helping her, even when Anders contracted a serious bout of pneumonia.

After the Cylon invasion of New Caprica, she is imprisoned inside a mental facility, designed to look like her own former Caprican apartment. While there, a Leoben model tries to convince her they are destined to be lovers.

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For four months Starbuck denies his advances, killing him several times despite knowing he would be back. Then she is presented with a young girl named Kacey that Leoben claims is their daughter, created with the ovary removed when she was in the egg farm.

Initially she refuses to believe it and wants nothing to do with the girl, but when Kacey is badly injured in a fall down a staircase, she calls on Leoben for help and seems to grow more attached to both of them.

During the uprising on New Caprica, however, Starbuck once again kills Leoben and escapes with Kacey. Kacey and her real mother are reunited on the Galactica's flight deck after the flight from New Caprica. Starbuck is left there alone on the flight deck, stunned and in disbelief. Back with the fleet[ edit ] After her situation on New Caprica and the truth about Kacey, she is left simmering with rage, which causes her to be reckless and destructive, almost killing herself in a Viper training exercise.

After being removed from flight status by then-Major Lee Adama, she takes up residence in the pilot's mess along with Colonel Tigh, drinking and lowering the morale of Galactica's pilots by attempting to draw divisions between New Capricans and those who stayed with the fleet. Admiral Adama gives her an ultimatum; either straighten up and act like an officer, or 'get the hell off his ship' and find another ship to live on.

starbuck and apollo relationship

Starbuck changes her attitude after Adama literally knocks her to the ground after she thumbs her nose at him. Starbuck's relationship with Lee Adama takes another dramatic turn after she angrily challenges him to a brutal and emotional boxing match aboard Galactica. Their intense feelings for each other soon lead to an affair drawing resentment from their respective spouses. However, when Lee asks Starbuck to divorce Sam, she refuses due to her strong religious beliefs on the sacrament of marriage.

Lee argues she is breaking her vows just by being with him, but Starbuck states she's merely bending the rules. Lee then decides he can no longer cheat while still married to Dualla. Later, Lee and Anders begin to voice their dislike for each other just as Starbuck's Raptor is shot down by the Cylons and she is reported missing.

Anders vows to find her, but their position is outnumbered; Lee orders Anders at gunpoint to stay put and help defend their outnumbered position. Starbuck suffers severe hand burns in the crash and is rescued by Dualla. After they escape the doomed algae planet, Starbuck makes one final effort to have a relationship with Lee, this time offering to leave Anders if he will leave Dualla.

Lee chooses to try to make his own marriage work instead. Kara's experiences with Leoben, as well as her troubled childhood, eventually come back to haunt her. She has nightmares involving both Leoben and the mandala supposedly connected to her "destiny".

She asks an oracle about her dreams and is told Leoben understands her better than she understands herself, and he will show her "destiny. She is forced to abandon pursuit when her Viper is at risk of implosion from the pressure. Although she felt several impacts during her pursuit, then- Chief Galen Tyrol finds no damage to her Viper and gun camera footage showed no evidence of any Raider, leading many to believe Kara had been hallucinating.

Adama is concerned Kara might have burned out, but he leaves the decision to ground her up to Apollo as CAG.

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Apollo decides to give her another chance, and offers to fly as her wingman on her next patrol. During the patrol, Starbuck sees another Raider and again pursues. Her Viper is hit by debris and she is knocked out. She experiences a conversation with an Avatar with the appearance of Leoben set in her apartment on Caprica. The avatar forces Kara to confront her past, the abuse she received from her mother and the guilt she feels for leaving her mother to die alone.

The avatar comments Kara has been running from her past just as she has been running away from death for her entire life, and implies eventually she will have to confront her fears and her "destiny". Moments before regaining consciousness in her Viper, Kara realizes the person she is speaking to is not the Cylon Leoben Conoy, and states, "You're not Leoben. Starbuck keeps flying into the storm, and tells Lee to leave her.

She is encompassed by a white light and certain calmness. Apollo witnesses her Viper imploding, with no sign that she survived. In the cliffhanger Season 3 finale, " Crossroads, Part II ", Starbuck reappears in the same Viper that she was flying at the time she disappeared and is discovered by Apollo, appearing to be alive and well, [7] but the reason for her sudden resurrection has yet to be revealed.

She tells Apollo not to "freak out" it is really her and she has been to Earth, and will show them the way. Kara returns in Season 4 believing she had only been absent for six hours, but Anders informs her she was really gone for two months.

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The crew is wary of her return except for Lee, who greets her with an enthusiastic and long hug, and is so grateful for her return he is willing to overlook the possibility she is a Cylon, and he may be willing to accept her even as a Cylon. This becomes evident in Lee's questioning of his father whether if it had been his son, Lee's brother, who returned, would it have made a difference whether he was Cylon or human. She experiences frustration upon her return to Galactica, as no one believes it is really her, and because of President Roslin's refusal to be guided by what she believes is a Cylon trick.

The crew continues on the course Roslin had previously decided upon and move further away from the area Kara believes is Earth's true location. She attempts to encourage Adama to follow her suggestions, but when he refuses, she fears his being romantically linked to Roslin has unjustly influenced him.

Feeling hopeless and fearing as they make more jumps farther away she will lose the "feeling" of Earth's location, she becomes desperate and holds President Roslin at gunpoint. During her standoff with the President, she tries to reason and appeal to the President's emotions. She hands the gun to Roslin and insists she shoot her if she really believes she is a Cylon, to which Roslin responds to by saying "They made you perfect, didn't they?

Starbuck is thrown into the brig and has a hostile confrontation with Adama, who angrily says, "You are so stupid you couldn't wait. You just lost your best ally.

Now who is going to save you? She also accuses him of playing "wet nurse" to the president, to which he responds by throwing her to the floor and leaving her crying. Later, after Adama attempts to have a conversation with Roslin, which turns into a psychological sparring argument, he rethinks his decision and allows Kara to secretly look for Earth on a barge called Demetrius.

Aboard Demetrius - Looking for Earth[ edit ] After taking command of Demetrius to find a way to Earth, Starbuck finds herself at odds with the crew when her orders cause them to doubt her command ability. With only two days remaining until the ship must return to the Fleet, her command is further compromised by her refusal to explain her actions and her decision to bring the Cylon Leoben aboard after having found him in a damaged Cylon Heavy Raider.

Lee orders the crew to abandon ship, saying "Thank You" to his ship just as he departs. The Pegasus rams a Cylon basestar, instantly destroying both vessels, and a large piece of wreckage damages or destroys a second basestar.

It is in this capacity he notices certain confirmed survivors have gone missing, having been executed by The Circle for collaborating with the Cylons. After much hard physical training, he loses the excess weight he gained over the previous year and asks Captain Karl "Helo" Agathon to remind him to never let himself go like that again. His plan is approved by President Roslin, but is thwarted by Captain Karl "Helo" Agathon, the Galactica's executive officer at the time. While both grieve, Lee is visibly shaken by the death, while Adama does his best to move past it.

When Adama realizes his son has become unhinged by her death, he pulls him from flight duty, assigning Lee the task of heading up the security detail for the defense attorney of Gaius Baltar, whose trial Adama considers to be little more than a public relations exercise.

Lee suspects his father is being overprotective, not wishing to lose him as he did Kara. After two assassination attempts on Baltar's latest lawyer, Romo Lampkin, the culprit is discovered.

Adama then reinstates Lee as CAG, not wanting to expose him to the dangers of more potential assassination attempts. Lee, however, has become very interested in Colonial law at this point, after reading some of his grandfather's law books, and believes he could assist Lampkin prepare the case.

Adama resists, but Lee refuses to resume his duties as CAG, and joins the legal team. As the trial begins, Admiral Adama is enraged to find that Saul Tigh, now a witness, is forced to admit he killed his own wife on New Caprica. He blames Lee, believing his son has given the information to Lampkin. Adama wants Lee to stop helping Baltar, but Lee refuses, ultimately resigning his commission after Adama openly states that Lee has no integrity, and that he is "a coward" for supposedly letting Romo question Saul.

Putting the uniform behind him, Lee begins to see the trial more as an exercise of justice rather than as a trial of a specific man, and personally takes up the cross-examination of President Laura Roslin, confronting her with her renewed use of the hallucinogenic compound chamala-extract which she claims is a treatment for her relapse of cancer.

This move, while justified in Lee's mind toward preserving justice in the fleet, further strains his relationship with both his father and Roslin, and motivates his wife to finally leave him. After Laura's deposition, Lee is the last witness called, following Felix Gaeta's perjury in stating President Baltar willingly signed a mass execution warrant. Lee proclaims in court nearly all those in positions of power throughout the Fleet, including himself, are guilty of murder and treason to some degree; because Baltar is broadly reviled in Fleet society, human civilization is scapegoating the ex-President in an effort to expunge its guilt and shame.

Lee ultimately realizes he was being manipulated by Lampkin, who boldly predicted to Baltar he has no greater ally than a son trying to flee his father's shadow. After Baltar's acquittal, the Fleet is once again discovered by the Cylons. Despite having resigned his commission, Lee puts on a flight suit and pilots Viper 3 to help defend the fleet from the Cylons.

While in flight he spots something on his wing, which he discovers to be a Viper, flown by Kara Thrace. She proceeds to tell him "It's okay, don't freak out, it's really me. I've been to Earth, I know where it is, and I'm gonna take us there".

starbuck and apollo relationship

While reviewing his gun camera footage, Lee tells his father that since Baltar's trial, he feels he can do more outside the military, even as his father offers to return his wings. Adama is visibly upset but ultimately concedes to his son's wishes. At Lee's "mustering out" party, he drinks several toasts to the Galactica, his friends, Rear Admiral Adama, the Fleet and "to absent friends. Dualla gives him his Viper wings in a frame and as he hugs her he says, "Well, looks like you get the house.

Following the disappearance of President Roslin aboard the defecting Cylon basestar, Lee searches for an alternative Presidential candidate to the still-divisive Zarek. After a tense confrontation with a despairing Romo Lampkin, during which he is informed of his nomination with a gun to the head, Lee accepts his candidacy. She demands the Four Cylons within the Colonial fleet reveal themselves and find their way to the Rebel baseship; until then, a Colonial hostage on the baseship would be killed every 15 minutes.

His father's nervous breakdown in the light of Tigh's confession gave Lee the upper hand. Within short order, he had three of the final five standing in an airlock. D'Anna was backed hopelessly into a corner and prepared to nuke the civilian fleet; the confrontation seemed hopeless until Starbuck showed up with the co-ordinates to Earth.