Squall and rinoa relationship test

Seifer's relationship with Rinoa?

Quistis: "You now, the boys often choke on this test when I come Then from there there's a whole sequence where she has Squall sneak off. Choosing to interrogate Squall rather than Quistis (an experienced plans by virtue of his time-spanning relationship with Edea and Ultimecia. If I were Squall, I wouldn't touch Rinoa knowing that Seifer banged her so the answer was during a field test, which Seifer has had to do a couple of times. This bit of script shows there was a connection between Seifer and.

Can Rinoa figure it out before it's too late? A bit of a religious theme with a hint of FFX. What would happen if Laguna died instead of Raine? To change their circumstances, they must reconcile their differences before it's too late. Or will the memories be enough to keep them together?

squall and rinoa relationship test

Rinoa travels to Esthar in an attempt to save her father's job. She keeps most of her secrets but what happens when she meets the President's son?

Debating the Phenomenon.

From the good times to the bad, this follows the first four months of their relationship. It's the course you take to discovery; it's the journey that teaches along the way. The story is set 2 years after the end of the game. Rinoa's been having weird dreams about a person who she can't recognise and Squall and co are worried about her. Chapter 22 up and running.

Rinoa Heartilly

Can i get any kind of feed back please. He locked himself away from everyone, even Rinoa. Can she once more break through the shell or will his rejection turn her heart black and cold? A story based on the theme of love, betrayal and friendship.

Squall saves Rinoa From Herself

As he realizes the purpose of his travelling to his new world, he finds himself slowly in love with Cloud's daughter.

She befriends a lively girl on her first day and they become best friends. But what happens when Rinoa falls for the stubborn, obnoxious, but coolest guy in school?

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But what happens when he falls in love with his enemy? Here, Leon finally realizes the truth about his past. This realization will become his weapon to obliterate the monster that destroyed his life. We need to restrain him! It's obvious, ain't it!? What are you planning to do with this guy? Is that why he's here? Shut your damn mouth! This bit of script shows there was a connection between Seifer and Rinoa but there is no evidence as to what it was, friends, partners, lovers, we just don't know.

I still don't get it. What did Seifer come here for? I talked about it a lot with him. This goes to show they had a bond, it shows they spoke a lot and Rinoa needed a trained person's insight and Seifer likes being a "boss," and it probably made him feel important and unique, which is why he went out of his way to help her.

Seifer only has two friends, and they are all very, very loyal to each other, even willing to die for each other, and I am willing to bet he never slept with Raijin or Fujin. He was always full of confidence, smart Just by talking to him, I felt like I could take on the world.

  • So apparently Rinoa and Seifer's relationship never went far... (FF8 Spoilers inside)

I don't really know. I think I was in love.

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I wonder how he felt? Do you still like him? If I didn't, I wouldn't be talking about it. It was last summer Lots of fond memories This is the most telling line of the whole argument, "I don't really know. Also when a women has intercourse or "Coitus" their brain releases a chemical called oxytocin which causes them to be in love, this apparently didn't happen.

Did you guys come to fight Matron? After all that she's done for us? Lot's happened between us, eh?

squall and rinoa relationship test

I'm dyin' to get even! Rinoa, what are you doing here? You gonna fight me, too? Come on, remember a year ago we It's too late, Seifer.